Guide to Smart Spa System Upgrades for Vortex™

Did you get a smart upgrade for your Vortex™ spa, such as SmartLINK™ or SmartSTREAM™? Looking for information on how to use them? Read this article to learn more.

Smartlink Smart Spa Systems

Spa systems can be upgraded with a smart option to enable you to control and monitor your spa from anywhere that has a connection for your device, as well as to have entertainment to add to your spa experience.

In this article, you will learn about the best systems and apps to consider for your Vortex™ Spa and how to use them.

Please note: This article is intended for people who have purchased a Vortex Spa™. Other brands may recommend different smart spa upgrades, so consult with your sales consultant or a spa expert before you start.

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What spa upgrades can I buy for Vortex spas™?

When you purchase a Vortex™ Spa, you have the option of adding a smart system to your order. There are two smart upgrades to choose from – SmartLINK™ and SmartSTREAM™ (available on 2023 models only).

These smart systems are controlled by free downloadable app, SpaNET™ SmartLink™ app. Click the links below to access the SpaNet SmartLink app.

What is SmartLINK™ and how does it work in a spa?

SmartLINK™ is an optional Wi-Fi Hardware module that connects to your SpaNet™ SV controller and uses your home Wi-Fi network. It is compatible with all SpaNET™ SV controllers (SV2, SV3, SV4, SV Mini 1, and SV Mini 2).

When the SmartLink™ app is used, the SmartLINK™ module allows you to configure your spa settings remotely from your smart device. The settings you can manage include filtration cycles and heating while you're away to save on energy costs. To control your spa remotely, download the Vortex Spas™ app or SpaNET™ SmartLINK™ app from the App Store® or Google Play®.

What is SmartSTREAM™ and how does it work in a spa?

SmartSTREAM™ is included in the 2023 Vortex Audio Wifi Kit and provides all of the same WiFi and connection benefits as SmartLINK™ but with an inbuilt audio system. The Vortex WiFi audio kit boasts a high definition sound system and includes speakers and a subwoofer.

SmartSTREAM™ uses Bluetooth to stream music or you can press play on your favorite apps on your smart device. Like SmartLINK™, you can also control your spa remotely by downloading SmartLINK™ app from the App Store® or Google Play®.

SpaNet SmartTouch Digital keypad

The 2023 Vortex™ spa models come with the new SpaNet™ SmartTouch™ Digital keypad, which includes integrated controls for the stereo system. It has a water-compatible touch screen technology that makes adjusting settings easy, even with wet fingers.

The SmartSTREAM™ interface provides complete control of your audio experience, including viewing track information, changing music source, playing/pausing and skipping tracks, as well as adjusting volume, subwoofer, fader, balance, bass, midrange, and treble.

What's the difference between SmartLINK™ and SmartSTREAM™?

SmartLINK™ can provide remote access to your spa via Wifi.

SmartSTREAM™ is an audio module only. It allows you to stream music, your favorite podcast or other audio via Bluetooth®, when purchased with the Vortex Audio WiFi Kit.

SmartLINK™ can be purchased and installed in your spa at any time. SmartStream™ can only be purchased as part of the Vortex WiFi audio kit and can be installed at any time on 2023 Vortex Models launched in October, 2023.

What are the apps I need to download to use my smart spa upgrade?

Important notice: Vortex App support ceased on March 12, 2024; it may stop functioning and has been removed from app stores. Spa World advises switching to SpaNet™ SmartLink app – see links provided in this article.

Vortex™ App

The Vortex™ app allows you to control and monitor a selection of spa settings, such as temperature, jets, and holiday mode while you're away from the keypad and even while you're away from home. It is a free downloadable app on your smart device.


The SpaNet™ SmartLink™ app is similar to the Vortex™ App in that it allows you to control and monitor your spa remotely. However, SmartLINK™ offers full, rather than select access, to your spa control settings. Compared to the Vortex™ App, it has greater ability to control spa settings from your smart device. This includes being able to control filtration settings, air blowers, pumps, and LED spa lights, and receive push notifications for spa maintenance updates.

Can I download the SmartLINK™ from the App Store® or Google Play®?

Yes. As mentioned in above, these apps are available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. Click the buttons below to access the SpaNet SmartLink app.

Do I need cellular or WiFi connection to connect to the Vortex™ App or SmartLINK™?

Both SmartLINK™ and SmartSTREAM™ require a strong Wi-Fi signal to work properly. They need to connect to your home Wi-Fi network to make your spa remotely accessible.

How do I install the SmartLINK™ app on my spa?

To install the SmartLINK™ to your spa, you first need to insert the antenna through the cabinet panel.

