Top Spa pool myth busted: I cannot afford a spa pool.

Spa Pool Myth

This prolific myth is up there with the Loch Ness Monster in size and fame but with a little research, it is easily busted.

The past:

Early in the history of modern spas pools, think early 80’s, big hair, Dallas and Dynasty, spa pools were associated with the rich and famous and were glamorized on TV and in movies raising the perceived value. In this myth's defence, the spa pool construction methods and components used at the time and still used by many manufacturers today, drove costs up making spa pools too expensive for most.

Present Day:

Although many manufactures still use these antiquated construction methods, a few have developed much more state of the art, efficient manufacturing processes, which raises quality and reduces the initial purchase cost and the overall lifetime cost of spa pool ownership.

These advances have also increased the “in-spa” experience customers have while using spa pools and swim spas. A win, win for spa pool users everywhere. Furthermore, with these advances in spa pools, quality spa pool manufactures are able to offer 10-year spa pool shell warranties.

Another part of this same myth: Spa pools cost a lot to run

Yep once again think of the 80’s. Now quality spa pool manufactures utilizing new methods and components are building much more efficient spa pools which reduce spa pool running costs.

One example of this is using perimeter insulation. Spa pool perimeter insulation captures escaping heat from the pump, heater, and plumbing and holds it inside the cabinet warming the spa pool shell while limiting noise pollution outside the cabinet.

Another example of the advances that have been made is the use of efficient plumbing practices allowing water to flow more easily which in turn reduces the work required by the pump.

With these many advances in spa pool manufacturing processes and components, those shopping for spa pools have never seen high-quality spa pools at such affordable prices. Furthermore, there are a number of easy financing options making spa pool ownership attainable for almost everyone.

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