Top 5 Spa Accessories for a Spa Pool Party at Home

Wondering how you can make your spa pool experience more fun and entertaining for your next spa pool party? Read this article to learn about the top five entertaining spa pool accessories you should have to level up your home parties.

Spa pools are a great way to relax, rejuvenate, and unwind. But there's a whole new level of fun that comes with a spa too! You can elevate your soak even further by adding some spa pool entertaining accessories.

If you’re looking for accessories for your next spa pool party, this article will show you our top five picks that can take your spa experience to the next level, including their benefits, features, and where you can buy them.

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What is an outdoor shower?

An outdoor shower is a free-standing upright structure with a shower head at the top and a mixer halfway up the structure for controlling water flow and temperature.

Outdoor solar showers have a hollow water chamber inside which is heated by the sun, providing warm water. Other types are cold water only. Some outdoor showers can be connected to mains or household plumbing for their water source, while others can be connected to a standard garden hose.

An outdoor shower is an ideal addition to your outdoor space, particularly if you own a spa. It is an easy way to remove dirt, bacteria, and oils from your body before entering your spa. Thus, helping to keep your spa water clean and clear. It is also a great way to rinse your body after soaking in your spa.

Where should an outdoor shower be mounted?

If you are planning to plumb your outdoor shower into your mains plumbing, then it is important to place the shower as close to your house as possible.

This will also help you save money on plumbing. If you're going to use a garden hose as a water source you can place it wherever you like.

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How big should an outdoor shower area be?

If all you need from an outdoor shower is a quick rinse before and after using your spa, the shower area can be as small as 1-metre square. But if you want to include a dressing area, storage shelves, and other features, you might opt for an area of around 2-3 square metres.

How high should an outdoor shower be?

The typical height that many outdoor shower manufacturers opt for is 2 metres, but you can find a shower that is higher or shorter than that.

What is the draining system of an outdoor shower?

You don’t necessarily need a drain if your outdoor shower isn’t permanently installed.

It's a good idea to put your shower in an area that can easily accommodate water run-off. Your other options are building a small wooden deck area or placing the shower in a spot where the water flows away into a garden area.

How to clean an outdoor shower?

To prevent mould, fungi, and other unpleasantries from forming on the unit while it’s not in use, perform a thorough cleanup before you call it a day. Scrub the base, around the fixtures, the showerhead, and any other crevice that could be problematic.

How much does it cost to put up an outdoor shower?

The cost of purchasing an outdoor shower can range from $299 up to $2,000. Installation can range from $0 - $1,500 depending if you can do the work yourself or if a registered plumber is required.

What is a solar outdoor shower?

A solar shower is a type of outdoor shower that uses the heat from the sun to warm up the water inside a reservoir. You can mix in cold water to get your desired temperature when it gets too hot.

Most solar showers don't need expensive plumbing. All you need is to connect your garden hose to the shower. Once you've filled the chamber, the warmth of the sun will heat the water. Solar showers generally take around 3-4 hours to heat using direct summer sunlight. However, this varies depending on factors such as the base temperature of water and exposure to wind.

When you’re ready to take a shower, turn on the garden hose to get cold water in and then use the mixer to adjust your desired temperature.

One of the best examples of this product is the Poolstar 35L Solar Shower with Foot Shower. It costs as little as $299 and has a PVC 2-piece body and comes with a foot wash outlet.

What are the benefits of showering before I spa?

A shower helps to keep your spa pool water hygienic by removing dirt and oils from bodies before entering the spa.

How do you use a solar shower?

  • Follow the installation instructions in the user manual.
  • Using the available screws, mount the shower to a concrete pad or timber deck. Make sure that the area is within the reach of your garden hose.
  • Connect the hose to your shower.
  • Turn on the mixer, allowing the shower to fill with water. The filling is complete once the water comes out of the shower head.
  • Turn off the mixer and the garden hose, but don't disconnect the hose from the shower inlet or your garden tap.
  • Allow for 3-6 hours of heating time
  • Turn the Garden hose back on before use.
  • Test the water temperature before showering. To adjust the temperature, you may use the mixer to blend in cold water from your garden hose.

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What are waterproof playing cards?

These are gaming cards that are usually made of flexible plastic materials, making them 100% waterproof. They often come in transparent design, are tear-proof, and with a waterproof protective case. Suited for wet and humid situations, they can raise the stakes of your spa party to the next level!

