Shadowspec™ Unity™ Umbrella

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NZD 6,790

GEM Finance* Available on select models

Available on select models. Contact us for details.

Shadowspec™ Unity™ Umbrella Features


No more ropes, pullys or cranks. Like a super power, this anti-gravity, gas-assisted, umbrella deployment system will lift your world of shade with ease.


Open or close your umbrella with the push of a button in 3 seconds.


Rotate your umbrella 360° quickly and easily with the integrated, lockling Shadowlock™.

Colours to Suit Your Home

A range of stunning colours available.

Canopy Colours

Select your umbrealla size and shape

You might have limited space or want to shade a larger area. Either way, the Serenity has you covered with these two shapes and four sizes

  • Unity™ Duo™ Square 2.5m

    This Duo™ square 2.5m cantilever umbrella is ideal for shading spaces up to 4m long and 2.5m wide. It is perfect for swim spas and plunge pools or entertainer spas up to 4.9m in length.

  • Unity™ Duo™ Square 3.0m

    This Duo™ square 3.0m cantilever umbrella is ideal for shading spaces up to 6m long and 2.5m wide. It is perfect for larger swim spas and plunge pools. You might also be interested in the optional rain gutter that can be purchased to joining these two umbrellas together.

  • Unity™ Duo™ Octagon 3.5m

    This Duo™ octagon 3.5m cantilever umbrella is ideal for shading spaces up to 7m long and 2.5m wide. It is perfect for larger deck and patio spaces.

  • Unity™ Duo™ Octagon 4.0m

    This Duo™ octagon 4.0m cantilever umbrella is ideal for shading spaces up to 8m long and 2.5m wide. It is perfect for shading larger patio and deck areas.

Select your umbrealla base or mount

Choose the mounting option that best suits your home. Positioning it in the best location will enhance your outdoor space.

  • Surface Plate

    Use this rugged 316 Stainless Steel plate for mounting into existing decking, patio or even concrete.

  • Ground Anchor

    This 316 Stainless Steel in-ground anchor is ideal anywhere you are pouring new concrete.

  • Portable Base

    Make your umbrella mobile. This mounting solution is as elegant as it is rugged. Upgrade to the optional caster set for even easier moving. (Required pavers not included)

  • Wall Mount

    When you can't fix your umbrella to the ground, you can attach it to the wall with this heavy-duty 316 Stainless Steel wall mount.

Build your Shadowspec™ Unity™ Umbrella

NZD 6,790


The Unity Duo™ comes in four sizes with multiple mounting methods. The dimensions below are from the spigot and do not include the base. *The Free-Standing Base installations will add 165mm to the height and adding portable base castors also will add a further 45-80mm. Surface plates will add 12mm to the height. All sizings are +/- 2.5mm. Download the brochure for full specifications.

Unity™ Duo™ 2.5m

Unity™ Duo™ 3.0m

Unity™ Duo™ 3.5m

Unity™ Duo™ 4.0m

Mast Height2920mm2920mm2920mm2920mm
Height to top of canopy2913mm2837mm2988mm2912mm
Ground to central frame hub when closed872mm632mm1091mm879mm
Ground to central frame hub when open2143mm2066mm2218mm2141mm
Centre of mast to outside edge of canopy2640mm2967mm3438mm3910mm

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