Milan Spa

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1.98 x 1.98 x 0.83m
1111 ltr
Weight (full)
1389 kg

Lifestyle MilanThe Milan is a six person, entry level spa with a focus on value for money
The Milan Spa by Lifestyle is an entry level spa for those who want trusted quality without the bells and whistles. The Milan spa seats up to 6 adults. Like all Lifestyle Spas, the Milan has been engineered to ensure high levels of comfort, hydrotherapy and entertainment, but with an emphasis on being extremely competitively priced. 

The Milan is a compact spa that the entire family will enjoy. It has a single lounge recliner with foot massage, 5 upright seats with different hydrotherapy and massage capabilities and 26 jets. Whether relaxing or entertaining the Milan is the economical solution.

When you purchase the Lifestyle Milan spa through Spa World you will also receive a high density spa cover. Get the Milan at an amazing price and rest easy with the Spa World warranty. Australia's most trusted warranty which includes a 10 year shell warranty and 60 day money back guarantee.


High Density, Lockable Hard Cover
Water Care Kit
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Seating design

The Milan has room to sit 6 adults in comfort. It has space for a large family or entertaining with a hydrotherapy recliner, 2 hydrotherapy seats and 3 back massage seats.
Five Seating Design

Hydrotherapy recliner

A recliner is undoubtably everyones favourite seat. The recliner in the Milan has 6 powerful jets to offer a relaxing hydrotherapy session.

 Twin Lounger

Hydrotherapy seats

The Milan's 2 hydrotherapy seats offer full hydrotherapy sessions.

 Two Cool Down Seats

Back massage seats

The Milan has 3 back massage seats. With expertly placed jets in each seat you can soothe and massage your back and shoulders in a slightly different manner.

 Back Massage Seat


Maintenance Free cabinet
Maintenance free Thermoclad cabinet - included

The Milan spa features a Thermoclad cabinet. Not only is the cabinet aesthetically pleasing, it also has the added benefit of never requiring any maintenance, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your spa. 

SpaNet SV Mini Controller
SpaNet SV Mini Controller (SVM1) - included

Controlling your Milan spa is easy with the SpaNet SV Mini Controller. Take full control of your spa with the well designed, very compact and 'easy to use' Mini Controller. The Mini has all the features of a larger, more complex controller, but without any operating confusion so you can take charge from day one. The Mini coupled with the optional SV Link allows you to connect to wifi and use the SpaNet app on any smart device to control and monitor your spa remotely. SpaNet is Australia's Gold Standard controller manufacturer so you do not have to worry about a sub-standard, feature poor controller letting you down.

Locking spa cover
Locking spa hard cover - included

When you're not using your spa it makes good financial sense to keep in all the heat. This high density, attractive, locking spa hard cover is child-proof, so it not only saves you money, but also serves a great safety function.

SpaNet WiFi Control
Spanet WiFi control (optional)

Control your spa remotely from anywhere in the world! With the optional Spanet wifi/bluetooth control unit, all you have to do is download the phone app (Android or Apple) and you can control all the spa functions simply and remotely. Also included is the SV HiFi which allows you to stream music from any bluetooth equipped smart device (phone, tablet etc).

Color OptionsShell and Cabinet Colors
Shell colour

Sterling Silver

Cabinet colour


Size, Volume and Weight

Spa measurement
Five size 
spa weight
Empty: 274kg

Full: 1,389kg
spa volume
Volume: 1,111 Litres


Jet Layout
  • 88 directional jets4 x 88mm Directional Jets
  • 88 rotational jets7 x 88mm Rotational Jets
  • 50 directional jets10 x 50mm Directional Jets
  • 50 rotational jets5 x 50mm Rotational Jets
jet layout diagram

Energy Efficiency

High density lid
Heat retention shell

The Milan Spa has a high, 'heat retention' foam layer added to the shell and cabinet to increase energy efficiency. This helps harness the heat gained from the equipment inside the spa cabinet and reflects colder air away, thus heating both the spa shell and the water.

Insulated base
Thermal Hard Cover

Most heat loss in a spa is through the waters surface, so a high quality spa cover is essential for reducing running costs and minimising heat loss. This hard cover is a high density thermal top that traps in all heat. These covers are also child-proof and can be locked for extra security.

Two Speed Pump
Insulated base

The Milan has a triple layer insulated base to prevent heat loss into the ground. Combine this with 'Low Power Filtration' and an 'Intelligent Control System' and you see why the Milan is amongst the most energy efficient spas available on the market today. 

Build Quality


4 layer shell construction

The Milan shell utilises a 4 layer shell construction process with American made, Aristech acrylic.

Flexible PVC Plumbing

Most spas in this price bracket use low quality tubing in their plumbing. This is prone to kinking, which leads to reduced jet pressure. The Milan uses high quality, flexible PVC plumbing especially designed for hot, chemically treated water.

Vermin Proof Base

Vermin, snakes and rodents love the warm and dry underside of a spa. To repel unwanted visitors the Milan features a sealed, Vermin proof base and cabinet design.

10 year non pro rata warranty
10 Year Non Pro rata shell Warranty

The Milan Spa is offered with a 10 year 'non pro-rata' shell structure warranty. This means that if the spa's shell blisters or cracks resulting in water loss, for a period of 10 years, the spas shell shall be replaced.

3 year acrylic warranty
3 Year Acrylic Warranty

The Milan Spa shell is covered against the loss of water through the acrylic spa shell for a period of 3 years. Leaving your spa uncovered when not in use will void this warranty.

2 year control system warranty
2 Year Heater and Control Warranty

The heater and control system of a Milan Spa is warranted against defects for 2 years. The first year of this warranty is a full parts and labour warranty whilst the second year covers the parts replacement only.

2 year plumbing warranty
2 Year Jet, Pump and Plumbing Warranty

The jets, pump and plumbing system of a Milan Spa is warranted against defects for 2 years.  After the first year the warranty covers parts replacement only.

1 year warranty
1 Year Air Blower, Cabinet, Heat Pump and Hardcover Warranty

The Milan Spa air blower, Thermoclad cabinet, external heat pump and spa hardcover are covered under warranty to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a year.

1 year warranty
1 Year wifi, audio system, ozone, UV and LED light(s) Warranty 

The factory installed Wifi, audio system, Ozone sanitiser and LED light(s) assemblies to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. The UV globe warranty is parts only.

60 day money back guarantee
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

No IF, BUT or MAYBE. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, pay the return and we'll give your money back.