Why is SpaNet™ SmartStream™ the best audio and music system for my spa?

The sound of music or audio may be the final touch to making your spa the perfect place to unwind, entertain or be informed.

In this article you will learn about the SpaNet™ SmartStream™ sound system and if this quality kit could be a great upgrade for your spa.

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What is SpaNet™ SmartStream™?

SpaNet™ SmartStream™ is a stereo sound system that is purpose-built to emit quality sound from a Vortex Spa™.

Using the system’s Bluetooth and Hi-Fi and Wi-Fi module, SmartStream™ can allow you to enjoy the power of sound in many ways. For example, you can plug an audio device such as your phone or TV and use the auxiliary keypad (included with SmartStream™) to control the sound. You can also connect it to your Vortex App™ and SmartLink™ (for remote access). With its built-in bluetooth, SmartStream™ also enables you to stream music from your smart device. For example, if you like to stream music from Spotify, you can press play from your mobile phone and away you go!

Important notice: Vortex App support ceased on March 12, 2024; it may stop functioning and has been removed from app stores. Spa World advises switching to SpaNet™ SmartLink app

Is the SV SmartStream™ the best audio and music system for me and my spa?

If you’re looking for a quality upgrade for your Vortex Spa™ that provides convenience, lots of options and the ability to relax, be entertained or informed, then SmartStream™ could be the best audio and music system upgrade for you to purchase.

If you prefer to relax with natural sound, or music and audio emitting from a device further away, then SmartStream™ may not be an accessory on your priority list.

Can I stream audio, podcasts and music with SmartStream™?

Bluetooth is included in the SmartStream™ module that’s installed inside the spa cabinet. This means audio or music can be streamed using Wi-Fi.

What is included in the SmartStream™ package?

The SV SmartStream™ sound system package includes:

  • Bluetooth / Hi-Fi and Wi-Fi module
  • 150w subwoofer amplifier
  • 12v/100w transformer
  • x4 50w transducers
  • Pool-side auxiliary keypad with functions including - on/off/volume/play/pause
  • Mounting brackets

How do I control SmartStream™?

SmartStream™ can be controlled from your SmartStream™ keypad as well as your smart device. Downloading the SmartLink™ app will give you remote access to all the spa controls such as lights, jets, water temperature and filtration cycles.

Click the links below to access the SpaNet SmartLink app.


After reading this article, you should have a clearer understanding of how SmartStream™ works, the role it plays with Vortex Spas™ and if it could be well-suited upgrade for you.

If quality sound, a range of function options and ease of use appeals to you, then the SmartStream™ upgrade could be the system that takes relaxing in your spa to the next level.

How do I get SmartStream™ ready for use?

To learn how to get SmartStream™ installed, wired and ready to bring sound to your spa and surroundings, download and follow the instructions in the links below.

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