Our People

The Spa World team are a passionate bunch. With years of experience in the spa industry between them, together they make up a crew of experts who are passionate about sharing the health and wellbeing benefits of spas and swim spas.

Adam Fisher

Director Product Development

Adam first joined the company in 2003 and has been involved across most areas of the business since then. Adam's focus now is on continuous improvement and evolution of the product range.

Andrew Pullen

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew brings 20 years' experience in the spa industry to the CEO role as well as a board member for Spa World and Vortex Spas New Zealand.

Angus Brow

Non-Executive Director

Angus is a shareholder and non-executive director. Angus brings a wealth of experience sitting on boards and various executive roles within the ICT industry.

Annabella Garwood

Content Creator

Annabella worked as a broadcast journalist in Auckland before joining the Spa World team. When she's not creating content, Annabella enjoys sailing and embarking on outdoor adventures.

Camille Countryman

Retail Manager - Nelson

Camille is originally from San Diego, California and has a background in education and hospitality. When she is not helping customers, she enjoys exercising, making jewellery and going on adventures with her partner and their dog.

Charne Lotz

Procurement Specialist

Charne has 12 years of procurement experience and has recently moved from South Africa with her family. She loves spending time with her kids in the great outdoors.

Ciara Halket

Customer Care Consultant

Ciara is our Irish Leprechaun who has been living in New Zealand for six years. She has 12 years of customer service and administration experience. Outside of work, she enjoys hanging out with her family.

Chloe MacKinnon

Content Creator

Chloe has a background in creative communications. When she’s not creating, she’s doing DIY projects, exploring the local hospitality or out in nature.

Craig Dennis

Chief Financial Officer

Craig joined the company in Feb 2017 coming from a corporate finance and general management background. When he's not counting the beans (or spas), he's trying to catch fish.

Craig Fairbairn

Sales Consultant

Craig Fairbairn has been in the Spa industry for 30 years. He has expert knowledge of the industry and predominantly works in our Show Team throughout Australia and New Zealand.

David Abdel

Executive Director

David has been in the spa industry for over 20 years and is passionate about improving the health, well-being and happiness of the Spa World family.

Jake van Peer

Sales Consultant

Jake has been matching customers with the perfect spas since 2017 and prides himself on friendly service. When not helping customers, you can find Jake playing football or anything in or around the ocean.

Hamish Methven

Christchurch Area Manager

Hamish has matched thousands of families to the perfect spa pool. When not not helping customers, you will find him out on his mountain bike or motorcycle.

Jack Feliti

Warehouse Specialist

Jack is guru in all thing’s to do with warehousing.

Jamie Farmer

Sales Associate

Jamie was born and raised in Canterbury. He is passionate about helping customers, film making, basketball and staying fit.

Jane Pearson

Accounts Receivable

Jane moved here from the UK in January 2016 and spent a year' relaxing'. She joined Spa World in January 2017 and is very much enjoying her role.

Julie McGrath

Accounts Payable Administrator

Julie is originally from the UK and has lived in New Zealand with her husband and two kids for the past decade. When not working, she enjoys hanging out with her family.

Kenneth Norness

Head Of Global Marketing

Kenneth (J) is from North America and joined Spa World in 2013. He is passionate about making a positive impact, everything online and tech.

Kyra Russell

Customer Care Consultant

Kyra has years of call centre experience in the US and is obsessed with providing the best customer experience. She enjoys travelling and exploring the outdoors.

Leah Burt

Logistic Specialist

Leah previously worked in Aviation Operations for 17 years. She is passionate about customer service and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Mariam El Orfi

Content Manager

Mariam has a background in communications and she is the Spa World™ writer and content creator. When not lifting the lid on spas, she’ll be at the gym or in the hills with her dog.

Mario Crivellaro

Service and Warranty Manager

Mario completed a degree in IT before coming on board to become the warranty and Service and Warranty Manager for Spa World.

Matt Jenke


With over 7 years experience creating and telling visual stories, Matt joins the Spa World family as our Videographer. When Matt isn't operating the camera you'll find him down at the beach for a spot of kitesurfing.

Meg Fern

Inventory Manager

Meg has 18 years' experience in logistics and inventory control roles. She brings this experience to Spa World and manages hundreds of container movements per year.

Megan Vanderhoeven

Customer Care Consultant

Megan is passionate about providing 5-star service. In her spare time, she participates in several water sports, but her favourite is sailing.

Mel Brereton

Customer Care Consultant

Mel has been in customer service and warehousing for 20 years. She answers queries for Spastore, as well as hanging out with her husband and kids.

Michael O'Loan

Territory Manager Auckland

Michael has 20 plus years of sales & client management experience as well as vast real estate knowledge, he knows how to add value to your property with the right Spa Pool.

Michelle O'Loughlin

Logistics Manager

Mish has over 20 years in customer service and is a born organiser, focused on your spa delivery. When not working on bookings she spends time with friends and family.

Mike O'Malley

Customer Care Consultant

Mike is from St. Louis, Missouri and has a customer service background. Outside of work he likes to dabble in the arts. Mike and his wife are looking forward to the birth of their first child.

Monique Crawford

Product Marketing Coordinator

Before joining Spa World™, Monique worked in the UK for a large tech giant and has strong product marketing skills. In her spare time, she enjoys being in the outdoors and trying out new food places.

Nicola Hodges

Financial Controller

Nicola worked in the legal sector before joining Spa World. She enjoys spending time with her young family and likes to stay fit to keep up with her twins.

Patrick Scott

General Manager

Patrick has been in the spa industry for more than 25 years and when he is not putting the aaaaaah in the spa for his customers he is out fishing or out enjoying his orchard.

Rabi Alam

Sales Consultant

Rabi is passionate about delivering the best service while making sure people are getting into the perfect spas for themselves and their families.

Rachel Christie

Logistics Manager

Rachel has been in customer services for the past 24 years. She is passionate about making sure every customer receives a 5 Star experience.

Rachel Scott

Customer Care Specialist

Rachel has been in the spa industry since 2003 and loves being a mum and helping make sure that things get to the right place at the right time.

Sharona Staton

Customer Care Consultant

As a former service supervisor for an international airline, Sharona brings her passion for helping people and making sure they receive the service and care they deserve to her role at Spa World.

TJ Ulutupu

Customer Care Specialist

TJ loves to help people and when he's not, he's entertaining them in the online streaming world.

Willie Tuhega

Delivery Specialist

Willie is the master of all things delivery. He always goes the extra mile to make sure he puts the aaahhhh in the spa for customers.

Five Star Trust Pilot Rating

We are proud that Spa World customers have given us a Five Star Trustpilot rating.