Hydrozone™ Swim Spa

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NZD 40,490


From 5 adults


From 5.90 x 2.30 x 1.30/1.50m


Up to 68

Why Buy a Hydrozone™ Swim Spa?

Experience the best of relaxation and recreation with the Vortex Hydrozone™, a dual-zone swim spa that masterfully merges a hydrotherapy spa pool and a spacious swim area. Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of Vortex’s renowned hydrotherapy at one end, and enjoy exercise or family fun at the other.

Boasting an innovative internal wall, the Hydrozone™ maintains distinct water environments, allowing for customised jet pressures and temperatures in each zone simultaneously.

The combination of jets, hydrotherapy lounger, the renowned Vortex™ neck therapy collar, easy step-down access, ensures you get the complete Vortex™ experience from the moment you step into the Hydrozone™ to the moment you step out.

Image may show optional extras.

Hydrozone™ Swim Spa Features

ClearLift™ Automatic Cover (Optional)

ClearLift™ is a groundbreaking, patent-pending motorized system designed for effortless lifting of heavy swim spa covers with just a turn of a key. Every Vortex Spa and Swim Spa is equipped with a durable hard cover that not only retains heat but also prevents dirt, debris, and unauthorized access by children. Unfortunately, standard hard covers can be cumbersome due to their size, with each panel measuring up to one meter by 2.3 meters and weighing over 15 kg. ClearLift™ simplifies the process, enabling quick and easy access to your swim spa, ensuring you enjoy and utilize it more frequently. ClearLift™ is an optional upgrade.

Hydroflow™ Stainless Steel Jets (Avanté)

Hydroflow™ Stainless Steel jets use the famous Vortex™ jet design which provides a premium massage.

Hydroglow™ Backlit Jets and Topside Controls (Avanté)

Chromotherapy is the science of using colours to create an environment focused on health and harmony. Hydroglow™ backlit jets and topside control lighting provide an adjustable and variable Chromotherapy experience.

Purezone AOS™ Water Care System

Purezone AOS™, or Advanced Oxidation System, is an automatic sanitising system designed for spa pools. It combines UV-Ozone technologies to purify spa water, eliminate bacteria, and reduce water maintenance.

The Purezone AOS™ system is available on Vortex™ Spas and Swim Spas from 2023. It’s recommended to purchase the system with the spa or swim spa, but it can also be installed later.

SpaNet™ SmartTouch™ Premium Controller

The cutting-edge SmartTouch™ touch panel propels spa pool management into the touchscreen generation. Its impressive 4.3-inch color display offers a sharp, easily legible interface, while the resistant touch panel ensures smooth operation even with wet fingers. Utilizing SmartTouch™ is incredibly straightforward, mimicking the familiar icons and menu navigation found on smartphones. Adjusting settings is now more intuitive than ever, and a continuous scroll of activity status keeps the user informed about the spa's status at all times.

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Shell Colours

Cabinet Colours

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Compare Hydrozone™ models

The Hydrozone™ comes in four variations. Each model has exactly the same seating layout and features. However, the swim resistance zone has additional jets in the Pro, Pro+ and Extreme.

Note: The electrical requirements for each model are: Plunge 15amp, Pro and Pro+ 32amp, and Extreme 45amp.

  • 2024 Hydrozone Plunge jet layout

    Hydrozone Plunge™

    The Hydrozone Plunge™ is perfect for family fun and ideally suited for standing fitness and aquasize for those who want to keep fit or recover. If you want to swim, the Pro, Pro+ or Extreme could be better suited for you, depending on your swimming ability.

    • No swim jets
    • 2 pumps
  • 2024 Hydrozone Pro

    Hydrozone Pro™

    The Hydrozone Pro™ is a step up from the Plunge with the added resistance of two powerful 150mm swim jets creating a current strong enough to swim, walk or jog against. This model is ideal for up to intermediate level swimming. More advanced swimmers may want to go for the Pro+ or Extreme models.

    • 2 swim jets
    • 3 pumps
  • 2024 Hydrozone Pro Plus jet layout

    Hydrozone Pro+™

    Powered by three pumps, the Pro+ adds another level of resistance to your workout with three 150mm swim jets to step up your training. This model is perfect for every swimmer from beginner up to advanced as well as water joggers and those using aquatic fitness.

