How much does an outdoor umbrella cost in New Zealand in 2024? (Prices, features, comparisons and more)

Are you at the beginning of your outdoor umbrella buying journey and wondering: “How much money should I put aside for an outdoor umbrella?” or “What should I pay for a quality umbrella?”

How much does an outdoor umbrella cost in New Zealand hero

This article explains the price differences between umbrellas and why some cost so much more (or less) than others. We hope that after reading this, you will have a good understanding of why outdoor umbrellas can be cheap or expensive and what you should look for in a good quality umbrella.

In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Spa World™ or Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd, the parent company of Spa World™. You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. All information, including product details, was accurate at the time of writing (March 4, 2021) and may change without notice.

Why are outdoor umbrella prices so different?

The main purpose of outdoor umbrellas is to provide protection from the sun and rain. Depending on the brand you choose, they can also be a design feature of your garden, patio, courtyard, backyard or deck.

Umbrellas come in a range of sizes and designs and are made with a variety of materials - some are a lot more durable and effective than others. All these factors can influence the final price of an outdoor umbrella. In fact, depending on the brand – outdoor sun umbrellas can range from $35 for lightweight products to more than $8,000 for durable, heavy duty options.

Factors that can influence the price of an outdoor umbrella include:

  • Materials used. What is the mast, hub, base, canopy made of?
  • Umbrella design. Is it a cantilever, centre pole, half umbrella?’
  • Where the umbrella is made. Is it made in New Zealand or overseas?
  • Size. How many square metres of shade does the umbrella provide?
  • Accessories. Are additional parts included in the final price or do they need to be purchased separately?

Keep reading to learn more about how these factors can affect the final price and what you should look out for.

What are the cheapest outdoor umbrellas available in NZ?

If affordability is a priority for you over durability and longevity, there are a range of cheap outdoor umbrellas available that could meet your needs – in the short-term at least.

Two of the most popular, cheap outdoor umbrella brands available in New Zealand are Marquee® and Nouveau®.

Marquee® (available at Bunnings Warehouse®)

  • Marquee® 2.5m Round Goulburn Market Umbrella - $49
  • Marquee® 3m Round Cantilever Umbrella - $79
  • Marquee® 3m Round Jasper Market Umbrella - $79

Nouveau (available at Mitre 10®)

  • Nouveau Steel Market Umbrella - $49
  • Nouveau Aluminium Market Umbrella - $99

Learn more about these two brands in this review of the top outdoor umbrellas in New Zealand.

What are the best quality outdoor umbrellas available in NZ?

As with most things, you get what you pay for – and umbrellas are no different. The better the quality the longer the life span, the higher the price. However, as a well-built umbrella can last up to 20 years or more - paying a little more upfront should pay off in the long run.

Two excellent umbrella brands we can recommend are …

Shade 7 umbrella prices:

  • Tempest Commercial Outdoor Umbrella - from $5,200
  • Riviera Cantilever Umbrella - from $3,190

Shadowspec® umbrella prices:

  • Shadowspec Serenity™ - from $3,390
  • Shadowspec Unity - from $3470

Spa World™ stocks a number of Shadowspec® umbrellas, you can view our range here.

What to know when comparing outdoor umbrella canopies

If you’re looking for an umbrella that’s durable and will look ‘like new’ for a long time, then you’re best to consider umbrellas that have a canopy material that is:

  • marine-grade
  • 100% solution dyed
  • waterproof
  • Has a UV sun protection rating of 50+ or more (considered ‘excellent’ by ARPANSA - Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency)

Marine-grade means the fabric is made to withstand the same weather conditions as seagoing vessels. They are also designed so the fabric won’t immediately lose it’s colour.

"Think of 100% solution dyed fabric like a beetroot which is coloured right through, compared to a radish which is colourless inside."

When shopping for umbrellas, we recommend looking carefully at the fabric and who it’s made by. Good quality brands we can recommend and include all of the features mentioned above include - Sunbrella®, Recasens®, and O’bravia®.

Shadowspec SU2 umbrella

What are the most important features of an outdoor umbrella?

With so many options out there it can be hard deciding which umbrella is best to buy and what features to look out for.

Here are some of the most important features to look for and why:

  • Canopy fabric with a UV protection rating. According to NIWA, the peak UV Index (a standard measurement of UV intensity that causes sunburn) in New Zealand is around 40% greater compared to similar latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. This means umbrella canopies that provide UV protection are important. Shade ratings are commonly referred to as UPF. According to ARPANSA - Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

UPF 15 = minimum, UPF 30 = good, UPF 50 and 50+ = excellent. We recommend canopy fabrics with a minimum UPF 50.

  • Open and close system. Outdoor umbrellas come with a range of open and closed systems, some that are easier to use than others

Lower priced umbrellas will usually have a wind-up crank handle or rope and pulley system. Higher priced umbrellas can also have a wind-up crank handle as well as patented designs such as the Shadowspec ShadowGlide™ that allows you to easily open or close the umbrella in 2 to 3 seconds]

  • Frame. If the material is stronger, it will be able to resist rust and wind better than weaker materials. The stronger the frame, the better it will be at resisting rust, wind than weaker materials. It’s also more likely to last longer.

Lower priced umbrellas will usually have a frame made from powder-coated steel, powder coated aluminium and wood. Conversely, umbrellas made using anodised and marine grade aluminium will generally cost more.

  • Frame Warranty. The longer the better. We recommend at least 3 years. The frame needs to withstand wind, rain, corrosion and constant opening and closing. You may find that more lightweight umbrellas with lighter weight frames aren't recommended for use when windy so might not be covered if damaged by wind.

  • Fabric Warranty. Just like frames, the longer the better. We recommend at least 2 years. For some premium outdoor umbrellas, warranties can be as high as 10 years. Keep in mind that the canopy bears the brunt of sun, rain and wind so you will want to make sure it is built to last and backed by a decent warranty.

How much should I spend on an outdoor umbrella?

It depends on what you want to get from your new piece of shade furniture.

If you want a lightweight umbrella to provide shade for a few weeks a year at your holiday home, last a couple of seasons, entertain family, friends or one that’s easy to store because you live in a windy area – perhaps an entry to mid-market umbrella could easily meet your needs.

You can expect to pay anywhere up from $70 for an entry level to mid-market centre pole or cantilever umbrella.

If you are after a durable and easy to use umbrella that’s built to last and can withstand harsh sun and rain – then you might be better to purchase a higher end brand with quality features including, UV protection, a marine grade canopy, wind resistance, and longer warranties, that will be part of your outdoor setting for years to come.

You can expect to pay anywhere up from $500 for a centre pole or cantilever umbrella in the higher end of the market.

Shadowspec Serenity

In Summary

Hopefully after reading this article, you have a better understanding of what outdoor umbrellas in New Zealand cost, why they vary in price and what features and accessories you will find at different levels of the price spectrum.

For more information, visit our Spa World™ product pages so you can learn more about the Shadowspec® umbrellas we stock as well as our spa pools and swim spas.

You can also visit your nearest Spa World™ store, or contact us for more advice on which umbrella is the best fit for you.

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