Top 5 Spa Safety Accessories You Should Buy for Your Spa Pool

Wondering how you can make your spa pool experience enjoyable and, at the same time, safe? This article will show you the top five spa pool safety accessories that can help you avoid putting yourself and others at risk. We will also discuss their benefits, features, and where you can buy them.

Spa pools are fun and relaxing, but keep in mind that they come up with certain responsibilities. You need to ensure that when using them; you not only enjoy them but also keep both yourself and others safe.

In this article, we'll look at the top five accessories that can be a great additional safety feature to your spa pool. They are:

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What Are Spa Steps?

Steps are great accessories to your spa so you can easily access in and out of it and are particularly useful for the elderly or children who use the spa regularly. You can pick from the many styles based on the height of the step, its weight capacity, and any additional features like non-slip surfaces, internal storage or handrails.

What Are the Benefits of Spa Steps?

There are several reasons you should buy spa steps, including:

  • Elderly and children can easily access the spa.
  • The non-slip platform on most spa steps provides a secure footing for wet feet.
  • You don't have to worry about entering the spa while carrying something.
  • They are built with long-lasting materials with some models having a weight capacity of up to 170kg.
  • Spa steps are affordable and easy to install.
  • Can be used as a seat.

What Are the Different Types of Spa Steps?

There are lots of different types of spa steps available so that you can choose the kind that suits your needs the best.

  • Standard spa steps for portable spas (2 tier). These are the simplest and most affordable types of spa steps, which are usually made from metal or plastic.
  • Swim spa steps (3 tier and 4 tier). If you have a swim spa it will most likely have a higher side, so you'll need 3 or 4 tier steps to reach up to a suitable height so you can easily get in and out.
  • Steps with an integrated handrail. Some larger steps (3 tier and 4 tier) have the ability to add an optional handrail. You might use these if you find it difficult to get into or out of the tub, or if you want some additional support when you use the stairs. This is particularly helpful for elderly people or those with physical disabilities.
  • Steps with storage. This type is a great option for an in-ground spa since it offers storage space for your spa supplies and other items like towels and cleaning products that you want to be kept out of the water.

What Are the Things to Consider When Buying Spa Steps?

Before you buy your spa steps, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These are what they are:

  • The number of steps. Consider the size of your spa and how many steps would be required for easy and safe access. It is always a good idea to verify dimensions first because the number of steps you select depends on the height of your spa.
  • The assembly process. Before you buy your spa steps, it's important to know how many pieces there are and if there are good assembly instructions available. This can help to avoid any assembly-related problems. Some can be easily assembled and put into place, while others have a more complex assembly process.
  • The compatibility. Make sure your steps and spa are compatible with each other. Freestanding steps can be typically installed anywhere near the edge of a square or rectangular spa. However, it is difficult to find compatible steps for a rounded spa. You should also consider the materials used and your budget for buying these.
  • The aesthetics. When you're having parties and guests, the appearance of a spa is crucial. Make sure your steps visually match your spa.
  • The durability. Choose steps that are solid, sturdy, well-built, and long-lasting. Always check for product reviews before making a purchase to see if other buyers have encountered any issues with durability.
  • The location. If you live in an area with lots of humidity or salt in the air, be sure to choose a material that will not rot or rust. An aluminium frame and composite step material are a better choice than mild steel or timber. Stainless steel is another option but this is often a more expensive material.

What Is a Spa Handrail?

A spa handrail is a device used as a support and designed to be grasped by a person for steadying or resting while getting in and out of the spa. Typically found inside or near spa exits or a part of steps. They are usually made up of aluminium or stainless steel.

spa handrail

What Is the Benefit of a Spa Handrail?

Installing handrails is another safety improvement you can make to your spa to provide more security and stability for people of all ages getting in and out of the spa.

Wet feet can create a risk of slipping and falling which could lead to physical injuries, regardless of your age. A handrail is an excellent safety feature. Although some new spa models come with built-in railings, consider installing them if yours doesn't so you can guarantee the safety and comfort of everyone using your spa.

