Gin 90™ Fire Table

EcoSmart™ Fire
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NZD 10,195

Why choose a Gin 90™ Fire Table?

Elegant and multi-functional, the Gin 90™ Fire Table is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Innovatively engineered fire furniture with a beautiful aesthetic that acts as a centerpiece in any space. It is available in every height possible to suit every need: low, chat, dining, and bar.

And if you care about the environment as we do, you will be pleased to know that the Gin 90™ uses plant derived BioFuel and is constructed from proporetary Fluid™ concrete technology which is a composition of green cement made from 95% recycled natural materials. Now you can relax in the warn glow of a Gin 90™ Fire Table.

Gin 90™ Fire Table Features

Easy to light and extinguish

The Gin 90™ Fire Table includes a lighter and lighting rod to make lighting your fire, quick, easy and safe. Click to watch the video.

Safe and easy to fill

The Gin 90™ is desigend to be filled safely using the included five litre jerry can and spout. Click to watch the video.

Colours to Suit Your Home

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Burner Colours

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  • Gin 90™ Low

    Gin 90 Low table is a versatile fire pit table that's designed as a low-set table. It measures L2272 x W1098 x H345(mm).

  • Gin 90™ Chat

    A fire furniture piece that combines open flame heat with elegance and smart engineering. It measures L2272 x W1098 x H595(mm).

  • Gin 90. dining

    Gin 90™ Dining

    The Gin 90™ Dining's elegant design makes it the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor area. It measures L2272 x W1098 x H745(mm).

  • Gin 90 bar fire table

    Gin 90™ Bar

    There is nothing more conducive to casual conversation than the Gin 90™ Bar fire table. It measures L2272 x W1098 x H1045(mm).

Build your Gin 90™ Fire Table

NZD 10,195
GEM Finance* Available on select models


The Gin 90™ Outdoor fire comes in four colours and uses commercial construction so it will look great for years to come.

Image may show optional extras.

ApplicationOutdoor & Indoor
Minimum Room Size(m³) 110
Dimensions(mm)2272(L) x 1096(W) low | chat 1085 | dining 1098 | bar 1098 x 345(H) low | chat 595 | dining 745 | bar 1075 bar
Weight (Kg) 171 low | 189 chat | 203 dining | 221 bar
MaterialsConcrete Composite, Stainless Steel Grade 304
Fuel Typee-NRG Bioethanol
Burner TypeXL900
Burner Fuel Capacity(Litres)9
Average Burn Time(Hours)8-13
Included AccessoriesFire Lighter, Lighting Rod, Jerry Can 5L, Bottle Adaptor, Jerry Can Spout Extension, XL Baffles, Black Glass Charcoal, XL900 Indoor Safety Tray Indoor Only*

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