    • 3 swim jets
    • 4 pumps
  • 2024 Hydrozone Extreme

    Hydrozone Extreme™

    The most powerful of the Hydrozone™ models, the Extreme adds some serious resistance to your swim training regime with four swim jets for advanced fitness training. With it’s variable Vortex™ swim resistance system, the Extreme is perfect for beginners all the way up to athletes. If you are a swimmer that’s serious about your training, the Extreme is for you.

    • 4 swim jets
    • 5 pumps

Compare Hydrozone™ depth

The Hydrozone™ swim spa is now available with extra depth.

You can select the standard water depth of 1.3 metres or the 1.5 metre extra deep Hydrozone XD™ Swim Spa. Taller people or those who would like a deeper pool for swim or play, should seriously consider this option.

  • Hydrozone™ 1.3m

    The 1300mm deep model has the same seating configuration as the 1500mm deep XD model and boasts these advantages:

    • less water so it costs less to heat and maintain
    • lower price
    • easier access
  • Hydrozone™ XD 1.5m

    The XD model has the same seating configuration as the 1300mm deep model but the 1500mm deep XD upgrade provides an added 200mm of of depth and is ideal for those who:

    • are above average in height and are an average to athletic swimmer
    • are above average height and are focused on vertical aquatic fitness
    • have children that love doing bombs

Why Choose an Avanté Upgrade

Upgrade to the Hydrozone™ Swim Spa Avanté and take your spa experience to the next level with a range of features designed for added comfort and superior luxury. The Avanté model brings together a collection of Vortex™ Spas’ most popular upgrades which, when purchased together, offers significant savings.

Hydrozone™ Swim Spa Standard

Hydrozone™ Swim Spa Avanté™

Value NZD 1,999
Value NZD 999
Value NZD 699
Value NZD 499
Value NZD 1,999
Value NZD 999
Value NZD 199
Value NZD 599

Total Value

NZD 40,490

NZD 48,482

NZD 7,992

Avanté™ Package Price

NZD 47,490

Avanté™ Package Savings

NZD 992

Build your Hydrozone™ Swim Spa

NZD 40,490
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Detailed specifications for the Hydrozone™ swim spa

2.30 m5.90 m

Image may show optional extras.



Pro Plus


Plunge XD

Pro XD

Pro Plus XD

Extreme XD

Dry weight1380kg1431kg1480kg1530kg1450kg1500kg1531kg1580kg
Swim/Spa End Water Capacity5425/12595425/12595425/12595425/12596000/13006000/13006000/13006000/1300
Filled weight (inc cover)8123kg8173.5kg8222.5kg8272.5kg8808.5kg8858.5kg8889.5kg8938.5kg
Lift weight1900kg1900kg1900kg1900kg2000kg2000kg2000kg2000kg
Intuitive spa controllerSV2+SV3SV2+SV3 SV2+SV3 SV2+SV4SV2+SV3SV2+SV3 SV2+SV3 SV2+SV4
Control PanelSpaNet® SmartTouch™SpaNet® SmartTouch™SpaNet® SmartTouch™SpaNet® SmartTouch™SpaNet® SmartTouch™SpaNet® SmartTouch™SpaNet® SmartTouch™SpaNet® SmartTouch™
Programmable circulation pump22222222
Jet pumps1+1 2+1 3+1 4+11+1 2+1 3+1 4+1
Variable speed airblower11111111
Variable output heater3kW+5.25kW 3kW+5.25kW 3kW+5.25kW 3kW+5.25kW 3kW+5.25kW 3kW+5.25kW 3kW+5.25kW 3kW+5.25kW
Electrical requirements15+32 amps 15+32 amps15+32 amps15+40 amps15+32 amps 15+32 amps15+32 amps15+40 amps

Jet Layout

The Hydrozone™ swim spa features a range of hydrotherapy jets for a relaxing massage and fitness training. Hydrozone™ Extreme™ model shown.



  •  140mm (5.5") Directional Jet
    2 x 140mm (5.5") Directional Jet
  • 140mm (5.5") Single Roto Jet
    7 x 140mm (5.5") Single Roto Jet
  • 102 mm (4") Directional Jet
    8 x 102 mm (4") Directional Jet
  • 102mm (Jet 4") Single Roto
    1 x 102mm (Jet 4") Single Roto
  • 63mm (2.5") Directional Jet
    16 x 63mm (2.5") Directional Jet
  • 63 mm (2.5") Roto Jet
    16 x 63 mm (2.5") Roto Jet
  • 50mm (2") Air Jets
    10 x 50mm (2") Air Jets
  • 127mm(5") Swim Spa Square Jet
    4 x 127mm(5") Swim Spa Square Jet

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