You may also use your spa securely at night if you install a handrail with a battery-operated LED light.

What Is a Spa Pool Cover Lifter?

A spa cover lifter, also known as a spa cover remover or spa lid lifter, makes it simple and effortless to remove and replace your spa cover, which is usually heavy. The cover lifter not only makes it simpler to open and close your spa, but also can lengthen the life of your cover and reduce wear and tear.

A spa cover lifter also relieves you of the burden of carrying the cover. Many people don't have the strength to lift the spa cover without help, or some have back or knee issues. So this product is the ideal choice for them because it makes lifting the cover a much simpler task.

Spa Cover Lifter

Why Should I Buy a Spa Cover Lifter?

Here are the two main reasons you should install a spa cover lifter.

  • It protects your spa cover. The spa cover lifter protects the cover and increases its lifespan. How? It allows you to quickly flip the spa cover off the top of your spa and neatly tuck it to the side rather than clumsily dragging it off and dropping it on the ground.
  • It helps to remove and replace the cover easily. One of the most important functions of a spa cover lifter is to assist you in lifting the spa cover. It relieves the stress on your back and knees by reducing the weight you have to lift. Older people may find it more difficult to move a spa cover because they are bulky and unwieldy and can weigh up to 10 kg per panel.

What Are the Types of Spa Cover Lifters?

The following are the types of spa cover lifters. You can choose what type you should buy depending on your preferences and needs.

  • Cabinet mounted cover lifter. The cabinet-mounted cover lifter can be used if you have a spa with a tiny space around it because this type of lifter takes up little space. With this lifter, the cover may be removed and when standing behind the spa, it offers privacy and a windbreak. The cabinet-mounted cover lifter is not suitable for all spas for it to be installed on the side of the spa. This means that the spa must have a support structure or frame behind the cabinet panels, where the cover lifter will be installed.
  • Cabinet-free cover lifter. Unlike the above-mentioned, cabinet-free cover lifters are not screwed into the cabinet. Therefore, the spa must be emptied before installing the cabinet. Instead of screwing in place, the mounting arms slide underneath the spa body, maintaining the cover lifter's upright position using the spa's weight.
  • Cover basket. The cover basket, like the cabinet free lifter, needs your spa to be empty. This is necessary to slide the base of the lifter under the spa. This cover lifter includes a hydraulic assist to help lift the cover and keeps your cover further out of the way when it's open.

What Is a CPR Sign?

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) signs must be displayed in a pool or spa area as part of standard safety precautions. It provides a quick step by step guide on how to provide CPR with simple illustrations and brief instructions.

Why Should I Buy a CPR Sign?

This is a must for you to comply with the ANZCOR Guideline 8 – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, published by the Australian Resuscitation Council under Section 8.

What Are the Things to Consider When Displaying a CPR Sign?

When displaying a CPR sign, make sure that:

It shows how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). It is displayed beside the pool or spa, or affixed to the pool safety fence. It is clearly noticeable to everyone around the pool or spa. It is at least 300 mm by 300 mm in size. It is made of weatherproof and durable material. It has a clear statement explaining what to do in an emergency (e.g. stay with the injured person, provide first aid, call triple zero (000))

What Is a Spa Booster Seat?

The purpose of a spa booster seat is to provide extra comfort and support as you sit in the spa or elevate you up higher in a spa seat that is a bit too deep for you. They are a great option for kids and smaller people with shorter torsos.

Spa Booster Seat

Why Should I Buy a Spa Booster Seat?

If you find the seat in your spa is a bit too deep and you can't sit on it without completely submerging, then a booster seat for a hot tub or spa is necessary. Whether you have short people or children around, getting a booster seat for a spa is very important. This is also recommended to use for your comfort if you find your spa seat is a bit hard.

In Summary

In this article, we discussed the top 5 spa safety accessories you should buy to make your spa experience not just enjoyable, but safe.

Surely, having a spa is a great source of fun and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean it needs to intimidate you. There are several ways to ensure that your spa does not make you feel unsafe and one of those is to buy these wonderful accessories to make your spa even more secure.

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