Poppit® Spa Sanitiser Review (Pros and Cons, Where to buy) 2024

Are you looking for an effective spa sanitiser other than chlorine? Then consider Poppit® Spa Sanitiser, a perfect alternative that uses hydrogen peroxide to treat spa water.

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For more than two decades, Poppit® (also known as Spa Poppits) has been the go-to choice for chlorine-free spa treatments in Australia.

In this article,we'll take a closer look at what makes Poppit® such a popular choice for spa owners, and explore some of the benefits of choosing a chlorine-free approach to spa maintenance.

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What is the Poppit® Spa Sanitising System?

The Poppit® (Also known as "Spa Poppits") Chlorine-free spa treatment has been around for over 20 years and is the gold standard for a chlorine-free spa treatment in Australia.

One of the major requirements in using a spa pool or swim spa is to keep the water clear, clean, and safe. You don't want to get sick because of germs and contaminants. Chlorine sanitiser would still be one of the most effective, affordable, and low-maintenance water treatment options available in the market today.

Side effects are extremely rare when you use chlorine in pools or spas, but, as with any chemical, excessive use can negatively affect some people. Some individuals might experience eye irritation, skin irritation, and aggravation of respiratory problems such as asthma.

So, if you're searching for an alternative to chlorine, Poppit® Spa Sanitiser, is a good option for you, as it uses hydrogen peroxide to disinfect and sanitiser the water in your spa.

In this article, we will review Poppit® Spa Sanitiser and discuss its features, pricing, and the pros and cons of using this product.

What are the health benefits of Poppit® spa sanitiser?

Poppit® spa sanitiser is “The Healthy Alternative”, a chlorine-free and bromine-free system for people concerned about asthma, sensitive skin and the environment.

The incidence of asthma is growing at an alarming rate. It is reported that in Australia, 2 in 5 school-age children now suffer from Asthma. People with allergies also account for 40% of the population.

These days, most progressive households use allergy-free pillows and use non-residual room deodorants – but what about spas and swim spas? A number of people become allergic to spa chlorine and bromine and can no longer use their spas. For these people, the spa Poppit® system is a welcome alternative.

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How effective is the Poppit® spa sanitiser?

Spa Poppits® has another benefit in that it is pH neutral. Spa Chlorine and Bromine by their very nature raise the pH level in the water as they work. Spa Poppits® does not. This makes keeping your spa in balance easier and can result in less maintenance to your water balance.

Additionally Spa Chlorine and Bromine usually have fillers in them which add to the total dissolved solids in your spa and impact water clarity.

Spa Poppits® does not have any fillers, it is simply a blend of hydrogen peroxide and water. When it has finished sanitising your spa water and oxidising organic matter in your spa, it returns to water and oxygen.

How much does the Poppit® system cost?

Poppits costs about $70 for a 5L container of sanitiser, which is enough for most portable spas.

There is also an alternative option with a higher concentration at a lower price - $60 for 5L.

You can also purchase a 20L container of hydrogen peroxide which is an equivalent product to Poppits and a perfect choice for swim spa owners with larger water volume.

What Are The Pros of Spa Poppits®?

Better for those with sensitivities to chlorine or respiratory issues. Poppit® Spa Sanitiser is free from chlorine and bromine, making it ideal for those who suffer from asthma and sensitive skin.

In Australia, the incidence of asthma is growing at an alarming rate. According to the government, asthma affects about 2 in 5 school-aged children in the country. Also, people with allergies account for 40% of the population.

Several people experience allergies from using spa chlorine and bromine. If you're one of these people, the Poppit® Spa Sanitiser is an excellent alternative.

Softer on skin

While chlorine can cause a drying sensation on the skin, hydrogen peroxide does the opposite. That's because its composition and how it interacts with water make it a wonderful skin-softening agent. You can even skip bathing or showering after using the spa.

No odour

Once added in the right amount, hydrogen peroxide is harmless and does not give off foul-smelling fumes.

Does not affect water pH

One benefit of Poppit® Spa Sanitiser is that it is pH neutral. Chlorine and Bromine, on the other hand, lower the pH level in the water, making it more acidic. As a result, you will need to constantly test and balance your water. With Spa Poppits, there's less of a need to adjust your water balance, and thus it reduces the maintenance requirements of a spa.

No added fillers that can affect water quality

Chlorine and Bromine often contain fillers like calcium, which increase their overall content of dissolved solids in the water which in turn affects the water clarity. With Poppit® Spa Sanitiser, this will not happen.

Increase water oxygen level

Despite being a chemical, hydrogen peroxide has the amazing ability to break down into water and oxygen, which has been proven by several studies. When added to water, the substance breaks down after it has finished sanitising, increasing the amount of oxygen in the water.

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What are the disadvantages of Poppit® spa sanitiser?

The Poppit® system does have a few downsides that you should be aware of.

More expensive

Only certain companies can ship hydrogen peroxide, and they have to employ special handling methods. As a result, it is more expensive to handle, thus, products using hydrogen peroxide can be more pricey.

