What size spa do I need? (Short, tall, large, or small which spa is best)?

Whether you are short, tall, large or small there’s a variety of spas available to suit your needs.

People come in all shapes and sizes – and so do spas! Follow these handy tips to make sure you find your perfect spa, whatever your needs.

What size spa do I need hero

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What is a good size for a spa?

To find the right size and configuration for you and your family, it’s important to consider the following:

  • How will you use the hot tub?
  • Who will be using the spa?
  • How many seats will you need?
  • How much space do you have?

What is the depth of a spa?

If you are worried about keeping your head above the water or have young children, look for a hot tub that focuses on seats rather than loungers and a “cool down” seat for those that need extra height. These seats offer the perfect area for little and bigger people alike to enjoy the spa at a suitable height.

Top tip: Spa’s coming in a variety of depths. The average size is between 31-40 inches so aim for a tub with a little less depth between 30-34 inches.

The Fisher 5S™ has a depth of 33 inches and features a single longer, two back massage seats, one Shiatsu massage seat and a cornerback massage seat.

Fisher 5s aerial view

Top tip: Consider purchasing a spa booster seat if you want some extra height or comfort while enjoying a soak. Made from heavy-duty, heat resistant material, these booster seats are the perfect addition to give you a little extra height. The booster is easily filled to your desired height using a garden hose and fixed in place with suction cups.

How deep should my hot tub be?

If you are tall then you know it can be difficult to find a hot tub deep enough to submerge your neck and shoulders. For those that need more height and extra room for long legs, aim for a spa with a lounger, giving you plenty of room to stretch your legs and keep your shoulders warm.

Look out for a spa with a little extra depth. Most hot tubs will range in depth between 31-40 inches so look out for one with between 35-40 inches for extra depth.

Top tip: If you have a tall family, aim for a hot tub with multiple loungers to allow taller family members to use the loungers at the same time - no more arguments over who gets to recline.

Jacuzzi J-435™ Spa has a depth of 43 inches, one longer and two deep tissue massage seats. This is a compact spa with extra depth.

Jacuzzi J-435

How large can a spa be?

If you are looking for a spa with more room to relax in and larger seating options then aim for a spa with loungers and adult seats. The Fisher 8™ has plenty of room for adults and is perfect for those that need a little more space for comfort.

Fisher 8

If you are looking for a much larger spa you could consider an entertainer spa or a plunge pool. These spas come in a variety of sizes and are great for larger groups or for those that like to spread out and move about the spa.

If you’re seeking the ultimate entertainer’s spa, you might like the Vortex Titanium™. With comfortable seating for nine, up to 54 jets and three jet pumps, two bench seats, three back massage seats, a therapy seat that includes the famous Vortex™ neck and shoulder collar, two cool-down seats and a multitude of water features and lighting options, the Titanium™ offers luxury hydrotherapy, for everyone!

Vortex Titanium spa

Can I buy a compact spa with open seating?

If you want a more compact spa with more room and open seating then check out the Fisher 8™ spa. This spa has two loungers, two deep tissue massage seats and two upright shoulder massage seats.

Fisher 8 Spa

The Vortex Xenon™ has two large open loungers, three upright seats and two toddler seats. The open seats allow plenty of space for moving around.

Xenon spa

Top tip: Aim for a spa with open seating so you can move around the spa easily, this will also help if you need extra room to stretch out or find the seats restricting.

What is the best family spa pool?

Need a spa to accommodate a family with children or maybe smaller seats for petite family members? Look for a spa with a variety of upright seats and a mini lounger – great for adults and older children who want to recline while remaining comfortably above the water level.

The Fisher 7™ features one large lounger, 3 upright seats and a mini lounger for those that want to lounge while in a more upright position.

Fisher 7 spa

The Vortex Nitro™ offers 3 upright seats and a twin toddler/cool down seat for those that like to sit upright or are smaller in size.

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Top tip: Most family spa’s come with a toddler seat or cool down seats. These seats are perfect for those that need less space or don’t like to be fully submerged.

Nitro spa pool

In summary

If you are interested in learning more about spa pools for families check out our article on what is the best family spa pool’ for more information.

As always, if you need any more help or advice, feel free to drop into your local Spa World Showroom.

You can also contact our customer care team via our website. We are happy to help.

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