Kids playing with sticky fingers will also get a lot of enjoyment from these cards.

What are the benefits of waterproof playing cards?

Playing cards can improve your mental health. They can relieve stress, encourage socialization, and help the mind stay sharp and active.

Having these accessories can also make your spa experience more lively as you enjoy your evening with your family and friends. A card game in the spa is a great way to pass the time and have fun.

You can play with them for hours without worrying about ruining the cards! Unlike paper playing cards, these cards are very durable, tear-proof, scratch resistant, waterproof, and won't fade, so they are great for the pool and spa. They are also easy to shuffle.

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How to clean waterproof playing cards?

Since they are made up of plastic materials, cleaning them is so easy. You can wash them under running water or simply wipe them off using a damp cloth.

What are unbreakable glasses/drinkware?

Unbreakable wine glasses are made from materials (polycarbonate plastic, stainless steel, or copper) that are less fragile than glass.

It is important to know that broken glass in a spa pool is a safety hazard and can damage spa components. If you break a glass in a spa pool, you need to turn it off immediately, empty it completely, and carefully remove every fragment of glass from the bottom. If any glass gets into the plumbing system it can severely damage the components.

This is why there is unbreakable drinkware that is designed specifically for spa pools, such as this wine glass pair. They are made from clear, high-quality food-grade material and look very similar to the ones made out of glass. They are also shatterproof, so they can withstand being dropped or tipped over.

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What are the most common materials used to make unbreakable glasses?

  • Plastic. They are strong, portable, and lightweight. Usually, they are also easier to handle than glass or crystal.
  • Stainless Steel. These are resistant to oxidation because of their unique composition. Stainless steel also keeps wine cooler for a longer period than plastic or glass-made drinkware.
  • Copper. These glasses are eye-catching because of their reddish tone and go well with industrial or vintage decor and events with a medieval theme.

What are the pros of unbreakable glasses/drinkware?

They don't shatter. To prevent accidents, you should know that shattered glass in a spa pool can cause not only possible injuries to users but also serious damage to the spa's plumbing and components.

Broken glass pieces in the spa require immediate attention. The spa needs to be emptied and thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise, broken glass fragments can get into plumbing and spa components, potentially requiring expensive maintenance or repairs.

This is why it is important to use unbreakable drinkware when in the spa. You won't have to worry if they fall over and accidents can be avoided. However, keep in mind that most of this drinkware is not completely indestructible if treated roughly, but the chances of breakage are much lower.

They are kid-safe. If you are hosting a spa party with kids around, you will have fewer worries about a glass being accidentally dropped and shattered.

You can rely on plastic wine glasses to keep your pool fun and safe even when there are kids running around. They can withstand almost any mishaps that occur during a party. Whether they accidentally drop on the ground or fall in the spa.

They are dishwasher-safe. Unlike regular glass, which can break easily while cleaning, plastic, stainless steel, and copper-made drinkware are safe in your dishwasher.

What is a floating spa drinks bar?

It is an inflatable spa bar tray that has compartments and holders for snacks and beverages. It can float in your spa so you can conveniently reach drinks and snacks. Regardless of weight distribution, it is very stable to avoid tipping over.

What are the benefits of a floating spa drinks bar?

You might already know how inconvenient it is to constantly go to the kitchen when you're hosting a spa pool party. You have to keep going in and out to pick up drinks and snacks for yourself or your guests.

You can easily avoid this hassle by having a floating spa drinks bar. It's a great tool that will allow you to stock up on everything you need for the rest of the party so you won't have to worry about running out of drinks or snacks. You don’t have to keep climbing out of the spa to get a drink or a snack. Or if you need to refill, it would not be as frequent.

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What is an ambience lantern?

It is a rechargeable LED light that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is also portable and you can easily carry and move it to different locations.

What is the benefit of an ambience lantern?

To make your spa experience a relaxing one, the right type of light source is crucial. Powerful, bright lights can easily detract from the ambience of your setting.

Ambient lanterns, on the other hand, offer a cozy, soft, and warm light that can change the atmosphere, making your spa pool environment more relaxing and serene.

Where can I buy spa entertainment accessories?

You can find a wide range of spa entertainment accessories at

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In Summary

In this article, we learned the top 5 spa accessories you should buy to level up your spa party experience. Having these accessories whenever you’re hosting a pool party or just chilling with your family in the spa is a very great idea. They are practical and perfect for your spa moments, family day, and spa parties.

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