Best entertainer spa pools in New Zealand in 2024 - Top 4 brands reviewed

Thinking about an entertainer spa? Want to know the difference between a family spa and an entertainer spa? This article covers all the key points about entertainer spas including, what they are good for, what features to look for and how much they cost to run.

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Are you thinking about a spa big enough for hosting a large group, parties or extended family? A space for socialising, relaxing and fun but with quality jets like those in a hydrotherapy spa, an entertainer spa might be exactly what you need.

If you love to host or have a large family then you may be looking for a spa pool for 8 to10 people, with room for everyone to relax and some great features for entertaining. Keep reading to learn about the best entertainer spas in New Zealand, what features to look out for and how much they cost to run.

What is an entertainer spa pool?

An entertainer spa is very similar to a standard portable spa, but they are much larger. Generally, they have more open seating and include a variety of seats for different needs.

These spas are great for those that love to host, families with more than 6 people, and a great option for luxury group accommodation providers.

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When shopping for a large spa for groups and entertainment you’ll want to consider the following three features.

1. Seating arrangements. Does the spa provide a variety of seating options for a big group? Look for upright massage seats, benches for facing others, and raised seats for shorter family members.

2. A variety of jets. Everyone likes to make the most of quality jets while enjoying a soak in the spa pool. Make sure you look for a spa with well-placed jets, hydromassage jets and targeted jets for key areas, think lower back, neck and shoulders.

3. Leg room. With a large group in any confined space, it’s easy to get tangled. Pay attention to the foot well when choosing a large spa to make sure there’s plenty of space for long legs.

How much does an entertainer spa cost?

Like many big ticket items, spas can vary dramatically in price depending on the features, quality and where you purchase them from.

You could spend anywhere from $12,000 to $35,000 on a large 8-10 person spa pool. The price will vary based on the quality of the materials, insulation, seating arrangements and how many jets the spa offers.

You will also need to consider where you want your spa installed, on a concrete slab, deck or in-ground as this will add to the cost of your spa installation.

These factors will affect the total cost of your spa:

  • difficulty in excavation
  • the accessibility of your property, you might need a crane for the installation
  • Any fencing, paving or landscaping required for the installation

Looking for a smaller spa pool? You might like to check out our article on the best spa pools under $10k.

Vortex Palladium Spa

How much does an entertainer spa cost to run?

The cost to run your spa will depend on the quality of the design, how much insulation is included, how the spa cover is made, how often you use the spa and where your spa is installed.

A larger spa will always cost a little more to heat but investing in a quality made product will help to reduce your monthly spa cost. A spa can cost as little as 40-60 cents per day to operate, or as much as $6-7 dollars per day. Quite a difference!

Ultimately when it comes to spa pool running costs – the more you invest upfront, including insulation, a quality spa cover and a proper foundation the less you will spend over time.

vortex titanium spa pool

Can an entertainer spa be installed ‘in-ground’?

Any spa can be installed in the ground or into a deck, as long as you factor in a few key considerations in the process and make sure to consult a professional for advice.

You will also need to make sure you leave enough room for maintenance access, like removing the cabinet to access the mechanics of the spa.

These factors will affect the total costs of an inground spa:

  • difficulty in excavation
  • type of soil
  • the accessibility of your property
  • fencing, paving, decking and landscaping
  • Your regional council's regulations

It’s become very popular to install an entertainer spa or swim spa into a deck or paved area to give a pool-like impression. Check out our article below to give you an idea of what you need to consider for your spa installation.

What is the best entertainer spa in Australia?

There are a wide range of entertainer spas on the market in Australia – varying in size, quality and price.

Based on several factors – including design, build, durability and reliability – several brands stand out from the crowd.

Jacuzzi J-495

Jacuzzi® | The J-495™ Spa - From$33,990

Jacuzzi® are the original inventors of the spa pool and to this day is one of the largest distributors of spas and swim spas in the world. Their pools offer exceptional design, innovation and a range of benefits, including enhanced insulation, better water quality, and a unique hydromassage system.

Has seating for up to nine adults, the spacious J-495™ Spa is perfect for large gatherings. Packed with plenty of premium PowerPro® Jets, this model provides customisable massage in every seat, plus a foot massage dome studded with 14 specialised PowerPro® FX Jets to soothe away pain and tension in the feet.

Pros of the Jacuzzi J-495™ Spa

  • Seats 9 people
  • Open seating design
  • PowerPro® massage seats
  • Foot massage dome with 14 PowerPro® jets
  • Up to 71 jets for hydrotherapy
  • Adjustable headrests to accommodate people of varying heights
  • Two illuminated WaterColour™ waterfalls

Cons of the Jacuzzi J-495™ Spa

  • No loungers for stretching out
  • Might not appeal to those with a lower budget
Vortex Palladium

Vortex Spas® | The Palladium™ Spa - From $17,990

Vortex® is a design-led wellness company that also produces exceptional swim spas. They have five different models to choose from, including the Hydrozone pool which features a separate hydrotherapy spa!

Pros of the Vortex Palladium™ Spa

  • Seats 10 people
  • Twin loungers
  • Neck and shoulder massage seat
  • Open seating design
  • Up to 93 jets for targeted hydrotherapy
  • Step-down access for ease
  • Cool down seat

Cons of the Vortex Palladium™ Spa

  • This spa measures 3.52 x 2.29 x .90m so may not be suitable for some backyards
Alpine entertainer spa

Alpine Spas | The Entertainer spa from $17,995

Alpine Spas™ is a New Zealand-owned spa retailer that sells a variety of spas in both New Zealand and Australia and related products; including entry to mid-level spas, swim spas, saunas and gazebos.

Alpine Spas™ have two entertainer spas available on their website, the Entertainer and the Houston. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of The Entertainer spa pool.

Pros of the Alpine Entertainer spa

  • Seats 8 people
  • Up to 96 hurricane jets
  • 6x Hydro-Massage Seats
  • 1x Hydro-Massage Lounger
  • 1 ‘Cool Off Seat’

Cons of the Entertainer spa

  • Only one lounger for stretching out
  • This spa measures 3 x 2.28 x 1m so may not be suitable for some backyards
sapphire spa

Sapphire Spas® | The myParadise 8-Person Spa

Sapphire Spas® is an Australian owned and operated company that has stores in both Australia and New Zealand. Sapphire Spas are manufactured in Australia.

Pros of the Sapphire spas myParadise spa

  • Seats 8 people
  • Up to 74 SQR jets
  • Two loungers
  • Foot massage
  • Neck and shoulder massage seats
  • Open seating design

Cons of the Sapphire spas myParadise spa

  • Price not available on the website
  • No cool-down seat


In this article, we discussed the key features to look for in an entertainer or party spa, where to buy one and how much they cost. We hope this article has helped you weigh up the pros and cons of different spa brands and what option might be best for you.

The decision to buy a large spa is ultimately based on your personal preference and needs, but taking into consideration all the information discussed above will help you get a clearer sense of what to get.

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