How to use Poppits®

Looking for effective spa pool maintenance products? Discover how to use Poppits® to keep your spa pool clean and safe for you and your family.

Maintaining a clean and safe spa pool is important for the health and enjoyment of you and your family. Poppits® are a gentle and effective alternative to traditional spa pool chemicals, ensuring that your spa pool stays clean and safe without the harsh chemicals. But, if you're new to Poppits®, you may be unsure about how to use them.

In this article, you'll learn the features and benefits of these spa pool maintenance products including step-by-step instructions on how to use them.

We'll cover:

Features and benefits of Poppits®

  • No chemical odours
  • Pleasant spa environment
  • Does not contain bromine
  • Suitable for asthmatics & those with chlorine sensitivity.
  • Simple to convert just follow these easy steps

Use and startup instructions for new spas:

Since dust, dirt and plastic residue can exist in your new spa following manufacture, we recommend you clean the spa prior to use. This can be done by filling the spa with water, removing the filter cartidges, adding 50ml of Poppit™ Spa Pipe Degreaser and circulating through the pipes (Turning the blowers on and off several times). After circulating for 30 - 60 minutes, dump spa water, wipe out inside with damp cloth and rinse off.

Step 1. Clear the water

Water as supplied by the water authorities has chlorine included and so this needs to be eliminated if we are to have a chlorine free spa. Simply use Poppit™ Quick Fix at the rate of 60 grams per 1000 litres of spa water and filter for 4 hours. This will oxidise the chlorine and any other unwanted matter in the water. Rain water and bore water also needs to be treated.

Step 2. Balance the water

Using a water test kit or test strip, check the pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness levels of the water. The pH should be around 7.4 - 7.6 to be comfortable for people with sensitive skin. Total alkalinity should be between 80 - 120pp. If necessary, adjust these two levels using Poppit™ Water Balance to increase the level or Poppit pH Decreaser to reduce them.

Calcium levels that are lower than 100ppm can be damaging to equipment, as well as making it difficult to maintain pH levels and ultimately cause the water to go cloudy. Rain water is predictably low in calcium. Ideal levels for calcium hardness are between 100 and 200 ppm. To increase calcium levels use Poppit™ Spa cal hardener as per label directions.

Step 3. Sanitise the water

The water is now clear of contaminants and balanced and all that needs to be done is to sanitise the water with Spa Poppit™ - Conditioner, bactericide and clarifier at the rate of one litre per 1000 litres of spa water. It´s that simple!

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de-stressing in a spa or swim spa

Regular maintenance of Spas & Hot Tubs

To burn off organic matter (hair, skin, lotions, etc.) use 30grms Poppit® Quick Fix per 1000 litres of water and filter for 4 hours. Do not add any other chemicals until the 4 hours of filtering have been completed.

Check pH and alkalinity after using Poppit® Quick Fix and adjust as required using Poppit® Water Balance or Poppit® pH Reducer.

Directly before using spa, (after water has been heated to desired temperature), use the Poppit® Test Kit to determine weather Spa Poppit® is required. Half fill the Poppit® Test Kit vial or a glass with spa water and add 1 drop of the test solution. If the drop turns brown, within a few seconds, the test is letting you know that your spa has the correct level of Spa Poppit and is ready for you to use.If the drop turns pink, Spa Poppit must be added.

Alternatively a Poppit® Peroxide Test Strip may be used to measure sanitiser level in ppm.

Add Spa Poppit® Sanitiser Bactericide as per the chart below.Remember to run filter for approximately 4 hour per day and after each use.Clean filter cartridges every week using Poppit® Filter Soak formulation. Do not use cartridge cleaners which may contain chlorine.

Prior to dumping water (usually every 6-8 weeks), clean pipes by adding 50 mls Poppits® Spa Pipe Degreaser per 1000 litres of spa water running blowers for 30-60 minutes.

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Converting an existing spa from Bromine to Spa Poppit®

When converting from other products, it is recommended to clean the spa!

  1. Remove filter cartridge & clean with Poppit® Filter Cleaner Soak formulation, as per label instructions. Do not reinstall filter cartridge at this point. (Just hosing cartridge alone will not clean the filter) It is important to rinse the filter cartidges thoroughly after soaking. Do not replace filter cartridge at this point.

  2. Add 50ml of Poppit® Pipe Degreaser per 1000 lt of spa water.

  3. Turn blowers, jets & filter on & run for approx. 30 – 60 mins (to flush the spa pipes clean), after turning pump & jets off, dump water completely.

Caution: if spa is in-ground, dump only 3/4 of the spa water (that is, always leave1/4 of the water in the bottom of the spa) this will prevent the spa from popping out of the ground.

  1. Reinstall filter cartridge to spa.

  2. Wearing rubber gloves, put some Spa Pipe Degreaser on a damp cloth and wipe the inside shell of the spa and the underside of the spa cover and, wipe under and around head covers and jets. Rinse spa.

  3. When spa is clean and totally drained, refill spa with fresh water.

  4. To clear water of any organic or inorganic matter, add Quick Fix at the rate of 60grs per 1000 litre of spa water.

  5. Run filter for 4 hours with cover off.

  6. Check pH, alkalinity & calcium levels using Insta Test Strips (ph should be 7.2 – 7.6 & alkalinity should be around 80–120ppm,) if readings are low, use Poppit® Water Balance to correct levels. If pH readings are high use Poppit® pH Reducer. Calcium levels should be 100 ppm, if low these can be increased usingPoppit Spa Cal Hardener.

  7. Heat spa water to desired temperature (generally between 26 – 36 degrees C.)

  8. Add Spa Poppits® – spa sanitiser conditioner, clarifier and bactericide at the rate of 1 litre per 1000 litres of water.

Your spa is now ready for your enjoyment! *Remember to run filter for approximately 4 hour per day and after each use.

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