Spa or pool – can I have both?

A swimming pool or a spa pool, trying to decide which one to buy? Wish you could have the best of both worlds? As it happens, you can! Upgrade your pool to a swim spa and enjoy the benefits of a good soak and fitness all year long.

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What's the difference between a swim spa and a pool?

Pools are traditionally geared towards hot weather and are generally for holding cold water. Swim spas can be either hot or cold and you aren't stuck with either option as you can change the water from hot to cold on a whim. Pools also tend to be a uniform shape and are not suited for just sitting in and lounging unless you purchase extra gadgets and gizmos to put in them. Swim spas, however, are each specifically designed to seat people in the lap of luxury while many of them are also large enough for actual swimming. Pools generally hold more water but that's not necessarily an advantage, particularly during these difficult economic times.

One of the most interesting differences between swim spas and pools is that swim spas are completely portable and pools typically are not. Clearly, a kiddie pool is portable but most other pools are large enough that moving them around is either impossible or likely to result in a great deal of damage. Swim spas are designed to be an investment that you take with you wherever you decide to move and so are easily portable from one location to another.

Swim Spa Prices?

When it comes to living it up and enjoying your life, it is very likely that you choose what to spend your money on carefully. A swim spa is an excellent investment because, when well cared for, it will bring your family years of enjoyment, fitness opportunities and relaxation. Many happy clients are surprised to discover that, when compared to the cost of owning and properly maintaining a pool, spa running and maintenance costs are actually less than what they expected.

The secret is in the cover! The fitted covers designed for a swim spa not only hold in heat, making them energy conservative, but they also keep debris out of the water, reducing the need for harsh chemicals and cleaning supplies. Spa running cost over time works out to less than that of running a pool. Part of the reason for this is that spas do hold less water and part is related to the upkeep and care necessary for a pool are greater than that of a spa.

The Bottom Line

Swim spas in Australia are designed for comfort, luxury, fun and fitness. Star Athletes use swim spas to maintain their physical prowess and now you can as well. Swim spa prices are often much less expensive than a pool and are far easier to install. Available in a myriad of colours, sizes and styles, you can be sure to find the perfect swim spa for your lifestyle and family. With swim spa prices so affordable and spa running cost so low, you'll be planning outdoor parties, play dates and late-night get-togethers in no time.

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