"Thanks for your help in sorting out our temperature issues. It had to do with off-peak settings that were interfering with my early morning and late night use of the tub. We are really enjoying the spa. In it at least twice a day. It works really well alongside the pool so we can cool off after a hot soak. We feel like we live at a 5 star resort! Spa World's service has been a refreshingly positive experience. No regrets at all in this purchase."
" We were happy with our decision to purchase our spa from Spa World as we are quite out of the way and delivering it to us took a lot of the hassle out of buying it. Joanne has been very helpful to us getting it operating and any time we ring up for something we get a quick and helpful response from her. "
" When we bought our swim spa, our friends and neighbors said we were mad and wouldn't use it after the novelty wore off. I can't tell you how wrong they were. Our swim spa gets used every other day, morning and night, summer and all through winter. We even put a big solar installation in, so we could have a green powered spa. Sipping cocktails in the spa on a warm summer eve, its as close as we will get to living like a rock star. "
"I have included a few pics as you will see my swim spa is positioned in my lush garden, just like being on a permanent holiday . Also I am very conscious about water quality and as you can see after almost 12 months it is as crystal clear as when we first installed it. I have had some questions over the past year & everyone has been professional & helpful . My main concern was resetting the timing so that I could optimise the “off peak “ power time & so my power bills are incredibly reasonable & so the joy of the spa out ways the small extra cost. All good. "
"I just wanted to shoot you through a big Thank You for the entire process of the purchase of the Spa. From 6 months ago you've been great with advice and general service. We didn't look at any other Spa, I was really comfortable dealing with you mate and I must say it was good to be able to support someone back after many years of support from you. I can't wrap Tom and his helper today as well. He did everything that he said he was going to do and both were great blokes and extremely helpful. I'll be happy to talk you guys up big time and confident in the knowledge they'll get top shelf service. AS you know in business, there are just some businesses that we all deal with that you just can't recommend due to your own credibility, but I'll be more than happy to recommend you to anyone that wants to listen. I'm sure this will give the family many years of relaxing pleasure……. Cheers Charlie, thanks a heap again and look forward to dealing with you for many years. "
"Our spa has been installed for four months now and last week I did the refill trick. All went well. Planning the site was a critical aspect to a successful installation. We have installed during the refill the cover removal bracket that makes taking the cover off so easy. Getting into the spa is so easy with steps on the side and a rail. We are very happy with the new liquid dosing system as well. The water looked fantastic every time you lift the lid. Well done Spa World."
"Thanks for your kind message. The spa has arrived and looks every bit the part in our landscape. My wife and I have been landscaping furiously in the last few months in anticipation of the spa’s arrival and many of our decisions in the yard were shaped around the position of the spa. Everything works the way we had hoped.As for the spa, wow, we love it and have decided that we should endeavour to us it every day. At least until the novelty wears off. The set up of the spa was a breeze and the guy’s at spa net were extremely helpful to our electrician.Now for the important part. I would like to tell you that the service and professionalism shown by Brett and Charlie at Warners Bay was a strong factor in us choosing to purchase a Spa world Spa. The Guy’s especially Brett had a very relaxed and considerate approach to us as customers, and never once gave us the impression that our questions or delay in committing to the purchase was a bother. They are a credit to your company."
"In May 2011 we purchased a spa, Hydrozone Pro, from Spa World. Our initial contact with the team was at the Canberra Show and we were very impressed with the professional and friendly way in which they talked about the products. David Abdel was the salesman who helped us right from start to now. Once again his friendly and professional manner and the information he provided us with helped us to make the decision to purchase this spa. Despite a few little hiccups to start with, all dealt with swiftly and efficiently, we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy our spa. In July, after setting up the spa and enclosing it in a room, we started a swim school. The 'pool' end of the spa is excellent and works well with both teaching babies and training competent swimmers. The 4 jets enable the children to swim longer distances and have lots of fun on pool noodles. Use of a swim harness allows even more to be achieved. The spa end helps very timid learner to cope as it is less challenging for them. Everyone loves coming for swimming and are very comfortable in the warmer water we provide. We have nothing but praise for the team at Spa World and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase a spa."