More maintenance

May require more intensive maintenance than chlorine to maintain water quality. In general, hydrogen peroxide is a very good spa sanitiser, but it requires more effort to maintain the quality of your water. Clarity of water can be difficult to restore if you miss just a few days in your sanitising regimen. If not used enough, algae and phosphates can build up more easily.

You'll need to be committed to regular maintenance in your spa water to keep your water clear and clean. If you feel like you might be too busy to commit to this, chlorine is a better choice.

Hazardous for handling and storing

ou should always handle hydrogen peroxide for spa-sanitisation carefully, taking appropriate precautions and wearing PPE equipment including mask, gloves, eye protection, and protective clothing. Its high concentration makes it caustic to the skin. However, it’s safe for water sanitation.

Hydrogen peroxide should be kept in a cool, dry place and away from flammable objects. If left too close to other chemicals, it could cause a minor explosion. It is recommended to store it in a refrigerator if the ambient temperature outside exceeds 75 degrees fahrenheit or 24 degrees celsius.

Toxic and corrosive when undiluted

Hydrogen peroxide used for spa is extremely corrosive and toxic at a concentration between 15% - 19%. Make sure that you label it correctly, and that children aren’t exposed to it. Allow 30-40 minutes after adding before entering the spa.

Requires careful handling and storage

The concentrated hydrogen peroxide component requires careful handling with protective equipment including gloves, goggles. You also need to store it in a cool dry place away from other chemicals.


Because the Poppit® spa sanitiser is classed as dangerous goods for shipping, it takes longer to be delivered and can be harder to obtain at busy times of the year, particularly around November and January. You should plan ahead and make sure you stock up to avoid running out during this time of year.

What Is The Correct Name? Is it Poppits or Poppit®?

It is commonly called ‘Poppits’; however, the correct brand name is Poppit® Spa Sanitiser.

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How Do I Use ‘Poppits’ In My Spa Pool? (Directions, Dosage and More)

When your new spa has been shipped from the manufacturer, dirt, dust, and plastic residue can exist on it. Therefore, it's very important to cleanse it before using it.

This can be done by filling the spa with water, taking out the filters, adding 50 ml of Poppit® Spa Pipe Degreaser and circulating it through the pipes. After doing this for 30–60 minutes, you'll want to drain the spa water, wipe it out, and then dry the inside with a clean towel. Then follow these instructions for initial treatment using Poppit® Spa Sanitiser.

  • Use a chlorine-free shock (60 g per 1000 litres of water) to clear the water before adding Poppit® Spa Sanitiser.
  • Determine Calcium Hardness, pH, and alkalinity level by using test strips. They should be adjusted at the following range to balance the water; Calcium Hardness (100-200ppm), pH 7.2-7.6, and total Alkalinity (60-200ppm).
  • Adjust the heat to the desired temperature (26°C-36°C). Then add 1 litre of Poppit® Spa Sanitiser per 1000L of spa water.

How Do I Change My Spa Pool From Chlorine to Poppits?

If your spa water has been sitting around for over two months, it is recommended that you change the water. However, if it's not possible, follow these instructions carefully when switching from chlorine to Poppit® Spa Sanitiser.

Clear the water

Since water supplied by water authorities contains chlorine, you need to remove it first. Use a chlorine-free shock (60 grams per 1000 litres of spa water) and filter for 4 hours. After this step, chlorine and other unnecessary organic matter will oxidise in the water.

Balance the water

Check the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels of the water using test strips. Adjust the pH between 7.4 and 7.6. This range can make people with sensitive skin feel comfortable. Total alkalinity should be adjusted between 80 and 120 pp. To increase or decrease these levels, you may use Poppit® Water Balance or Poppit® pH Decreaser.

Too much calcium on spa water can cause cloudy water, damages to a pool's equipment, and difficulty in maintaining pH level. That is why you need to adjust the calcium hardness to its ideal level between 100 and 200 ppm.

Sanitise the water

After you clear and balance the spa water, sanitise it by using Poppit® Spa Sanitiser at 1 litre per 1000L of spa water.

What Is Poppits® Water Balance?

Poppit® Spa Pool Water Balance is designed to help keep your spa water balanced. It is also used to protect your spa equipment, while allowing the use of bactericides to work at full potential. In addition, it raises the pH and alkalinity of spa water.

Where Can I Buy Spa ‘Poppits’ Products?

You can find a wide range of Poppit® products at spastore.com.au

In Summary

The Poppit® spa sanitiser system offers an alternative choice for those who want to move away from a chlorine or bromine system. It has been endorsed by the Asthma foundation as an excellent choice for those with respiratory issues. It is also gentler on sensitive skin and safer for the environment.

It does have a few downsides to be aware of - it's more expensive and requires more maintenance to keep your spa water clear. In addition, as it is classed as dangerous goods for shipping it can take longer to arrive and be harder to obtain at certain times of the year when couriers are busy.

Now you understand some of the benefits of the Poppit® system you can decide for yourself if it is right for you.

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