What are the best spa steps? (How to choose, reviews, pricing)

Discover the top spa steps for your hot tub with our detailed guide. Read reviews, compare pricing, and learn how to choose the best steps for your needs.

Investing in solid, sturdy spa steps can make your spa even more enjoyable so you can enjoy a relaxing soak without the gymnastics!

In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about the different types of spa steps and swim spa steps so you can choose the best ones to suit your needs.

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What should I look for in spa steps?

Spa steps can make your spa experience much more enjoyable. If you're not as agile as you used to be, then clambering over the side of the spa can be a challenge and a safety hazard!

Spa steps make it easy and safe to get in and out of the spa. Here are a few key things to look for when choosing spa steps:

1. Durability

Make sure that the steps you are purchasing are of high-quality construction so they will stand the test of time. They should use a UV stabilised material to reduce the likelihood of damage from the sun's rays. Metal frames should be made from durable aluminium or stainless steel to minimise corrosion with exposure to moisture.

2. Safety & Stability

Make sure the steps have a non-slip tread on them so they provide a good grip even when they are wet. Some form of support or handrail is a good idea for higher steps (like three-tier or four-tier steps used on a swim spa). Ensure your steps are made from a material that won't warp or twist - some cheaper plastic steps may warp with prolonged exposure to the elements. To help reduce the impact of this, store plastic steps out of direct sunlight when not in use.

3. Strength

Ensure that the steps you choose are strong enough to handle the weight of the heaviest adult in your family or friend circle!

4. Size

Make sure the steps are the right size for your spa. They should have a decent width of at least 700-800mm to ensure they provide a safe and sturdy footing.

5. Price

Don't overspend your budget on spa steps - you can find quality steps for a reasonable price.

6. Style

Choose steps that will match the style of your spa and patio area. There is a range of colours available in many models of steps including espresso, teak, mocha, redwood, grey and charcoal.

7. Shape

There are steps available to suit both a curve-sided spa and a straight spa. Make sure you select steps that will sit right up close to the side of your spa.

8. Portability

If you want to move your steps around, look for more lightweight compact options. Some spa steps weigh as little as 5-10kg (6-12lbs), so they are easy to move around. Storing your steps under cover or inside when not in use will extend their life.

9. Easy to assemble

Look for spa steps that come with detailed assembly instructions, or even better - a video on how to assemble.

10. Warranty

Make sure to get a warranty on your steps in case something goes wrong. Most spa steps have at least a 1-year warranty.

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What are the best spa and hot tub steps?

This depends on your application, but here are our top three picks for the best spa steps available.

1. Lightweight Moulded 2-tier spa steps. (Best Value)

The 2 tier moulded resin spa steps are a lightweight and affordable option that will suit most portable spa pools. Their simple design is elegant and works with many different styles of spa pools. They are a breeze to assemble and super easy to maneuver, weighing in at only 5kg.

They have UV protection which helps protect the structure and maintain the colour when exposed to sunlight. Because these steps are so easy to move around it is recommended to store them under cover or out of the weather elements when not in use.

These 2 tier moulded resin steps are priced at a very affordable $199.

2. Heavy-duty aluminium 2 tier spa steps (Premium option for portable spas)

These aluminium 2 tier steps are a heavy-duty option for portable spas. They weigh only 9kg when assembled but can hold up to an impressive 170kg. The lightweight but sturdy design means they are portable enough to be moved around easily or stored away when not in use.

The aluminium frame and composite step construction make them resistant to corrosion, rot or mildew compared with a timber step. Plastic or resin steps can warp over time, so the composite product provides the best structural rigidity and integrity.

Assembly is quick and straight forward and these handy 2 tier spa steps.

The aluminium frame 2 tier steps are priced at $399.

Watch: Spa World™ 2 tier resin spa steps - review

3. Aluminium frame 4 tier swim spa steps (Best option for swim spas)

These aluminium 4 tier swim spa steps are the ultimate safety improvement for your swim spa. The powder-coated aluminium frame is durable, strong and resistant to corrosion. The composite step construction is designed to be strong and sturdy, also resistant to rot, cracking and corrosion. Each step has inbuilt treads providing a firm foothold.

Spa World™ 4 tier aluminum swim spa steps - review

When assembled, the 4 tier steps weigh 51kg and can hold up to 341kg.

The dimensions are 1330mm deep x 840mm Wide x 817mm High.

They are easy to assemble and are adaptable in configuration. They can be placed either parallel or perpendicular to your swim spa. Handrails are available as optional extras for the ends and sides of the steps.

How to assemble 4-tier steps for a swim spa

The 4 tier swim spa steps are priced at $999. (Handrails and other accessories are optional extras).

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What are spa steps made from?

The majority of spa steps are made with an aluminium frame or an all-weather resin or plastic which is easy to maintain. Ensure the steps that you choose are made from UV stabilised material so they will maintain their colour in all weather conditions. If you want to extend the life of your steps and avoid warping, you should store your steps out of direct sunlight when not in use.

Resin or plastic steps may warp or bow when used by heavier adults. Steps placed in direct sunlight can be more susceptible to this. Steps with a metal frame will maintain their shape and structural integrity, although they are often more expensive to purchase. Ensure metal material is either powder coated aluminium or stainless steel to prevent corrosion when exposed to water.

Do I need steps for my spa or swim spa?

Spa steps are one of the most important safety accessories for your spa. They help prevent slipping and injuries to you and your family members while entering and exiting the spa pool.

They make it easier and safer for kids and those who are less agile to enjoy relaxation and recreation in the spa without the worries of how to get in and out.

Where to buy steps for my spa pool or hot tub?

Spa Store Australia has an extensive range of spa steps to suit most spa brands including Jacuzzi®, Hotspring®, Vortex Spas®, Fisher Spas® and many other popular spa brands.

You can also find spa steps at many hardware stores and your local pool supply shop.

Ensure you choose a supplier that has great customer reviews so you can be sure you get great service and a good quality product that will stand the test of time.

How many steps do I need up to my spa?

This depends on the size of your spa. If you have a standard portable spa with sides up to around 850mm, one set of two-tier steps is usually enough. If you have a larger group of people using the spa, you could consider a second set of steps on the other side of your spa.

For a swim spa, we recommend three-tier or four-tier steps, which may also come with a handrail for extra safety.

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How high should my spa steps be?

As a general rule, your spa steps should come up to around 400-480mm (16-19 inches) below the height of your spa. This brings you to a comfortable height for easily stepping over the lip of your spa in and out of the water.

In a common portable spa pool, the height of the spa will be around 800mm (32 inches), so you should look for steps with a top step height around 350-400mm (14-16").

For a swim spa, the height of the swim spa could be around 1200mm (47"), so look for a set of stairs for your swim spa with a top step height around 800-850mm (32-34") in height.

Why are spa steps curved?

Some spa steps come with a curved back on the top step so they can be used with a circular or curved spa. The curve is designed to butt right up against the curved surface of a round spa pool.

If you have a straight-sided spa, then the top step can be flipped around so there is a straight edge at the back of the steps to place directly against the spa.

How many steps are inside a spa or hot tub?

Most portable spa pools and hot tubs don't have steps inside them as the water depth is generally only 700mm to 800mm deep. Swim spas usually have 2-3 steps inside them.

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