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Customise your Fisher Play™ Plunge Pool

NZD 17,990

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Spa World™ Swim Spa Cover Lifter

NZD 349

Add a cover lifter to one end of your swim spa. If you want a cover lifter on both ends, choose the twin cover lifter kit. A cover lifter helps save your spa cover and your back. Commonly referred to by new spa owners as "the best purchase decision after the spa itself", a cover lifter make gettng in and out of your spa a breeze.

Fisher Spas™ Audio and WiFi Upgrade Kit

NZD 999

Stream your favourite music or podcast via Bluetooth plus control and monitor your spa remotely from your smart device.

SpaNet™ SmartLink™ WiFi control

NZD 699

The SmartLink™ WiFi module and SpaLink™ app allow you to connect to your spa remotely from any location via your home WiFi network.

Spa Store Water Care Start-Up Kit

NZD 249

We know you will be excited when your spa arrives so we created this handy start-up kit.

SpaNet™ 8.8kw Hybrid Heat Pump

NZD 4,449

Ideal for swim spas up to 6m, this integrated SpaNet™ Hybrid Heat Pump can save you up to 75% off your spa heating costs.

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