The benefits of swim spa power training

Swim spas are used around the world by sporting professionals to complement their power training. Being excellent exercise machines, swim spas offer a well-rounded fitness programme without having to spend all your time (and money) in a gym.

Physiotherapists recognise a key benefit of training in water is that it supports muscles and diminishes joint stress.

Using water instead of weights for power training helps you gain peak performance levels without risking injury or putting excess pressure on your joints.

Here are some tips by leading expert in swim spa exercise, Dr Rick McAvoy.

Top tips for swim spa power training:

  • Try small quick jumps in the water without risk of injury or joint stress.
  • Move faster when doing your exercises and the natural resistance of water will give you a better power training result.
  • Crank up your swim spa current or jets to increase the resistance and intensify the work-out.
  • Carry out your exercises at different speeds to improve power.
"Using water instead of weights for power training helps you gain peak performance levels without risking injury."
Dr Rick McAvoy – Physical therapist

There are many other benefits a swim spa can offer for power exercise. You can read more about what Dr Rick says on this subject via a blog on his website.

Dr Rick McAvoy is a physical therapist based in the United States who has specialised in aquatic physical therapy, fitness and sports performance for more than 25 years.

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