How to Connect Smartlink™ to Your Smart Device

Most appliances now can be connected to the internet – and spa pools are no different. The SmartLink™ WiFi module and SpaLink App™ allow you to control your spa remotely using a smart device. This article explains how to connect the SmartLink™ WiFi module to your smart phone or tablet.

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With the SmartLink™ WiFi module and SpaLink App™, you can use an Apple® or Android™ smartphone or tablet as a wireless remote control for your SV Series-equipped Vortex™ Spa. With touch screen menus, you can control all the accessories on your spa, including pumps, air blowers and LED spa lights.

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What is the SmartLink™ WiFi module?

The SmartLink™ WiFi module is a device that lets you connect the SpaNet™ SV controller to the internet. That connection allows you to remotely control your Vortex™ Spa through an app.

The SmartLink™ WiFi module needs a permanent internet connection through a wireless router to work. The WiFi connection must remain on and should be strong and stable at all times for you to control your spa remotely.

How to connect the SmartLink™ to a smart device

Before you can control your spa remotely, the SmartLink™ WiFi module must be connected to a smart device. Follow the steps below to learn how to do this.

1. Download the SpaLink App

Open your device and go to the App Store™ or Google Play™. Search for “spanet spalink”. It is the app with the blue SpaNet™ logo. Click on “Install” to download and install the app onto your device.

2. Register an account

After successfully installing the app on your device, you need to register for a user account on the SpaNet™ Cloud Server. This will give you a secure login to ensure you will be the only one who can access your spa remote.

You only need to register once, even though you plan on using multiple devices to control the spa remotely. The following are what you will have to provide when registering on the app:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Password

You will be asked to confirm your email address and the password you gave to ensure there are no errors. Once you are satisfied that the information you provided is accurate, you can tap on Registe

3. Place the spa in ‘Hot mode’

The following are the steps you can follow to activate the hot mode. Start by pressing the Up and Down buttons at the same time. Then scroll down the options until you see WiFi on the screen.

Click on the Ok button and then choose Hot mode. Under the Hot mode, you can initiate the connection of the controller to the wireless network.

4. Connect to the SV WiFi network

Open the app and then press the Login button. You should still be logged in if you have just finished registering. Close any of the pop-up boxes that might pop up.

You should see a New Device bar on the app. Tap on that.

Go to the WiFi settings on your device. Look for the WiFi which matches the serial number of your spa control. When connecting to the SV WiFi network, there is no need to enter a password.

Make sure that the device is connected properly. Repeat the steps to place the spa controller on Hot mode if you do not see an SV WiFi network.

5. Connect to the SmartLink™ WiFi module Wireless Network

Go back to the app and tap on the Setup button. This should initiate a scan displaying a list of nearby wireless networks. Wait until the scan finishes before pressing anything else since it might not detect the correct network yet.

Once the scan is finished, select the wireless to which you want the spa to connect. The signal strength should be minus 70 decibels or better. If you don’t see the right network, tap on the refresh button at the top of the screen to perform another scan.

Once you have tapped on the right network, you must enter the router password. Close the pop-up box that will appear after you have connected to the network.

Go back to the WiFi settings on your device. The SmartLink™ WiFi module should now be connected to your home network. Your device should also be reconnected to your home network by now. If your device does not connect automatically to your home network, you can just do it manually.

6. Register your spa

Go back to the app and then enter a name for your spa. Click on Register after that to complete the setup process.

The name can be changed afterwards, so don’t worry about having the wrong name for your spa.

7. Check the status of your spa

Your spa should show on the app as online. You should also see the WiFi signal strength. If you want to change the spa name, just click on the pencil icon.

8. Log in to the spa

Click the spa name to log in to the spa. This will initiate the connection of the SmartLink™ WiFi module to your home network. That initial connection may be from two to five minutes.

You can click on the refresh button to recheck the status.

To check the signal strength, you can click on the signal icon. The signal strength should be displayed in decibels and it should show there when the last scan was made. Signal strength is updated every five to ten minutes.

That’s how you connect your SmartLink™ WiFi module to your smart device. Learn more on how you can use the SpaLink App™ to control your spa remotely.

In summary

We hope you have found this information helpful. As always, if you need help with your spa or swim spa please get in touch! Our customer care team are here to help.

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