ClearLift™ Automatic Swim Spa Cover FAQs

If you're thinking about including a ClearLift™ automatic cover with your new swim spa, or if you already own one and have queries, this article is for you. It includes frequently asked questions, installation advice, maintenance tips and more.

ClearLift™ Automatic Spa Cover  |  FAQs

With over 35 years of experience in the spa industry, we know that managing spa covers can sometimes be a hassle for owners. That's why motorised covers like ClearLift™ are game-changers.

ClearLift™ makes it easy to open and close your swim spa with just the turn of a key, making your swim spa experience better.

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This FAQ guide provides straightforward information on the ClearLift™ motorised spa cover including frequently asked questions, installation advice, maintenance tips, and more.

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This article provides answers to your questions on the following topics:

Clearlift swim spa cover


In this section, you'll find out what ClearLift™ is made of, its weight, and length, spa compatibility, and more.

What is ClearLift™ made from?

ClearLift is made of many different components and materials.

  • All of the exposed wear surfaces, such as the main hubs and hinges, are made for harsh environments using marine grade 316 stainless steel
  • The lift arms are made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel
  • The frame that holds the insulating billets and forms the cover structure is powder-coated aluminium
  • The fasteners are all stainless steel
  • The zip-on billet and frame cover are made from a long-lasting UV-protected synthetic material
  • As with standard spa covers, the insulative foam billets are made from a plastic bagged styrofoam block

How much does the ClearLift™ weigh?

The ClearLift™ adds approximately 200kg to the weight of the swim spa. Please refer to the specification sheet for your swim spa for more detailed information.

How long is ClearLift™?

The length will depend on the swim spa model that it is installed on. Please refer to the specification sheet for your swim spa for detailed information.

Does ClearLift™ have insulation?

The insulating properties are similar to other quality swim spa covers, however, due to the significantly reduced likelihood of damage - due to the automated system, which ensures it doesn’t drag on the ground and easily rip or tear - it is much less likely to absorb water.

This means the insulating properties are far superior to other swim spa covers.

Does the ClearLift™ work with all spa controllers?

No, currently, the ClearLift™ is only compatible with SpaNet™ SV2, SV3, and SV4 controllers found on Vortex™ Swim Spas.

What Swim Spas will ClearLift™ work on?

At the time of writing this guide, ClearLift™ is currently compatible only with 2024 Aquagym Max™, Aqualap™ and Hydrozone™ Vortex™ Model swim spas with other models planned for the future.

What are the electrical requirements for the ClearLift™ system?

The ClearLift system can be connected to the power output on the controller of your swim spa and does not require an independent circuit. This means that it can be connected to the same power source as your swim spa, as long as the controller has available power outputs.

It is important to note that if you have ClearLift, the Vortex Audio WiFi Kit, and a heat pump, you will need a duplicate AMP splitter. Talk to your salesperson and Spa World concierge to ensure proper installation and power requirements are met for all components.

ClearLift™ does not use vinyl for the outside of the cover to protect the foam billets, so will it last as long as vinyl?

ClearLift™ uses a top-grade, UV-protected synthetic material used on the highest-end spa covers and outdoor furniture. This high-quality material lives longer than the vinyl used in standard spa covers.

How much weight will ClearLift™ add to my swim spa?

Clearlift will add 200kg to the weight of your swim spa. This is important to know for installation and transportation purposes.

For example, if you are installing the swim spa by crane or Hiab the contractor will need to know the total weight to be moved. If you are installing the swim spa on a deck, you'll need to make sure it can support the weight of the swim spa.

Installation Advice

Here, you'll learn how to set up your ClearLift™, whether it works with decks or inground spas, and more about installation requirements.

Can I install a ClearLift™ in a deck?

It depends on how far the deck comes up the side of the swim spa and the design of the deck.

If the deck is below the space required for the lift arms to operate and if there is space left for the cover to swing and land on the side of the swim spa, then a swim spa with ClearLift can be installed into a deck.

Please click the button below to view the detailed guide on deck cutout reference dimensions.

Will ClearLift™ work on inground swim spas?

ClearLift™ is not well-suited for use in an inground swim spa. This is primarily due to the clearance requirements needed for the movement and stacking of the cover, as well as the clearance space needed at the ends of the spa. Refer to your swim spa’s specification sheet for recommended clearances.

