SpaNet® Spa Pool pump review: Pros, Cons Pricing and more

Looking for a comprehensive review of SpaNet® Spa Pool pump? Our review covers everything from the pros and cons to pricing, performance, and durability. This article can help youmake an informed decision on whether this pump is right for your needs.

In this article, you'll learn:

Please note: This article is intended for spa pool owners seeking a replacement spa pool pump. It’s not meant to be a comprehensive guide on replacing or installing spa pool pumps. Installation of electrical and plumbing components should be done by professionals.

What is a spa pool pump and how does it work?

Before we discuss the details of the four top spa pool pump models, let's define what a spa pool pump is. A spa pool pump creates the flow of water within the spa pool. The pump transports the water through the filter and the heater.

A spa pool pump is operated by an electric motor that drives a shaft - this in turn drives an impeller. The impeller sucks water in the inlet and forces it through the outlet - creating the movement of water in your spa which is necessary for everything to operate correctly.

There are two main sections to most spa pool pumps - the wet end and the dry end. The ‘wet end‘ contains the impeller and this side of the pump has water flowing through it. The ‘dry end’ is a sealed chamber that contains the electric motor and any electrical components for controlling the pump - if water gets into the dry end of the pump, this can cause an electrical short, causing intermittent faults or tripping your circuit breaker.

Let’s get into reviewing the top 4 SpaNet® pumps. We’ll look at two circulation pumps and two boost pumps.

A Circulation Pump circulates the water in your spa - providing filtration, heating and even distribution of your sanitiser throughout your water.

A Boost Pump increases the pressure of water that flows through your jets - these are generally used more in larger spas and swim spas. Smaller spas have ample pressure from a single circulation pump.

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SpaNet® XS-3C Circulation Pump XS-3C Review

The XS Series of pumps from SpaNet® are some of the most commonly used circulation pumps in the Australian and New Zealand spa industry.

SpaNet® XS-3C Circulation Pump XS-3C Features

  • 0.35 horsepower
  • maximum flow is170 (L/min)
  • 220-240V AC / 1PH / 50hz (Power Supply)
  • 1.6A (rated amperage)
  • 2900 (RPM)
  • 250W

How much does the SpaNet® XS-3C spa circulation pump cost?

The SpaNet® XS-3C retails for $399.57

SpaNet® XS-3C Pros

Here are the pros of the SpaNet® XS-3C circulation pump:

  • The model is designed to be very quiet that so it won’t disturb when running in the middle of the night
  • It comes with a AMP plug power cordset connection
  • It has Union Fittings 40mm (48.5mm ID)
  • Connects to all XS and SV series spa controllers
  • Slightly lower price point

SpaNet® XS-3C Cons

  • Lower energy efficiency than some other models
  • The Unions are not included in the model.
  • Build quality slightly lower than Smartflo series

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SpaNet® JetMaster XS-30 2.5Hp Spa Pool Boost Pump Review

The SpaNet® JetMaster XS-30 2.5 Hp is a versatile single-speed boost pump with a high flow rate of 670 litres per minute. It is rugged, reliable and used in many popular Australian spa brands including Sapphire®, Monarch®, Vortex® and many others.

It is designed to operate quietly so even though it delivers impressive power, it does not generate too much noise.

SpaNet® JetMaster XS-30 2.5Hp Spa Pool Boost Pump Specifications

  • 2.5 horsepower
  • The maximum flow is 670 (L/min)
  • 220-240V AC / 1PH / 50hz (Power Supply)
  • 9.0 A (rated amperage)
  • 2900 (RPM)
  • 1850W

How much does the SpaNet® XS-30 spa boost pump cost?

The SpaNet® XS-30 retails for $499.

SpaNet® JetMaster XS-30 2.5Hp Pros

  • Grunty 2.5 Hp output delivers a high flow rate for powering a large number of jets
  • The wet end can be rotated to suit various applications
  • Quiet operation despite delivering 2.5 Hp
  • It comes with 50mm unions.
  • Interfaces perfectly with SpaNet® XS and SV controllers found in many Australian spas.
  • AMP plug connection compatible with many common spa controllers

SpaNet® JetMaster XS-30 2.5Hp Cons

  • Not as efficient as some other models such as the SpaNet® Smartflo range
  • Lower quality construction and mechanical seal than other models
  • The 15Kg shipping weight of the item makes it unwieldy.

SpaNet® SmartFlo SC05 Spa Circulation Pump Review

The SpaNet® SmartFlo SC05 Spa Circulation Pump is a modern and upgraded spa pool pump from SpaNet®. It is used on Vortex™ spa models post 2018. Other brands, such as Arcadia Spas®, Banff® and Lifestyle® have used this model on their spa pools post 2018.

The SmartFlo SC05 circ pump uses the modern SmartFlo wet end technology, which provides higher water flow rate without adding to the power consumption.