"Hi there. Yes I'm very happy with the spa. I find it relaxing and its great for my arthritis. (I'm 74 years of age) My son and his wife also pop in and relax with it. Joanne Abdel is very pleasant lady and very helpful."
"It is with great pleasure that I send this email to thank all the people concerned with the purchase, delivery & instillation of our Azure Spa. Never before have we had so much money extracted from us with great pleasure in such a short period of time and in a very professional and courteous manner. Every stage of the procedure, from purchase, delivery and hand over was executed with professionalism. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. We highly recommend Spa World at Seven Hills to everyone who is considering purchasing a spa. You won’t regret it. We are enjoying the Spa immensely and it is everything as it was described. Once again thank you Spa World and Vortex Spas."
"Our swim spa was installed in February, 2011, and since then has been used almost every day, often more than once. I use it for aqua-aerobic exercises, my husband uses it for relaxation, and our grandchildren use it whenever they can. Our swim spa has been enclosed by a Paradise Room installed by H.V. Aluminium which allows us to use it in comfort all year round no matter what the weather. The Staff at Spa World were most helpful in assisting us to set up our spa – maneuvering it was a delicate procedure owing to a lack of space. We haven’t contacted Spa World since the spa has been up and running as we’ve had no problems."
"Purchasing of the SPA and the Gazebo is one of our best buys. Even on the week-end after all the rain, the spa and the surrounds of the spa were dry. Sunday afternoon we had a relaxing spa with the sun filtering in through the sky light, most enjoyable with a glass in hand. "
"The spa and gazebo have been installed. This is just a brief email to thank you, Donna, Lucy and the installation staff for making this whole experience most enjoyable. It looks great, even the electrician was stunned. A big thank you to you all."
"I can honestly say that the only reason I bought from Spa World was because of Dorothy. We had done a little research on spa's but after a phone call to Dorothy, we bought our spa the same day from Dorothy. Her knowledge and expertise guided us in the right direction and we didn't bother looking any further. I have had the pleasure of meeting Dorothy since we purchased the spa over the phone and she truly is an asset to your company."
"All the service we received was excellent. Finna in the showroom was extremely knowledgeable. And the guys who delivered the spa were fantastic - so calm and capable.. So far everything is going really well, but we will be in contact if we get confused about keeping it clean and ph balanced."
"Hi Thanks for the email and yes "finally!" It's terrific, the guy's who delivered were awesome and spent the time and effort to get it right. The reason we chose Spa World was 2 simple things one a round spa and secondly using the hydrogen peroxide we didn't want chlorine at all.The spa has been used everyday so far."
"Trent, Thanks for all the assistance with our new spa. We could not be happier. Delivery was excellent and the spa is more than we expected. Easy to set up and easy to run."
"Back in April 2011 we purchased a Cyclone Monsoon Spa from another outlet.When we started using the SPA we realised that it was not as comfortable and relaxing for us as we thought it would be. It was not an easy SPA to get in and out of because of all the contouring seats, and it did not have any kiddies seats for our young grandchildren. That was a mistake at our end, for not taking notice of that issue when we purchased the SPA.In November 2011 we visited the SPA WORLD Showroom at Seven Hills, that is when we met David Abdel. We told David our issues with the Spa that we had. He was very understanding and understood where we were coming from with these issues. He showed us the Swim Spa which had arm rest on the lounges, and kiddies seat. I immediately said that is what we want, but not that size. He said that SPA WORLD was in the production of manufacturing new Spas with the arm rest and had the kiddies seats.David informed us that there was limited maintenance that had to be done with the spas due to the modern chemical systems that Spa World had in place.After several visits to the showroom and seeing David who assisted us with all our questions we decided to purchase the Vortex Spectrum.We would like to say thank you to SPA WORLD and to give David credit for his professional approach to customer service.David arranged for Joe to set up the SPA with the chemicals a few days after delivery.As there is very little maintenance that needs to be done with the Spa, the water stays crystal clear and that gives us more time to enjoy the Spa, as David had mentioned. The Spa looks fantastic at night with all the jet lights on.You could not go pass David Abdel's, (Retail Sales Manager) professionalism and approach to his skills and advice on purchasing a Spa, as he has knowledge and understanding of how a SPA works.We would not hesitate to recommend to our friends to visit SPA WORLD for their purchase of a SPA.We are very happy customers."