Do I need to consider the location of my steps when planning my installation?

Yes, you do. Depending on whether you’ve chosen a left or right ClearLift, you will need to consider where the external step is placed, so you can comfortably access the internal steps of your swim spa. If the external step is not aligned with the internal step, it will be harder to enter and exit the swim spa.

If I have a ClearLift™ can I simply fence around my spa steps so I am not required to have a barrier or fence?

If the external step is not aligned with the internal step, it will be harder to enter and exit the swim spa.

No, the ClearLift will require a full barrier because the lift arms are on the side of the swim spa, making it climbable. Contact our Certification specialist for a free consultation or talk with your local council.

Is ClearLift™ retrofittable on all swim spas?

Not at the time of filming this video and potentially not for some time.

Can ClearLift™ be added after my swim spa is installed?

No, at this stage ClearLift™ cannot be added after your swim spa is installed. It needs to be purchased with your swim spa.

Can ClearLift™ be added to any swim spa?

No, at the time of writing this guide, ClearLift™ cannot be added to any swim spa. It is currently compatible only with 2024 Vortex™ Model swim spas.

Clearlift Keypad

Functionality and Operations

This part explains how to use ClearLift™, including its safety features and how the cover operates.

How do I control the ClearLift™?

The ClearLift™ swim spa cover is activated by a key. When the key is turned in one direction, the ClearLift™ swim spa cover opens, providing access to the swim spa. Conversely, when the key is turned in the opposite direction, the cover closes, securely sealing the swim spa.

Do I have to take the key out every time I use the ClearLift™ cover?

Yes. Considerable safety features make this product incredibly unique and desirable. Taking the key out every time you use the ClearLIft™ cover ensures safety because it prevents unsupervised children from getting into the water.

Do I need to use the cover locks on my ClearLift™ cover?

We recommend using the cover locks every time you close the spa cover. Once again, this helps to keep kids and pets out of the water. Cover locks are especially important during high winds because they prevent the wind from putting extra pressure on the cover.

What is the obstruction detection feature and how is it beneficial?

The ClearLift cover has built-in sensors that operate similarly to an automatic garage door, so if there are any obstructions in its path while it is being operated - such as people or outdoor furniture - it will instantly stop in place as a safety measure. This means users can rest assured it is 100% safe to use and operate.

Does the ClearLift™ need to be calibrated?

The ClearLift should be delivered to you fully calibrated or calibrated on-site during the assembly process. In the rare occurrence you need to calibrate ClearLift, for example, when a new actuator is installed, you will need to follow the calibration steps explained in the user manual.

Can you manually lift the cover on and off?

No. If the cover latches are not latched, they can be pried open far enough for a small adult or child to slide through. If the power is out to the ClearLift, it is also out to the swim spa, making it unusable.

What happens if someone closes ClearLift™ while a person is in the swim spa?

The key would need to be activated and if this happens and the cover closes, the cover can be lifted open at the centre so long as the cover latches are not latched. ClearLift should only be operated by an adult. Children should be supervised when using a swim spa at all times. The ClearLift key should be in possession of an adult at all times.

Can I still access the swim spa control keypad when the ClearLift™ is closed?

No. ClearLift will need to be partially opened to access the keypad. You can operate or monitor your swim spa remotely using the SpaLink app and your SmartDevice if you have elected to purchase the Vortex Audio WiFi kit or the SmartLink Module.

To view the manual for the ClearLift™ Spa Cover, please click the button below.

Clearlift swim spa cover

Maintenance and Care

In this section, you'll discover how to take care of your ClearLift™ cover and tips for keeping it in good shape.

Can I walk on the ClearLift™ cover?

We don’t recommend walking or standing on the spa cover as it is not designed to support a person's weight. Walking on the cover could cause damage and compromise its ability to insulate and protect the spa.

Can I operate ClearLift™ when it is windy?

Do not open or close the cover in high winds, which is anything over 20 kilometres per hour. We highly recommend not removing a standard swim spa cover in winds this high because they can cause damage or injury.

If the cover is open and you are trying to close it in high winds, the cover will stop due to the obstruction detector. If this occurs, there is a way to bypass the override to close the cover. Refer to your manual for instructions on how to do this and make sure to abide by all of the safety precautions.

