Why is the Vortex App™ the best mobile app for my Vortex Spa™?

Important notice: Vortex App support ceased on March 12, 2024; it may stop functioning and has been removed from app stores. Spa World advises switching to SpaNet™ SmartLink app – see links provided in this article.

Vortex app

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You can control and monitor your spa anywhere there is an internet connection. In this article learn about the main features and how to get the Vortex App™ ready to use with your spa or swim spa.

What does the Vortex App™ app do?

The free Vortex App™ allows you to

  • adjust and set the spa water temperature
  • turn the spa jets on and off
  • change light settings
  • select from different mood presets (a combination of lights and jets)
  • and activate holiday mode - switches the spa to a cost-saving minimum heat and clean cycle

Can the Vortex App™ save me money?

As mentioned above, switching on holiday mode will set the heat and clean cycle of your spa to a minimum. This will ensure only a necessary level of power is used to keep your spa water healthy.

Is the Vortex App™ a good spa pool app for me?

The Vortex App™ could be a really convenient tool if you’re spending an extended period of time away from home. It will give you the peace of mind that you can turn on holiday mode and reduce maintenance cycles to what’s necessary.

If you have guests coming to stay, you can also switch holiday mode off and set the temperature of the spa water from afar. Of course, if you simply like the idea of having another keypad to control and monitor your spa, even while you’re at home, then the Vortex App™ may be a really convenient accessory. If you don’t spend much time away from home and only need one control base (the spa keypad) to change the settings, then downloading the Vortex App™ may not be a top priority for you.

What else do I need to use the Vortex App™?

The Vortex App™ is free and downloadable for your smart device. To activate it, you will also need to purchase and install the optional add-on SmartLink™ or SmartStream™ system. This Wi-Fi module attaches to the cabinet of the spa and is key to making your spa remotely accessible.

You can purchase SmartLink™ as an optional accessory when you buy your spa or you can order it online at our store.

Can I use cellular connection to connect to the Vortex App™?

The Vortex App™ can only be used when there is a Wi-Fi connection. This is made between SmartLink™ and Vortex App™.

You can also check out our Jacuzzi® range of spas. Its SmartTub™ system operates on a cellular connection.

How do I download the Vortex App™?

The Vortex App™ is free and can be downloaded from the App Store® for Apple® devices and Google Play® for Android™ devices.

However, since it's already discontinued, download the Spanet SmartLink app instead.

Click the links below to access the SpaNet SmartLink app.


Remote access to your common spa settings can bring peace of mind and convenience. This article should hopefully give you a better understanding of what the Vortex App™ offers and if it could be a useful app for you to download.

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