"Who needs a holiday when you have this at home. Let me say “Buying a spa from SPA WORLD was the best thing we have ever done” We have holidays at Home from summer through to winter you can use it anytime and you don’t have to share if you don’t want to. Then again the parties are great too just makes our entertainment area perfect. Thanks SPA WORLD for talking my husband into buying one. However he would probably thank you for talking me into it. (I think we both were sold straight away. And thank you to Dorothy from Spa World at Campbell town for all your help with our spa."
"This has been the most amazing addition to our home. For entertaining, relaxing and even therapeutically, purchasing this spa was the best home-improvement we've ever made.Spa World's consultancy in selecting the right model for our needs, space and budget was very commendable. The delivery process was flawless and the after-sales service to get the water balance right and teaching us the right way to use all the handy gadgets has been absolutely outstanding.Anyone thinking about a spa should forget the comparison shopping and just go straight to the top of the industry. If you buy purely on price, you'll get your feelings hurt eventually. Buy on quality and with Spa World you might just get a price surprise too."
"I took delivery of my Xenon Spa from you guys in early December 2011.I was very happy with the calibre of customer service and knowledge at Spa World Warners Bay in helping me choose the spa for me i also was very happy with extra's included in my purchase. I consider my spa from Spa World one of the best investments I've ever made! It's great coming home after a long day and relaxing in and great for entertaining with a few spa party's had already the guests were very impressed! I had a small problem with my L.E.D perimeter lights and contacted you guys on the issue and the problem was sorted in no time at all! Great after sales service which impressed me even more! I would have no trouble recommending to anyone to chose Spa World for a spa purchase of their own. I have included two photos of my spa area as i could not fit it in to one."
"Here is a photo you will find hard to beat! The "Nirvana" is true to its name. Endless joy to us and our guests since we bought it from you last winter."
"We absolutely love our swim spa - I can honestly say that it's changed the way we live. Since we completed our deck in October 2011 we have used our pool every single day, even if it's raining - we just move our umbrellas over the pool and relax under cover while the rain falls around us. The same can't be said of our neighbours who have conventional pools & have used them maybe a dozen times over the summer. We use our swim spa to relax, to catch up after a hard days work, to work out, and to help treat back, shoulder & knee injuries. Another pleasant surprise is the weight we've both lost swimming instead of vegging in front of the TV! We've been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to maintain, and our electricity bill has risen a mere $75 per quarter - well worth the investment."
"We brought the spa, because we already looking for a therapeutic spa, and I recommended Rino look on line when I wasn't entirely happy with the range of spas in Canberra. I have told every one they should get one! and would happily recommend spa world. Burying experience was good. Jo was very flexible and full of good advice, Delivery went smoothly and on time."
"Purchasing our spa was the best thing we ever did.The spa is undercover enabling it to be used in all weather conditions. We love our spa it is very relaxing and therapeutic. The team at Spa World have been excellent, their knowledge and help has made our choice of spa perfect for us. We would highly recommend Spa World and Vortex Spas to anyone considering purchasing a Spa. "
"We are enjoying the spa very much every now and then with the family. The kids absolutely love it and so do myself and my wife (and some friends). Still trying to work out how to keep the balance of the water right – so we are wasting quite a bit! LOL. I must say, Dorothy did do a great job – but I was in large part sold by my colleague Luke who was at the Brisbane home show up here. Having said that, he was the one who came in and raved about it after talking to Dorothy in the first place. Funny how it all works. "
"I bought a 4.5 metre Aquagym after seeing it at the Canberra Home Show. Best purchase I've ever made for my family. Can't speak more highly of the Spa World team. Buy one - you won't regret it!. "
"Hi Paul thank you for sending out the spa cover with Dave its great i would also like to take the time to say how wonderful the customer service has been from the beginning to the end. Firstly with Brett then yourself,Daniel at spanet and Dave with fixing any problems nothing has ever been to much trouble and handled promptly.Please pass this on to all involved and anyone higher with many thanks to you all. Hopefully i wont have to talk to you for a while but if i do i know we wont have to worry."
