Linear 2 person sauna

From $4,999
1.30 x 1.10 x 2.00m
Power Usage
1820 watts
10 amps

Lower, more comfortable temperatures

Because of the direct and more efficient way that Lifestyle sauna delivers its therapeutic heat, and because it penetrates to a greater depth, our Lifestyle deep tissue therapy saunas can operate at far lower air temperatures than a conventional sauna.

Conventional ‘hot rock’ or steam saunas need to have air temperatures of around 70-80 degrees to induce sweat, whereas our saunas internal air temperature can stay well below 60 degrees whilst creating higher levels of detoxifying perspiration.

Health benefits

Sauna health benefits

*Remember to always consult a Healthcare Professional for advice on medical ailments and treatments.

Linear 2 person sauna

Linear 2 person sauna
Linear 2 person sauna $4,999
Low EMF carbon fibre far Infrared heaters
Canadian Hemlock construction
Integrated seating system
Premium sound system

Our Price$4,999

Features Linear 2 person sauna

Every steam free Vortex Infrared sauna is built to the same exacting standards. The 2 person Linear sauna is no exception. This attractive, well designed sauna heats your body, not the air.
Clean European design

Every aspect of the Linear 2 person sauna has been carefully considered. Hence the striking, bold lines. This sauna perfectly balances form with function delivering maximum wellness benefits with natural beauty making it a valuable addition to any home.

Low EMF carbon fibre far Infrared heaters

Most saunas use less expensive ceramic heaters. Not the Linear, it uses exclusive Vortex carbon fibre elements that are more efficient and have a low EMF output. Due to the large flat surface, the Vortex carbon fibre elements distribute heat more evenly and prevent any ‘hot spots’ from occurring.

Vortex Infrared elements are backed up with our Lifetime warranty.

Canadian Hemlock construction

All Vortex Saunas are handcrafted from Canadian Hemlock Spruce. We hand select this timber, kiln dried for 45 days, not just for its beauty, but because it is sustainably sourced and has the major benefit of featuring no toxic off-gassing found in lessor saunas.

Digital control panel

The Vortex Linear 2 Person Sauna is fully adjustable via the intuitive, integrated digital control system that is designed to let you adjust the temperature and the duration of your sauna session easily and quickly.

Integrated seating system

Seating is integrated into the actual sauna design. This ensures maximum benefits are gained and all space within the Linear 2 Person Sauna is optimised to full potential.

Premium sound system

Relax with your favourite music while in the sauna. The sound system in the Linear sauna is fitted with quality speakers and has FM Radio, USB and Bluetooth capabilities.

Sauna health benefits

Build Quality

Litetime warranty
Lifetime warranty on heaters

The low EMF Carbon Fibre Infrared heaters are the engine room of the Vortex Sauna. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on these heaters.

5 Year warranty on cabinet

The Canadian Hemlock cabinet on all Vortex Infrared saunas are covered by a 5 year replacement warranty.

5 year warranty on electrics

All electrical components used within the Vortex Infrared saunas have a 5 year replacement warranty. 

Zero warp and twist

If you heat and cool any timber on a regular basis, it runs the risk of warping or twisting. To prevent this from occurring, the Canadian Hemlock timber used in our Vortex saunas is kiln dried for 45 days prior to manufacture.

Portable sauna with DIY assembly

Installation in 3 hours

All Vortex saunas are extremely easy to assemble. We estimate it will take a trained person around 3 hours to assemble this Linear sauna and have it ready to go. 


Tempered Glass

All Vortex Linear saunas use frameless Lucency Tempered glass. This glass is both attractive and extremely tough. The perfect balance of safety and style.

Electrical safety approved; ACMA/RSM (EMC)

For your peace of mind, all Vortex Linear saunas have been certified and have full Australian Electrical approval. The Certificate number is RCM-001149. View PDF here.

Built in auto shut down

To eliminate the chance of dehydration after falling asleep in a Vortex sauna (after all, they are extremely relaxing) there is a built in timer in all Linear saunas. 

Linear 2 person sauna specifications


Power Usage1820W
Power Requirements10 amps
HeatersBack 400Wx2 Sides 400Wx2 Leg 150Wx1
Heater WarrantyLifetime
Cabinet Warranty5 year
Electrical Warranty5 year