Meet Doctor Kyle Neely

Dr Kyle Neeley is a physician in the United States, who has trained all over the world, improving overall health through combining the best of many health modalities to ensure the finest results.

Dr Kyle Neely

Some of his training has taken him to England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, South America, Canada, as well as, the US. Over the past twenty-five years, he has helped patients reach a better quality of life in all fifty states in the US, and 38 countries around the world.

Dr. Kyle Neeley now practices Naturopathic medicine in New Zealand, as well as, acupuncture, spa therapies, along with currently teaching doctors in New Zealand the technique of using stem cells to rebuild joints and tendons. Dr. Kyle has designed and worked in the luxury spa industry since the late eighties. As a lecturer, writer, and teacher has many roles in the health and spa industries, he is truly focused on assisting patients or anyone that is interested in reaching a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

"If you have never looked at how a spa or swim spa can change your life, it might be time. "
Dr Kyle Neely

BUYING BACK TIME, a seemingly magical process that can be yours once you claim it for yourself.

Modern life has accelerated to a level that most are finding themselves stressed with anxiety, having trouble sleeping, finding their relationships at home and work strained, and truly not sure where to begin to start making sense out of all of it.

Also realising that if we continue down this path we will begin to break down our immune systems and begin to see many ailments appear in our bodies. People’s lives are as varied as types of flowers, but some things are constant.

We all need the time to reflect and settle our minds so that we can stop reacting to what is occurring around us, and begin to make better choices that improve our lives. There often does not seem to be enough time to even consider the options, but there is when you claim it for yourself.

A healer in Lexington, Kentucky, Patricia Corbett, once said to me, “YOU ALWAYS HAVE CHOICE.” It is not a new concept or thought but has never left my consciousness since the day she said it.

If overwhelm has consumed you or you are just needing some personal time there is a way to buy back your relaxation and create restful mindfulness. Something that begins to refuel your energy, hope, and desire to continue creating your life the way you wish to see it.

The simple process of buying back time starts with creating healthy choices for your life. We all know that a healthy diet, good and regular exercise, meaningful communication, restful sleep, and feeling supported lead to a better life. We need and want these things that occur on a physical level, but there is still the time we need for self. Many of us focus on what we produce for others or work.

"You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again."
Bonnie Prudden

When does anyone stop us and ask what have you produced for yourself? By choosing to give back to self, and claiming the process without guilt will help you buy back time; allowing you to focus better and live longer.

If you have never looked at how a spa or swim spa can change your life, it might be time. Spas are just one way to buy back time, and we will explore many others in this blog. I have long known the benefits of creating a ritual, if even for a few minutes; of how taking a relaxing moment in your spa can heal many things on many levels.

I will be explaining on this blog many aspects of health and how spas and swim spas can benefit your health from regular spa therapy. The blog is not just about spas, but also about treating the human condition on many levels. Remember we were born in water. Its properties can help heal the mind, body, and soul. It is my intent to share thoughts that will help you create better health. See you soon.

Closing thought from Bonnie Prudden, Myotherapy: “You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again.”

Be Well and Choose Happiness. Dr Kyle Neely

DISCLAIMER: The advice given in the blogs is about creating new ideas and possibilities that people might not have thought of for helping themselves. Some of the ideas are from recent or past research, some are from helping patients find solutions in clinical settings, and some are things that have worked for several patients. The main point is that we are not diagnosing your condition, its level, the many symptoms and issues that can come with any disorder, and making direct recommendations to your specific condition. These ideas are meant to spark ideas that you can discuss with your health practitioner and get direct advice on your specific condition. This gives you the greatest level of protection and knowing that if you take the ideas and put them into practice that they will not harm you in any way.

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