"The entire experience has been great. We have procrastinated about a spa for years and never really found a spa that met our wants and budget. Craig at Spa world Manly was excellent at ascertaining our needs and wants in a spa and finding a solution that was in our budget and still met our wants in a spa. The delivery team were very helpful. I would gladly recommend spa world so far. We still need to commission it and try it out but I am expecting this to also be smooth."
"Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Tony and Di from Spa World in Gladstone for providing us with the information, products, and friendly service that helped us choose and set up our swim spa that we purchased from them.Our spa was delivered promptly, professionally, and ahead of schedule which was a stand-alone quality that we hold in high regard. Tony and Di traveled to our property out of town to do the chemical testing and hand over after hours as we weren’t available during the day, and not only provided the chemicals, tips and techniques for keeping our swim spa clean and in good working order, they were also happy to answer an endless list of questions.After sales service has been ten out of ten every time we visit Tony and Di at their store. We only buy our pool chemicals and filters from them as their prices are more then competitive and their store is in a central location. Further more I wouldn’t and don’t hesitate to recommend Spa world Gladstone to any one that is thinking about buying a spa and hope that they can enjoy theirs as much as we do ours."
"Our 5 year old was simply too excited to wait any longer, so he decided to jump on the forklift and try moving the spa himself!!" priceless :) "
"We have experienced great service starting from Dorothy who spent time with us and explained how it all operated, and gave us a good deal. Joanne was very helpful in Dorothy's absence and Lucy who coordinated delivery was good. The delivery guy Jay was very accommodating even when access to my back yard was not that easy. He and his assistant were great. It has been our pleasure to deal with SPA World and we will not have any hesitation in recommending SPA World and Vortex Spas to our family and friends."
"Hi Lillian, Just a short note to say how the spa went for our first winter, honestly we basically lived in it, nice 38 degrees, in rain, hail and fog of Canberra. Didn't really pay attention to how cold the temperature dropped and we used it at different times of the day and spent many pleasurable hours in it. So that's winter, of course now we are dealing with summer, different temperature but same story."
"Joanne, Thank you for your prompt attention. Spa World have given us the the best service since we purchased the Spa. All of you are always so easy to deal with. To you and all the staff a Campbelltown Spa World and Vortex Spas, I wish you a very happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year."
"Here are a couple of pictures. I think they really show how the Spaworld spa can really be truly accessible. I have high level physical disability and get in my spa every day. I have had a lift added to it to make getting in a breeze. It is under cover and the space I swim in each day summer and winter is beautiful. The spa is very easy for me to manage myself and it makes my life and health so much better. I could not live without using it every day since it was delivered."
"Hi Lilian Just wanted to say how thrilled we are with our spa and the perfect transition we had from the time we placed the order with you until the installation day. We had quite a complicated access, up via a flight of stairs and thru a small gap in the fence, all of which your delivery crew approached with professionalism. It now looks like it has always been there. My husband has built a small landing and frame around the bottom which blends in nicely to the fence and surrounds. We are thrilled with it. Many thanks once again."
"We had a great experience dealing with the team at Spa World. We are very happy with our spa and the professional service we have received. The demonstration provided when the spa was installed was very helpful for us. We get a lot of use from our spa and it is most relaxing…we use it all year round! We highly recommend Spa World."
