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Should I get a pool? What about a swim spa? (Expert advice, costs and more)

Dreaming about a pool in your backyard? Wondering if a pool is a good idea or not? If cost and maintenance are a factor for you – you may be better off with a portable swim spa that's cheaper to install, more versatile and easier to maintain. Learn more in this article.

Best infrared saunas in New Zealand – Top 5 brands reviewed

Thinking about buying an infrared sauna? Wondering which one to buy and which are the best brands? This article lists the top infrared saunas in New Zealand and compares features, prices, pros, cons and more.

How much does an outdoor umbrella cost in New Zealand? (Prices, features, comparisons and more)

Planning to buy a new outdoor umbrella and wondering how much they cost or why there’s such a price difference? Find the answers to these questions and more in this article.

Best Automatic Sanitising Systems Reviewed (Products, pros, cons and more)

When it comes to automatic sanitising systems for spas, there are a few options to consider. So, which system is best? In this article we review the main options to help you decide which is the right one for you and your spa.

Pergola vs gazebo vs umbrella (Comparison, pros, cons and more)

Thinking about a new shade solution for your garden, deck or patio? Wondering if you should invest in a gazebo, outdoor umbrella or pergola? This article compares options, pros, cons and more.

What to know before buying a sauna (Heating, installation, price and more)

Thinking about getting a sauna for your home? Not sure where to start? In this article, we explain the top things you need to consider when buying a sauna.

What to use instead of chlorine in a spa pool (Products, pros, cons and more)

Shopping for a spa pool? Want one that doesn’t use chlorine? If you're after a chlorine-free spa there are a range of options out there – some better than others. In this article we explain the pros and cons of going chlorine free.

How to use less chlorine in your spa (Tips, advice and more)

Wondering how you can use less chlorine in your spa pool? In this article we explain the top 5 ways to reduce chlorine in a spa pool or swim spa and make sure it stays clean and fresh for longer.

What spa pool chemicals should I use? (Products, pros, cons, and more)

Looking for spa pool sanitisers? Want to know which is the best treatment for your spa? This article includes information on spa chemicals, chlorine-free options, automated sanitising systems and tips for reducing chemical use in your spa or swim spa.

Best pool and spa design ideas (Backyards, decks, new builds and more)

Looking for fresh ideas for your outdoor space? Want to install a spa, pool or swim spa? In this article you’ll find all the design inspiration you’ll need to start planning your new-look backyard!

Where to buy a spa pool or swim spa in New Zealand (spa store reviews, locations and more...)

Are you planning to buy a spa or swim spa in New Zealand and need some help to put a plan into action? This article covers the bases so you can get your spa shopping underway.

Where to buy a spa pool or swim spa in Auckland (Store locations, products, prices and more...)

Are you weighing up the idea of buying a spa in Auckland and wondering where to start? This article ticks off the main points you need to know including the main spa stores near you.

Outdoor umbrellas New Zealand – Top brands reviewed (Cost, pros, cons and more)

Searching for shade solutions? Wondering what outdoor umbrellas are best for your patio, garden, pool or outdoor area? In this article we review 5 umbrella brands for sale in New Zealand to help you find the best option for you.

What to look for in a spa and swim spa store (Warranties, pricing, reviews and more...)

Looking for a spa or swim spa and wondering who to buy from? Before you buy, read this detailed article on what to look for in a spa store including tips, advice and more.

Do infrared saunas really work? (Studies, medical research, findings)

If you’ve been looking into infrared saunas, you may be wondering about the health claims and if infrared therapy is any good. In this article, we look into the many medical and scientific studies on infrared therapy and share some of the research.

What is an infrared sauna? (Cost, benefits, installation and more…)

Curious about infrared therapy? Want to know if an infrared sauna is right for you? This article covers all the key points including costs, health benefits, installation and more.

What is aqua fitness? (Health benefits, pool workouts and more...)

There’s no denying the fact that swimming is bucket-loads of fun! But it can be much more than that too. In this article, we look at aqua fitness and how it can help improve your health and fitness.

Traditional Steam Sauna vs Infrared Sauna (Detailed comparison, cost, benefits and more…)

Thinking about a home sauna? Want to know the difference between a traditional steam sauna and an infrared sauna? This article covers all the key points about buying a sauna including what they're good for, how much they cost to run and more.

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