Hydroflow™ Jets

Not only do all Hydroflow™ jets look fantastic, they are designed to last the distance. Bearingless technology means that your spinning jets will not bind up with grit and dirt, but rather continue to give the world's best hydrotherapy massage for many years

No bearings

The problem with spa jets is that to get them to spin, manufacturers have traditionally used ball bearings - just like you may find in the wheel of a skate board.

Ball bearings are fine as long as they can be kept lubricated. However, when introduced to hot, chemically treated spa water, they often fail within a matter of days or weeks. If the water had too much calcium, they can seize up almost immediately.

To solve this problem, the Hydroflow™ designers have invented a bearingless, spindle design instead. The spindle design is much better suited to the spa environment and give a much longer service life with no seizing.

5 year jet warranty

Hydroflow™ jets are produced using virgin plastics, not re grind as many manufacturers use. The ensure much longer jet life and means that all Vortex Spas™ come with a 5 YEAR JET WARRANTY.

Easy removal

Hydroflow™ jets of a common size can be moved around in your spa to give you a personalised massage. Want a massaging jets where there is currently a directional jet, no problem, just switch it over. This is nothing new in the spa industry.

What is unique to Hydroflow™ is the way that the jets are secured into the jet back. Most spas use a clip system, this system not only makes the jets difficult to remove, but can also break, requiring the jet body to be replaced. Hydrflow™ jets are the first to employ a screw in, screw out system, making them easier to remove and much less susceptible to breakage. It's such a good system, they have patented it!

Stainless steel jet faces

By using clear jet bodies and jet backs, the Hydroflow™ jets allow for the use of Hydroglow jet lighting to bring your spa alive at night. But what about during the day? Simple, all HF jets feature stainless steel faces so that day or night, you spa will look a million dollars.

Five Star Trust Pilot Rating

We are proud that Spa World customers have given us a Five Star Trustpilot rating.