Fisher Swim™ Swim Spa

Fisher Spas™
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From 5 adults


From 4.49 x 2.31 x 1.30m



Why Buy a Fisher Swim™ Swim Spa?

Play, chill out or enjoy a workout – the choice is yours with the Fisher Swim™ swim spa.

Both boast five sculpted spa seats plus a spacious swim section, comfortable hydrotherapy recliner, a hydrotherapy seat, a sport seat and two rejuvenation seats.

The Fisher Swim™ has three powerful swim jets that are ideal for swimming or fitness training.

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Fisher Swim™ Swim Spa Features

ClearLift™ Automatic Cover (Optional)

ClearLift™ is a groundbreaking, patent-pending motorized system designed for effortless lifting of heavy swim spa covers with just a turn of a key. Every Fisher Swim Spa is equipped with a durable hard cover that not only retains heat but also prevents dirt, debris, and unauthorized access by children. Unfortunately, standard hard covers can be cumbersome due to their size, with each panel measuring up to one meter by 2.3 meters and weighing over 15 kg. ClearLift™ simplifies the process, enabling quick and easy access to your swim spa, ensuring you enjoy and utilize it more frequently. ClearLift™ is an optional upgrade. Image may show a different model.

Stainless Steel Massage Jets

Durable yet sleek-looking stainless steel jets strategically placed to deliver a robust hydromassage.

Chromotherapy Lighting

Every Fisher™ spa incorporates chromotherapy, multicoloured LED lighting. Chromotherapy uses colours to create an environment focused on health and harmony. Fisherglow™ waterline lighting provides an adjustable and variable Chromotherapy experience.

Automatic Water Care

Ozone clarification is a proven technology that has been used for decades to automatically clarify spa water.

SpaNet™ Premium Controller

The SV3 SpaNet™ controller that comes with the Fisher Swim™, not only alows you to save on heating costs with it's dynamic thermal tuning, it also gives you total control from either inside or outside the spa. Turn your lights on/off, change colour and colour modes to fit your mood. Adjust the temperature to your desired comfort levels. Turn the jets or the air bubbles on/off to get the massage you desire.

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Build your Fisher Swim™ Swim Spa

NZD 28,990
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Detailed specifications for the Fisher Swim™ swim spa.

2.31 m4.49 m

Image may show optional extras.

Fisher Swim™

Spa ControllerSpaNet™ SV3
Heater Size (Kw)5.25kW
SmartFlo™ Jet Pump(s)3
SmartFlo™ Circulation Pump1
SmartFlo™ Air Blower1
Automatic Water CareOzone Clearifier
Total Jets36
Swim Jets3
Electrical Requirements32 amps
Water Capacity (L)6,120
Dry Weight (Kg) 1102
Filled Weight (Kg) 7,258

Jet Layout

The Fisher Swim™ offers a range of hydrotherapy jets for a relaxing massage.

Fisher Swim™

Fisher Swim™

  • 127mm Directional Jets
    3 x 127mm Directional Jets
  • 127mm Twin Hole Roto Jets
    4 x 127mm Twin Hole Roto Jets
  • 88mm Directional Jets
    4 x 88mm Directional Jets
  • 88mm Twin Hole Jets
    2 x 88mm Twin Hole Jets
  • 50mm Directional Jets
    10 x 50mm Directional Jets
  • Air Jets
    10 x Air Jets
  • Ozone Jets
    1 x Ozone Jets
  • Suction
    4 x Suction
  • Lights
    2 x Lights
  • Diverter Valve
    2 x Diverter Valve
  • Air Controls
    4 x Air Controls
  • Perimeter Lights
    20 x Perimeter Lights
  • Underfloor Drainages
    9 x Underfloor Drainages
  • Swim Jets
    3 x Swim Jets
  • Waterfall Valves
    1 x Waterfall Valves
  • Cup Holders
    4 x Cup Holders

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DimensionsFrom 4.49 x 2.31 x 1.30mFrom 4.49 x 2.31 x 1.30mFrom 3.98 x 2.31 x 1.30m
Jets3626Up to 59
Weight (Full)7,258Kg7,258KgUp to 6,855Kg
NZD 28,990
NZD 23,990
Save up to
NZD 2,000
NZD 26,490
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