Fisher Five Plus Spa

From $9,999
2.15 x 2.15 x 0.93m
1,100 ltr
Weight (full)
1,430 kg
Fisher Five + The Fisher Five + Spa by Fisher Spas is our valued focused, mid size hydrotherapy spa pool
The Fisher Five + is the hero of the Fisher Spas range. It comes loaded with hydrotherapy features for a value packed spa pool experience.

Featuring 48 spa jets, you are going to enjoy similar levels of hydrotherapy as our Vortex and Hot Spring spas ranges, but at a lower price point.

What you are going to miss out of though, are many of the automatic sanitising features that these other spas feature.
You would choose the Five + is you want above average hydrotherapy, but without some of the other spa bells and whistles.

Spa World Rating

Energy Efficiency
Build Quality
In-Spa Experience
Water Cleaning Technology
How we rate our spas

Choosing the right spa can be confusing. Especially when faced with many options to choose from. To simplify this process, we have used our years of spa experience to create a simple rating system that compares our huge range of spas across a number of important attributes.

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Seating design

The Fisher+ seats five adults in comfort.
five plus seating design

Twin hydrotherapy loungers

The Five+ has two hydrotherapy loungers. Each one has a range of powerful hydrotherapy jets that massage your back and shoulders while a series of air jets loosen up your leg muscles.

 Hydrotherapy lounger

Twin hydrotherapy loungers

The Five+ has two hydrotherapy loungers. Each one has a range of powerful hydrotherapy jets that massage your back and shoulders while a series of air jets loosen up your leg muscles.

 Hydrotherapy lounger

Two cool down seats

Too keep your body at the right temperature for lounger, Fisher has added two cool down seats.

 cool down seats

Two cool down seats

The seats are also perfect for the smaller members of the family, so everyone can enjoy the spa!

 cool down seats

Shiatsu massage seat

The Five + is a proper hydrotherapy spa. It has a Shiatsu seat with twelve expertly placed jets that relax your neck and shoulders.

 Shiatsu massage seat

In-Spa Experience

candle pond
Candle Pond

Enhance your spa experience buy floating up to three volitive candles in the Fisher’s integrated candle pond.

reflexology and anti slip
Reflexology and Anti-slip dimples

Stimulate your nervous system and improve detoxification by massaging your feet of Fisher’s reflexology nodules formed into the foot well of every Fisher spa.

colourful lighting
Colourful Lighting

Add chroma-therapy to your spa experience. Every Fisher spa incorporates multicoloured LED lighting.

one touch controller
Simple One-touch Controller

Controlling your Fisher spa in extremely straight forward. Fisher spas utilise a simple, Spanet control system that controls filtering, heating and the spas basic operations.

Color Options

Jet Colors






Shell and Cabinet Colors
Shell colour

Cabinet colour

Slate Grey

Size, Volume and Weight

Spa measurement
spa size 
spa weight
Empty: 330kg

Full: 1695kg
spa volume
Volume: 1365 Litres


Hydrotherapy Rating
Jet Count
Jet Layout
  • 75mm jet8 x 75mm Directional Jets
  • 50mm jets18 x 50 Directional Jets
  • 40mm jets18 x 40mm Air Jets
jet layout
Jet Types
75mm Directional Jet
75mm Directional Jet
8 x 75mm Directional Jets This style of directional jets gives a targeted but less intense pressure point massage. It's very effective for a more prolonged treatment of tired muscles.
50mm Directional Jet
50mm Directional Jet
18 x 50mm Directional Jets These jets are usually used in banks of 8 or more jets and are often coupled with 50mm twin spinners to give a shiatsu style pressure point massage therapy.
40mm Air Jet
40mm Air Jet
18 x 40mm Air Jets As the name implies, the 40mm air jets emit an air stream as opposed to a water stream. These are almost always used under the legs and buttocks to provide a relaxing soft tissue massage treatment.

Other spas with similar specifications

Energy Efficiency

Consumption at rest
Consumption in use
Perimeter insulationPerimeter Insulation

Much of the heat loss from a spa actually happens whilst the spa is circulated water through the plumbing during a filtration cycle. Because most manufacturers insulate the spas shell, the plumbing is outside of the insulation and heat is lost to the surrounding environment. Fisher Spas fit their insertion to the inside of the spa's cabinet, meaning that the spa’s plumbing is insulated as well as it’s shell.

high density lid
High Density Lid

As most of a spa’s heat is lost through the water’s surface, a high quality cover is essential for minimising heat loss and therefore, running costs. Fisher Spa lid’s or covers are made to extremely high standards - equal to that of the Vortex and Hot Spring spas.

insulated baseInsulated Base

In colder climates, spas will actually lose heat through their base, into the ground. This is is enhanced if the spa is on a deck with cold air flowing under the spa. To reduce heat loss in this way, all Fisher Spas are fitting with high density, foam and foil base insulation.

two speed pumpTwo Speed Pump

In order to reduce running cost, the Fisher Spa’s pump switches to low speed during filtering and heating cycles. Whilst this is energy efficient, there is still a low noise output. If you would prefer a silent spa, consider a Vortex or Hot Spring with a silent circulation pump.

Water Cleaning

Ease of Use
Water Cleaning Technologies
maintenance cost
water clarifier
Ozone Water Clarifier

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas and when missing with water, is very effective at oxidising and eliminated organic compounds such as algae. Fisher Spas offer an optional ozone clarifiying system that will significantly reduce the amount of sanitiser required to keep your spa clean and clear.

Build Quality

Shell construction
thermobond shell
Thermobond shell construction

Like our premium Vortex spa range, Fisher spas utilise a thermobond shell construction process. American made, Aristech acrylic is back with three layers of resin and figure reinforcement and then oven curing to ensure perfect adhesion between the spas shell and it’s resin reinforcement.

PVC plumbing
Flexible PVC Plumbing

Many spas in the Fisher spas price bracket will use low quality clear or braided tubing in their plumbing system. Just like a garden hose left in the sun, this type of tubing is prone to kicking which will lead to reduced jet pressure. Fisher Spas use high quality, flexible PVC plumbing which is especially designed for hot, chemically treated water.

Vermin proofVermin Proof Base

Vermin, snakes and rodents love the underside of spas as it is warm and dry. To repel unwanted visitors, Fisher spas feature a sealed, Vermin proof base and cabinet design.

10 year non pro rata warranty
10 Year Non Pro rata shell Warranty

All Fisher Spas are offered with a 10 year 'non pro-rata' shell structure warranty. This means that if the spa's shell blisters or cracks resulting in water loss, for a period of 10 years, the spas shell shall be replaced.

5 year plumbing warranty
5 Year Plumbing Warranty

The jets and plumbing system of all Fisher Spas is warranted against defects for 5 years.  After the first year the warranty covers parts replacement only.

2 year plumbing warranty
2 Year Pumps and Controls Warranty

The pumps and control system of all Fisher Spas are warranted against defects for 2 years. The first year of this warranty is a full parts and labour warranty whilst the second year covers the parts replacement only.