"Hi Andrew, Thanks for asking; you must have read my mind! In answer to your question, we are absolutely thrilled to pieces with our purchase of our Vortex Azure spa! We cannot be more happy with our purchase and choice. Adam and his team, Brett, Charles, Gerry and David have been exemplary in their service and advise to my husband and myself. Because I have a disability it was imperative that I chose the right spa for my needs, and Brett even stayed late to ensure I could test my capabilities physically in accessing the spa in a private time for me. This was so important, and so appreciated by us. We actually made several window shopping visits before our serious decision making time, and we were always made to feel welcome and comfortable in just our browsing phase, and never under "sales" pressure. When we finally decided and ordered, our next step of delivery and installation was again handled in a professional, friendly, amusing way by Gerry, the gentle giant who, like myself, likes a glass of Moscato in the afternoon! (sorry, Gerry!) Finally, our after sales service has been stress free, thanks to David and the Sales team of Brett and Charlie. As a person with chronic pain, I can't tell you how much relief I have received from our spa use. I can target areas of pain and adjust jets individually, with strength and intensity, which is awesome. Only really bad weather keeps us away, and each day we breathe a sigh of relief upon entering our little haven of hot pleasure...you're never too old, apparently! Once again, thanks to all involved, from go to whoa; you are awesome! Yours faithfully, "
"Thank you Spa world for excellent Spas and Customer Service, was going to go with xxxxx Pools but they were the most unprofessional organisation I have ever dealt with. Failed in every department. Spa World is head and shoulders above that disgraceful mob."
"We really love our spa from Spa World as it is very relaxing after a hard days work and the experience of buying from spa world was fantastic.We would highly recommend Spa World."
"The value for money and the quality of customer service has been outstanding so far. Delivery was when requested and the guys dropped it into place ready to go.There have been a couple of small quibbles with the spa - but these things happen (it was a floor model so potentially all the moving around may have caused some things to come loose) - and Dianne and the team have been more than happy to assist and rectify the issues.All in all its fantastic to see the quality of the customer service that comes with a pretty large dollar investment on our part.It's not hard to give good customer service - but it's extremely rare in this day and age.Let the guys know - keep up the good work."
"We have recently received and installed a swim spa purchased from your company.. Fred Kalache looked after us perfectly throughout the entire process and it was his initial frank, honest and up front approach that steered us away from dealing with your competitors. He was knowledgeable about the 'hairy questions' and able to provide on the spot guidance on technical issues. When it became clear that alterations were needed to our order Fred expedited those without complaint or negativity despite the inconvenience these changes created. It is the behaviour and ethics of a company when things don't go perfectly that leaves a lasting impression. We are delighted to have our beautiful spa operating and by the entire purchasing process guided by Fred. "
"I would like you to let someone know that the two guys that delivered my spa on Friday were FANTASTIC, they were both great, the driver was extremely helpful & professional, without him there I'm not sure they could of done it. I wanted to say thank you & also wanted to pass on my gratitude, they are a credit to your company. I also thank you for your smooth & friendly communication & service, now all I have to do is work out how to set it up..."
"Just took some photos of our swimspa at night & wanted to email how beautiful it looks. We absolutely love our swim spa as you can use it to swim, soak, & have a spa to relax all at the same time. Also love how we can set it at the perfect temperature all year round. The only negative is I Can't seem to get the kids out of it (as well as all our friends..lol)"
"A big thanks to the guys that man the phone number for when we set up the spa and had to ask about the chemicals etc, they responded promptly and with great knowledge of what to do. As I said previously, overall a great experience. We are glad we chose Spa World, as other spa companies we looked at seemed dodgy with the typical "car salesmen" that give a bad reputation to your industry."
"Dear Sir, we recently purchased our Spa through your Warners Bay outlet, and wish to let you know that the sale & installation was efficient , without fault & better than expected. Sales people were informative & polite. Installers , on time, informative & thorough, excellent representatives of your product. After sales, most helpful & polite. All round , a most satisfactory experience. Well done, you have a great team supporting you & your product."
