Top 5 Winter Activities For Families

As winter kicks in it invariably becomes harder and harder to get outdoors and stay active – after all, who doesn’t like snuggling up on the couch in front of a good movie on a chilly afternoon?

The struggle is even greater when kids are involved, with the lure of various screens and devices encouraging more time cooped up inside, and less time out in the fresh air.

But it’s important (both physically and mentally) to keep moving; to make time to get outside and soak up what Vitamin D there is out there. These five ideas will help keep you, and the kids, healthy and fit throughout the winter months.

Explore the Winter Wonderland

Throw on your hats, coats and gloves, and step outside for a bit of exploring. Head to the local park where the kids can jump about in puddles or hit the botanical gardens and check out the trees and plants in all their winter glory!

Hit the Slopes

You don’t have to be a master skier to enjoy a trip to the snow. Just remember to take some supplies to build a snowman with, and pack a rubbish bag to use as a makeshift toboggan! A

Day at the Beach?!

Wrap up and head to the beach – there’s nothing quite as impressive as an imposing, slate-grey ocean on a cold, wintry day. Take a walk along the sand and soak up the sights, before grabbing some fish and chips to warm up with!

Kick Back in a Spa!

The warm waters of a spa pool can enhance both the mental and physical wellbeing of every member of your family. Crank up the jets and kill two birds with one stone, soothing aching muscles and joints while simultaneously spending some quality time with those special people in your life!

On the Hunt

A Winter Scavenger Hunt is the perfect excuse for the kids to stretch their legs, enjoy some fresh air, and gain an appreciation for the beauty of nature. From pinecones and rocks to collect, through to plants and birds to spot, the options are virtually limitless.

Stay warm and keep active!