Can I operate ClearLift™ when it is snowing?

As with standard covers, you will need to remove all snow from the cover for it to be able to open.

What happens when ClearLift™ is used near the sea?

All of the components are made to withstand the coastal environments found in Australia. The stainless steel hinge fittings and all other mechanical hinge fittings are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel while the actuator arms are powder-coated steel, and the internal billet frame is powder-coated aluminium. The use of all of these high-quality components means.

How long can people expect the parts to last, and can they be replaced?

We’ve already tested prototypes to 6 times the typical life of a cover. If the cover skin is damaged in some way then the inner insulating material can become waterlogged, however, these inserts can be purchased separately at a very low cost, and they can simply be replaced by the homeowner because the covers are zip on / zip off.

What happens when the cover billets on ClearLift™ fill with water?

First, let’s talk about the different parts of a swim spa cover. Cover Billets are the foam cores that are inside of the cover. The billets provide the insulation for the cover so that heat does not escape the spa.

Standard swim spa covers are made with multiple sections that are approximately 1m x 2.1m and these sections can be heavy. When removing or replacing the cover it is not uncommon for the cover to be dropped and dragged on the ground due to the weight and size. This is when the sealed bags around the billets can be damaged and start to leak.

This leaking will not only make the cover heavier, it reduces the insulation properties of the cover allowing heat to escape and driving up heating costs.

The billets in the ClearLift cover are protected with a heat-sealed bag that is heavier than what is used on standard covers. Because Clearlift prevents the cover from being dragged or dropped on the ground, it reduces the likelihood of the bag being punctured and filling up with water.

In the rare event, the billet bags are damaged and the billets fill with water, they are easy to replace. With a standard swim spa cover you would need to replace the entire cover, which is significantly more expensive…not just the billets.

How do you replace the billets?

The billets are replaced by unzipping the ClearLift™ outer cover, removing the old billets, installing the new billets, and zipping the exterior cover back into place.


This section helps you understand what the ClearLift™ warranty covers, its duration, and what parts and labour are included.

What is the warranty for ClearLift™ and what does it cover?

Your ClearLift™ components are warranted from the date of delivery.

The ClearLift™ warranty includes the following:

  • The warranty for the ClearLift™ Cover frame, and mechanical parts includes the cost of replacement parts for five years. During the first two years, the warranty also covers the cost of labour for repairs.
  • Electrical parts like the SpaNet™ cover controller, transformer, and actuators are covered for repairs and labour for the first year, and then just the parts are covered for the second year.
  • The foam part of the ClearLift™ Cover has the same warranty as the electrical parts: repairs and labour are covered for the first year, with only the parts covered in the second year.
  • The frame and mechanical parts of the ClearLift™ Cover also have the same warranty coverage as the foam and electrical parts.
  • Please remember, that the warranty will not cover any damage to the stitching, straps, or locks if it's caused by not using the cover properly. Also, if a cover is replaced under the warranty, it is up to the owner to dispose of the old cover.

Is the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee available on the ClearLift™ covers?

The 60-day Money Back Guarantee applies to the ClearLift™ cover as it is considered a part of the swim spa. However, it’s important to note that the ClearLift™ cover cannot be returned separately to the spa.

What is the warranty for the motors?

SpaNet™ cover controller, transformer and actuators, are covered for 1-year parts and labour and parts only for the second year.

How are the motors replaced?

Motors are readily available for purchase if outside of warranty. If they fail outside of the warranty period, they can be purchased from Spa World. We recommend the replacement be done by a Spa World Technician.

Where do I buy spare parts for the ClearLift™ cover?

All parts are available through Spa World - you can find them online at

How much do replacement motors cost?

At the time of filming the cost of a replacement motor aka actuator is $479 approximately.

Is there a call centre that people can reach?

Yes. We’re here to help! Contact us with any queries, or questions related to parts and service or warranty details.

Vortex Spas™ updated its warranty terms, effective from December 31, 2023. If you purchased your spa before this date, please refer to the Pre-2024 Warranty Card. For Vortex Spas™ purchased after said date, the new Vortex™ Spas™ 2024 Warranty Card applies..

Click the button below to view the up-to-date warranty information for Vortex Spas™.

In Summary

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