For older models, you would need to drill two holes in where you’re going to push the connector through the spa cabinet. The models that come out now typically have the holes in the corner of the spa, and there'll be a little black plastic plug that you'll have to remove and that’s where you will insert the antenna. The antenna has an adhesive backing on it to secure it to the spa cabinet. You can also remove the back and use two screws, but the adhesive backing should be adequate.

Once the antenna is inserted, connect the SmartLINK™ antenna into the controller. Remove the screws off the front of the controller to access the port where you will insert the antenna. Please refer to your spa’s manual sheet for the correct port to insert the SmartLINK™ cable into. For all the SV series, controllers connect to EXP 1 (Expand Port 1).

When the antenna is connected to the port, you can put the cover back on the controller panel. Then, re-attach the cabinet panel.

How do I connect the SmartLINK™ on my spa to my smart device?

The SmartLINK™ Wi-Fi module requires a permanent active internet connection via a wireless router to operate. To be able to access your spa from anywhere at any time, the router must remain powered on at all times. Wi-Fi signal strength is extremely important for reliable communication between the SmartLINK™ Wi-Fi module and your router.

Here are the steps you need to take to connect the SmartLINK™ to your Apple device.

Step 1. Open App Store®. Search SpaNET SmartLINK™.

Step 2. Tap the “Get” button to download and install the app.

Step 3. With The SmartLINK™ app now installed, you need to register a user account on our SpaNET™ cloud server which provides a secure login to access your spa.

Note: You only ever need to register one user account once even if you wish to operate the app across multiple, smart devices concurrently or individually.

How to Register an Account on the SpaNET™ Cloud Server:

  • Tap register.
  • Tap in the name field to enter your full name using the pop-up keyboard.
  • Enter your desired username, your email address, and your desired password. Confirm the email address and password you provided.
  • Review your registration details, then tap register to proceed.

With the user account now registered, follow the next steps to place your spa in hot mode.

Step 4. Press and hold the up and down button on the spa keypad.

Step 5. Scroll until you reach Wi-Fi, and then select the “HOT” mode.

Step 6. Open the app and login. If you just registered you will already be logged into this spa list screen. If a pop-up box appears, just press on the “X“ button to close it.

Step 7. Tap the “New Device” bar.

Step 8. Press or slide your Apple home button and navigate to your Wi-Fi settings to locate the SV Wi-Fi network which matches your spa control’s serial number.

Step 9. Press on the SV Network to connect to it. No password is required to connect. Wait for a moment to ensure the SV network is connected properly. Note: If no SV network is found, repeat steps to place your spa in “HOT” mode. If still unsuccessful, follow the troubleshooting steps found in the manual.

Step 10. Tap the “Setup” bar to begin a Wi-Fi scan and display a list of nearby wireless networks detected. Wait for the scan to complete before pressing anything else.

Step 11. Select the wireless network to connect your spa to ensure the signal strength is -70 decibels or better, or press the refresh arrow in the top right to perform another Wi-Fi scan.

Step 12. Enter your router password to access your home wireless network. Note: The app cannot check the password. It relies on correct entry.

Step 13. Tap the “X” button to close the pop-up box, and then press or slide your Apple home button and navigate to your Apple Wi-Fi settings. You have now confirmed the SSID and password for the Wi-Fi network that the spa will connect to. The SV network should have disappeared, and your phone should have reconnected to your home network. If not, wait for a moment, then manually connect to your home network.

Step 14. Navigate back to the app and then enter a name for your spa and press on register to complete the setup process. Note: The name can be changed after setup, if desired. The spa will now show as online. The Wi-Fi signal strength is displayed, and the spa name can be changed using the edit pencil.

Step 15. Press on the spa name to login to the spa. The smartlink module will connect to your router and prepare to go online. The spa will show offline at this point. It may take two to five minutes for initial connection.

Step 16. After five minutes, tap the refresh button to recheck status. To check your actual Wi-Fi signal strength, press on the Wi-Fi bar graph icon. The signal strength is displayed in decibels with a timestamp of when that signal strength was taken. The signal will be updated every five to ten minutes.

Congratulations! Your device should now be connected to your spa.

In Summary

The smart spa systems mentioned above are available as an optional upgrade. Some allow you to control and monitor your spa remotely, while others take entertainment to the next level. There are two key components to a smart spa upgrade: the hardware + the app on your smart device.

The following are the smart spa hardware you can optionally add to your Vortex spa:

SmartLINK™ - provides remote access and monitoring of your spa. SmartSTREAM™ - functions the same as SmartLINK™ but with added entertainment features (music/audio streaming).

To control these hardwares, you will need to use the SmartLINK™ app which is available for free downloading on the App Store® and Google Play®.

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