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EcoSmart™ Round Glass Screen

NZD 490

This round screen helps to minimise the impact of wind on the flame and reduce fuel consumptio on Pod 30™, Pod 40™, Ark 40™ and Martini 50™ fires.

EcoSmart™ Ark 40™ Protective Cover

NZD 190

This Outdoor Fire Covers are made from UV coated Oxford fabric they repel dust, water and other debris for easy maintenance.

EcoSmart™ Ark 40™ Winter Bag

NZD 369

These rugged Outdoor Fire Covers are made from SANO-TEX outdoor fabric to help protect your investment. They repel dust, water and other debris.

EcoSmart™ Accessory Holder - Stainless Steel

NZD 495

This stylish Stainless Steel Accessory Holder holds your Ligher, Lighting Rod and Efficiency Ring so they are always organised and ready for use.

e-NRG Bioethanol - 40 litres (2 cartons)

NZD 191

e-NRG bioethanol is a high quality, clean burning fuel, specifically formulated for use in liquid ethanol fuelled ventless fireplaces. Each carton contains 20L in 4 x 5L bottles.

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