How to look after the shell on your new Vortex Spa™

The spa shell is arguably the most important component of your spa, so it needs to be handled properly from the moment your spa is delivered. This article outlines the steps you must take to care for your spa shell once it lands on its foundation.

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As a new spa owner, it’s important to learn how to properly clean and look after your spa shell to ensure your spa lasts as long as it’s intended.

In this article, you will learn

Please note that this article is intended for people who have purchased a Vortex Spa™. Other brands may use different spa shell materials requiring a different handling process, so consult with your sales consultant or a spa expert before you start.

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What is the spa shell?

A spa shell is the biggest and most important component of your spa. The spa shell is the inside surface of your spa where all other components such as the jets, lights, and controls are set. And of course, it also holds your spa water and the seats you relax in!

What are spa shells made of?

Spa shells are most commonly made of coloured acrylic, but materials such as vinyl and rotomoulded plastic can be used as well.

Acrylic has the advantage of being extremely durable and energy efficient which is why it’s the most popular spa shell material. It can also be easily reinforced by other materials such as fiberglass and resin for added strength.

Aside from that, acrylic has a smooth finish and can be dyed with different colours to give customers more beautiful options to choose from.

By contrast, vinyl tends to have low durability and is more likely to fade or experience discolouration from a chemical imbalance or sunlight exposure.

Rotomoulded spa shells have a dull matte finish and are very lightweight. This material is also more durable than vinyl but is overall less heat-efficient than acrylic.

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How are Vortex™ Spa shells made?

In the case of Vortex Spas™, the spa shells are made up of four different layers constructed using Thermobond™ 8-step lamination process.

The outside layer is made out of very thin laminated acrylic sheet, which is strengthened by the next two layers: marine grade, pure polyester resin and fiberglass. The fiberglass layer uses a special vinyl ester resin that melts into the back of the acrylic and protects the spa from delamination.

Finally, the last layer, which is made out of GP resin mixed with stone powder, sets like concrete underneath to give the spa shell unsurpassed strength and the ability to withstand the weight of water and people.

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How long does a spa shell last?

The shell is one of the most durable parts of a spa and typically requires very little maintenance. You can expect your Vortex™ Spa shell to last between 20 to 30 years, provided it is not exposed to sunlight or damaged externally.

What to do once your spa arrives

For new spa owners, taking care of the shell of your spa pool starts the moment the unit is delivered to your home. Here are the steps you need to take to keep your spa in excellent condition and prevent any damage.

  • Unwrap the spa once it arrives. At the time of delivery, your first order of business is to remove any plastic wrapping over your spa. This will avoid excessive heat build-up that can lead to blisters, bubbles, or large layer delamination of your spa shell.

  • Secure your spa with a spa cover. If you’re not ready to use your spa just yet, make sure to use the provided spa cover to protect your spa from being exposed to direct sunlight. When you leave the spa empty and uncovered under the sun, the heat can be concentrated in the spa shell, leading to delamination of the spa acrylic.

Important note: Once your spa arrives, it is crucial to keep it from overheating – whether through sunlight exposure or heat build-up inside the wrap. Failure to take these steps can lead to delamination, which will be considered ‘misuse’ and will not be covered by your spa warranty.

To learn more about your Vortex™ Spa product warranty, you can download the warranty card of your specific spa model on the page below.

How do you clean the shell of your spa?

Taking pre-emptive steps at the time of delivery is only the first step in caring for your spa shell. Your spa shell will also require regular cleaning and maintenance throughout its lifetime.

We recommend wiping down the inside of your spa every 2 to 3 weeks to keep it in excellent condition even without draining your water. Doing this regularly will also mean less work for when you do drain your water.

As it is, the best time to deep clean the shell of your spa or swim spa is when you change your water which should be every 3 to 6 months for spas and every 12 to 18 months for swim spas or as required. Once the spa is empty, you can go in with acrylic surface cleaners and gentle scrubbing pads to remove any grime or dirt buildup.

Tougher stains can be addressed with a little white vinegar or commercial acrylic cleaner. Pro-tip: be sure to follow usage instructions for whatever cleaning product you use and ensure they’re safe for spa shells. After using spa shell cleaners, don’t forget to rinse and wipe down the surfaces to avoid any residue which can upset your water chemical balance later.

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In Summary

The spa shell is the most important component of your new Vortex Spa. It is also the strongest and most durable.

Even so, as a new spa owner, you will need to take steps to look after the spa shell of your new spa from the time that it arrives.

To avoid excessive heat build-up inside your spa, make sure to unwrap the spa at the time of delivery. If construction is still ongoing or you simply don’t want to use your spa just yet, be mindful to fit the provided spa cover over your spa to keep it from being exposed to direct sunlight.

Failure to do so can lead to delamination of your spa shell which will not be covered by your warranty.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions or concerns about your spa shell or product warranty, please contact your Spa World concierge.

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