"We absolutely love our Vortex spa. My two children the most! To be honest I had no idea on spas and found it very difficult to judge what was value for money! My purchase really came down to Dot from seven hills, I felt comfortable with her right from the start. Dot guided me thru the stock and meet my wants and needs by the end. The flexibility of leaving a deposit and making payments was a huge plus and all the questions I felt silly asking she was quite happy to answer in a simple way. "
"Just wanted to give you feedback on your Warners Bay shop. My husband & I went into the Warners Bay shop to look at the spa’s. Charlie helped us with all our questions and an hour later we purchased our $13,000 spa.The service & after hours service that Charlie and staff have provided has been excellent.Charlie has come out to our house twice after hours , to help advise us where to place the spa and help us run through the programs.It has been a pleasure being serviced by Charlie & certainly will be telling people about Spa World."
"Hi Andrew Thank you for your email. We are extremely happy with our new spa. Joanne was such a great help and I was so glad we contacted her in the first instance as the questions she asked help us make sure we chose just the right spa, the 'Bliss'. Since it arrived we've used it almost daily and thinks it's perfect for us (thanks Joanne).I would highly recommend Spa World and Vortex Spas to anyone thinking about purchasing a spa."
"I’ve had my spa for a few months now and I still think it’s as awesome as the very first day I got into it! I love all attributes of the Vortex Spa - especially the mood lighting and the many variables in which the spa operates. From a “ deep tissue” massage; to the “release the neck & shoulders tension” massage; to the “ so very gentle meditative” massage -- LOVE IT! I went everywhere - shopping for a spa! The more I looked - the more confused I became. I met David Abdel from Spa World at the Brisbane Expo, he is a wealth of knowledge. He put all my concerns to rest and we designed “my” perfect spa. Thanks to the team at Spa World - I have an awesome spa to relax in and enjoy with family & friends!"
"The main purpose of this email is to inform you that the service I received from Paul was exemplary and he is a great ambassador for Spa World and the After Sales Service. A lot of companies sell you a product and there is no after sales service but Paul has put in the WOW factor back into Spa World because of his service. Well done Paul."
"Thank you Andrew for your after sale contact, its refreshing to receive it. Everything went well with the delivery and all was excellent with the ladies at the Campbelltown store. We had to have the spa connected yet and filled, so hopefully that will not be too far into the future so we can start to enjoy our spa. So far we would be pleased to recommend Spa World to our friends."
"The Vortex Spa is fantastic, we've been using it every night after work. It's the best way to end a hard day at work."
"I would like to take this time to thanks Jeff and his team on Saturday. They were great guys and did everything they possibly could to ensure my spa was delivered and put in position. They had great positivity and very professional with a very approachable friendly persona. I would really appreciate if their Manager could be made aware of the great service that they provided. I personally was very grateful and appreciative of their help and expertise. Thanks Joanne, look forward to hearing from you soon."
"Thanks for the spa Spa World. It was a great purchase!"
"This is the best purchase I have ever made. Stress relief/Family Time together & Fun Staff and Back up Service is great. Love our Spa."
"Our spa was put in in December and we love it. It is on an elevated deck overlooking a river. We were very satisfied with our dealings with Spaworld. The grandchildren (6 in all) stay in it for ages! And my husband and I crank it up to 40Degrees and enjoy it on frosty mornings!"
"Please find attached a photo of our awesome swim spa pool and my 5 year old oldest son who couldn't wait a moment longer to get in there and start enjoying it, this photo was taken back in November 2011, we had just got the spa delivered earlier that morning, it is one of my favourite photo's as it show's how exciting it is to finally get the spa and start filling it with water, all 3 of my boys love it and have had so much fun in it the last 7 months we have had it, my oldest son has also progressed up two stages at swimming cause of the spa. I also want to thank all the staff at Spa World especially Finna at the Brookvale NSW store she made it such a pleasant purchase for us and always helping us with any question we have."
"We are extremely happy with of purchase to date, I am still a little unsure as to what settings and functions I can use but will attend the store and ask for help if I can't work it out. I will be and have told friends and family about the customer service and excellent product we have received."

Five Star Trust Pilot Rating

We are proud that Spa World customers have given us a Five Star Trustpilot rating.