How to Fill Your New Jacuzzi® Spa with Water

Ready to relax and unwind in your new Jacuzzi® spa? Before you can get in, you need to fill it with water. Keep reading to learn how to fill your spa and common mistakes to avoid.

Congratulations on your new Jacuzzi® Spa! You’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy and relaxation. But before you can jump in, you need to fill it with water.

Filling your Jacuzzi® spa with water may seem like a simple task, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that your spa is filled correctly and safely. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of filling your Jacuzzi® spa with water.

In this article, you’ll learn:

What to do before filling your new Jacuzzi® Spa?

Jacuzzi J-300 Series Hero

Make sure the spa is in its final resting area

Before filling your spa, it is highly recommended to place it in its intended location. This is because the spa can become too heavy to move once filled with water. It is possible to drain the water and move it, however, this takes a lot of planning and effort to do so safely.

To avoid the hassle and any potential damages, it is best to lay the spa in its final resting area before filling.

Install cover lifter

Before you begin to fill up your spa, it is essential to install a cover lifter, or cover caddy. This device will make taking the cover off of your spa much easier and protect it from potential harm.

You should also take the time to read the instructions that came with the cover lifter to learn how to properly assemble and install it.

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Install a CPR sign

For spa owners, water safety is a major factor to consider. Depending on where you are, specific safety protocols may need to be adhered to. We recommend putting up CPR and cautionary signs in an area that is visible from the spa, even if the local government does not demand it. This can be beneficial both financially and life-saving in the long run.

Barrel union on Jacuzzi pump

Check the Barrel Union

A barrel union is a type of threaded fitting in a spa's piping system which links the plumbing to parts such as the pumps, controller, and heater. During delivery, these unions may become loose. If the Barrel Union is not secured when the spa is being filled, it can lead to errors in the process or harm the spa's internal parts.

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How to check your spa’s barrel union - A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Remove the equipment bay cabinet panel.

How to remove the cabinet panel of Jacuzzi® J-200™ Series Spas

Before performing the following steps on how to remove the cabinet panel, please keep these reminders in mind.

  • The cabinet panel is often on the electronic keypad side of the spa, but please check your specification sheet to be sure.
  • The cabinet panel can be awkward to handle alone.
  • Spa World recommends having two people do this step to ensure you don’t pinch your fingers or toes during the process. Having more hands can also help protect the cabinet panel from slipping and falling off.

Let's now proceed with the steps below.

  • Start by locating the screws on the panel. The screws are located on the corners as well as in the middle of the panel.
  • Remove the screws. Use an electric drill with a Philips number two drill bit to remove all screws.
  • Disconnect all cables from the cabinet. Once the cabinet panel is removed, you will find several cables connecting the panel to the spa. Disconnect them one by one before removing the cabinet from the spa.
  • Set aside the cabinet panel. At this point, you can set aside the cabinet panel to keep it out of the way. Place it on one side and position it vertically to avoid scratching the surface.

How to remove the cabinet panel of Jacuzzi® J-300™, J-400™ and J-500™ Series Spas

The process of removing the cabinet panels of J-300™, J-400™, and J-500™ Series Spas is more straightforward.

Here's how:

  • Step 1. Grab one of the corner panels, from the bottom, where it touches the bottom pan.
  • Step 2. Then carefully pull the panel forward to unsnap it from the holding clip.
  • Step 3. Place the corner panel in a safe location to prevent from damaging it.

Step 2: Check that the barrel unions are tightened.

Once the panel is removed, you will now have access to the equipment bay to check the barrel unions. The equipment bay is the space under the spa where hot tub equipment such as heaters, pumps, and controls are installed.

The equipment bay layout may differ for each model, so check your spa’s specification sheet for a guide.

The barrel unions only need to be hand-tight, so no tightening tool is necessary. Just give each one a little twist to make sure they’re tight.

Your delivery team may do these checks at the time of delivery. However, it’s still crucial for you to learn how to check these components.

Vibrations inside the spa may loosen the barrel unions once your spa starts running. We recommend a periodic check of the barrel union or every time you drain and refill your spa.

After accomplishing the steps above, your spa is now ready to be filled!

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Jacuzzi spa with cover

How to fill my Jacuzzi® hot tub – A step-by-step guide

Filling your spa with water is straightforward. All you need is a garden hose and your water source ready and you’re all set up to fill your hot tub.

Step 1: Fill with water

Fill your spa with water according to the instructions in the user manual. Take out any debris on the spa’s surface. Remove the fittings from the end of your garden hose and place your hose into the spa until it reaches the correct level as per the user manual.

Step 2: Turn the power ON and heat up your spa

Once your spa is filled with the right amount of water, apply power to your spa and set the temperature to your desired level. Normally, at the initial fill, the water tends to be cold.

Please note that the recommended water temperature is 26°C to 38°C.

Step 3: Test and balance your spa water

Once the spa water is heated, use the test strips to measure pH and Alkalinity. Wait at least 20 minutes after applying any balancer chemicals before testing again.

Acceptable or ‘OK’ ranges are:

pH between 7.2 - 7.8 Total Alkalinity between 80 – 160

Important reminders:

  • Unbalanced spa water can damage your spa pumps and heaters.
  • PH out of balance? If the PH is too LOW, add alkalinity increaser (alkalinity up). If the PH is too HIGH, add PH decreaser (PH down).
  • Alkalinity out of balance? If the alkalinity is too LOW, add alkalinity increaser (alkalinity up). If the alkalinity is too HIGH, add PH decreaser (PH down).

Step 4: Sanitise your spa water

Once your spa water is balanced, sanitise your spa with Spa Store Spa Chlorine.

Use a start-up shock dose of 25 grams per 1,000 litres of spa water. See the sanitiser container label for the specific dosing instructions. Obtain your spa litreage from your spa model specification sheet.

Important reminders:

  • Do not use the test strips to monitor chlorine levels. Use the daily dosing instructions on the back of the chlorine container instead. Failure to follow this can result in damage to your spa or unsafe conditions. Always pre-mix the chlorine with water in a bucket before adding it to the spa water.
  • Do not turn on the jet pumps or clean cycle for at least 30 minutes after you have added the sanitiser.
  • To allow for off-gassing, please leave your spa cover open for 20 minutes after dosing with spa sanitiser or spa shock.

Click the button below to learn key things you need to know about spa water maintenance, spa chemicals and water treatment.

Step 5: Jump in!

Once you’ve accomplished the steps above, it’s time to take a dip and enjoy!

Important: Check water temperature carefully before entering the spa. Excessive water temperature can cause burns, welts and body temperature to rise, hyperthermia (over-heating).

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In Summary

Filling your Jacuzzi® Spa with water does not have to be a difficult task as long as you follow the steps we outlined above.

Here are the important reminders to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the spa is turned OFF before filling it with water. Never apply power to an empty spa.
  • Fill your spa through the primary filter inlet to avoid airlock, and pay attention to the water volume when filling. It typically takes an hour or two to fill the spa. You'll know when the spa is well filled when the water covers all jets but does not touch the bottom of the lowest headrest.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s dosing instructions when adding spa chemicals, and be careful not to breathe chemical vapours (which could damage your lungs, brain, or skin).

If you need further information or have any questions about this topic, or anything else to do with your spa pool, please contact our customer care team. We are here to help!

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