SpaNet® SmartFlo SC05 Spa Circulation Pump Specifications

  • 0.4 horsepower
  • The maximum flow is 220 (L/min)
  • 220-240V AC (Power Supply)
  • 1.5 A (rated amperage)
  • 2850 (RPM)
  • 0.35kW

How much does the SpaNet® SC-05 pump cost?

The SpaNet® SC-05 retails for $395.

SpaNet® SmartFlo SC05 Pros

  • Uses the SmartFlo wet end technology to increase water flow without increasing power consumption.
  • More energy-efficient operation
  • Runs at a slightly lower RPM than the XS series providing quieter operation
  • The thread on a SmartFlo pump is easy to tighten by hand due to the split lock nut design.
  • Fittings, couplings and tailpieces are included, making it easy to retrofit in a variety of applications

SpaNet® SmartFlo SC05 Cons

  • Cannot be used in older model spa pools with older controllers
  • A non-standard plumbing system may result in the need for re-plumbing if replacing in future.

SpaNet® SmartFlo Boost Pump 2.5HP SB25 Review

The SpaNet® SmartFlo Boost Pump 2.5HP uses the SmartFlo wet end technology, allowing for greater water flow volume without the added energy cost. It uses high-quality mechanical seals, and PPO impellers - meaning it will last longer than some other models.

SpaNet® SmartFlo Boost Pump 2.5HP SB25 Specifications

The following are some of the SpaNet® SmartFlo Boost Pump 2.5HP technical specifications:

  • 2.5 horsepower
  • Maximum flow is 760 (L/min)
  • 220-240V AC (Power Supply)
  • 8.6 A (rated amperage)
  • 2850 (RPM)
  • 1.85kW

How much does the SpaNet® XS-30 spa boost pump cost?

The SpaNet® XS-30 retails for $599

SpaNet® SmartFlo Boost Pump 2.5HP SB25 Pros

  • This model has a better wet seal compared to other spa pool pumps.
  • The thread on a SMARTFLO pump is easy to tighten by hand because of its split lock nut design.
  • More efficient operation with SmartFlo wet end technology which increases water flow without significant increase in power consumption.
  • Standard AMP connection can be connected easily to many popular spa controllers including SpaNet® SV and XS series.

SpaNet® SmartFlo Boost Pump 2.5HP SB25 Cons

  • The SpaNet® SmartFlo Boost Pump 2.5HP is costlier compared to older models.
  • With a shipping weight of 15.0Kg, the pump is quite heavy.
  • It is only used on late-model spa pools.

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Spa Pool Pump FAQ

Now that we have covered the details of the top four choices of spa pool pumps that are available, it’s time to look into the common questions asked about these components.

Why do I need a spa pool pump?

You need a spa pool pump because it is needed to circulate the water through your plumbing system for filtration, heating and sanitisation. The pump also provides water flow to run the jets in your spa.

What is the difference between a circulation pump and a boost pump?

You might get confused with all the pump types in your spa pool. The most common pump types are the circulation pump and the boost or booster pump.

As the name suggests, a circulation pump circulates the spa pool water to push it through the filter or the heater.

A booster pump, on the other hand, will increase the pressure of the water going through the jets.

What size spa pool pump do I need?

The size of the spa pool pump will depend on the size of your spa pool. Get a pump too small or weak for your spa pool, and the water might not get heated or cleaned adequately. A pump that’s too powerful for your spa pool will mean unnecessary power consumption.

You need to get the volume of your spa, for example, the Titanium™ Spa holds 1,990Ltr. You can divide that number by 60 since most of the pumps are rated by the amount of water they can pump per minute. Using that calculation, you can see that all of the pumps listed here can circulate the water in your spa pool adequately.

How much does it cost to install a new spa pool pump?

Because the spa pool pumps have electrical and plumbing connections, you need to hire a professional to have it installed. Rates of electricians vary, and not all will install spa pool pumps. You can expect an average rate of $80-$110 per hour.

Can you use a swimming pool pump for a spa?

Modern spa pool pumps are specifically designed for use in spa pools only. Using a swimming pool pump on your spa pool can cause issues in the long run as they are not designed for the warmer water temperatures or chemical conditions found in a spa.

How long do spa pumps last?

Spa pool pumps can last from five to 10 years. But if properly maintained and the water used in well-balanced, the life span of the spa pool pump can be extended significantly.

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In Summary

The spa pool pump is essential in completing your spa pool experience. The details listed here might be technical, but it’s worth going through them to determine which circulation pump you should use on your spa pool.

With 35 years of experience in the industry, we’re confident in our knowledge of spas, swim spas, and saunas, and we would like to share that with you. Our confidence in our products is such that we offer a ‘no-risk’, 60-day money-back guarantee.

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