What are Hydroglow™ Jets Spa Light? (Benefits, features, & more)

Be dazzled by Vortex™ Spas' Hydroglow™ Jets. In this article, you'll discover how these radiant jets add a glamorous touch to your spa, creating a vibrant and inviting ambience.

Hydroglow Jets at night

The perfect spa experience involves much more than just having lights that turn on and off. It’s about creating an atmosphere that wraps you in comfort and serenity the moment you step in.

Choosing the right lighting is essential because it sets the tone, softening the space with a warm glow that invites relaxation.

One great feature you’ll find in a Vortex Spa™ is Hydroglow™ Jets.

These jets provide hydrotherapy and massage, and you can also programme them to emit different coloured light, including green, red and blue – depending on your mood or preference!

In this article, you’ll learn:

How do Hydroglow™ Jets work?

Unlike the jets in many spa brands where jets are off the shelf and shared by multiple brands, Hydroglow™ Spa Jets are designed by and are exclusive to Vortex Spas™.

These jets are specifically designed to provide a superior hydromassage and in-spa experience. Unlike most spas with LED lights only the spa shell perimeter, these jets are fully illuminated, creating a visually appealing and soothing effect.

Vortex hydroglow lights

Hydroglow jets use multi-colour LEDs that allow you to customise the ambience to match your mood. You can choose any one of the 27 colours or activate party mode for a vibrant display of all of the colours.

You also have complete control over the transition speed of its effect and its brightness adjustment.

What are the other lighting features of Vortex Spas™?

In addition to the Hydroglow™ Jets Spa Light, Vortex Spas™ provide various other lighting options. These include the following:

  • Multi-colour LED Lights
  • Cup Holder Illumination
  • Backlit Jets and Topside Control Lighting
  • Illuminated Headrest
  • Waterline Illumination
  • Illuminated Water Feature
  • Access Lighting

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Why is lighting important in a spa and a swim spa?

The lighting elements in spa pools and swim spas provide illumination during nighttime and offer many benefits.

  • Enhanced Ambience. One of the primary roles of lighting in a spa is to create a serene and calming ambience. Soft, subtle lights can make the water look inviting, providing a tranquil setting that can help alleviate stress and promote relaxation.
  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal. Well-placed lights can highlight the spa's design features, adding to its aesthetic appeal.
  • Promotes Healing through Chromotherapy. Also known as colour therapy, chromotherapy uses colour and light to balance energy wherever our bodies are lacking, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. Many spas use LED lights that can be programmed to change colours, providing potential health benefits.
  • Highlights Water Movement. Lighting can enhance the visual impact of water jets and falls, creating a captivating interplay of light and water.

Can I use Hydroglow™ Jets in any spa brand?

Hydroglow™ Jets are designed to be compatible with Vortex Spas™ only.

Where can I get Hydroglow™ Jets replacement?

As mentioned earlier, Hydroglow™ Jets are exclusively available in Vortex Spas™. If you ever require a replacement, you can contact Spa World™, the exclusive retailer of Vortex Spas™ in Australia and New Zealand.

In Summary

Hydroglow™ Jets are one of the many great features you’ll find in a Vortex Spa™.

We hope you found this article helpful in understanding Hydroglow™ Jets and what they do.

Want to see Hydroglow™ jets in action? Visit your nearest showroom, where you can go into one of our dark rooms and see how they work and look.

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