Installing an external heat pump for your spa

A heat pump is an energy efficient, cost-effective way to heat your spa or swim spa. In this article, we explain what you need to know before installing a heat pump to your spa or swim spa.

installing a heat pump for a spa

Installing a heat pump to your spa or swim spa can result in significant savings to your heating bill, meaning you can keep your spa warm and ready to use all year round for a lot less cost.

Please note, this guide is designed for existing Spa World customers. If you are not a Spa World customer and have bought a heat pump through another retailer you will need to contact them for installation advice.

Standard Heat Pump Installation

A standard installation is one that is on an easily accessible, prepared site.

Key things to know:

  • The site needs to be open and ready for install. Work such as trenching and removal of deck boards is not included with a standard installation.
  • No electrical work is included other than being able to plug the power cord into the control box.
  • The customer needs to provide a level stable foundation for installation.
  • The heat pump foundation should be installed at the same height as the spa slab, where possible, to avoid the requirement for unnecessary additional plumbing.
  • The heat pump also has a condensate drain, just like an air conditioner, so the area under the heat pump will get wet.
  • Anything other than standard installation will require a technician to contact the customer and assess the requirements directly and provide a separate quote.

Please note: If a Purezone™ filter is included in your spa, it should not be used in conjunction with a hybrid heat pump as it may cause a water flow error. We recommend using only appropriate pleated filters with heat pumps.

Other considerations:

  • Your heat pump comes with a 5m power cable and a data cable. Both cables need to be connected to the spa’s controller at the time of installation. The heat pump needs to be installed so that they can reach between the heat pump and the spa controller. For this reason, we suggest installing the heat pump no more than 3m from the spa’s controller. You will need to factor in the complete cable run as this may increase the distance between the heat pump and spa.
  • If your heat pump is to be installed outside of your fenced pool area, please consider your local pool safety barrier requirements especially in consideration of a non-climbable zone. The heat pump must be installed no closer than 1.2m from the swim spa.
  • Your heat pump can not be installed more than 1 metre higher or lower than the base of the spa. If installed above or below the base of the spa you cannot install the unit more than two metres away from the spas controller.
  • The heat pump must sit on either a concrete base or well-laid concrete paving stones. The most common solution is to pour a pad extension for the heat pump when the main pad is poured.
  • If you are installing the electrical and plumbing for your heat pump in a trench, there are a number of things you must consider
  • The heat pump moves a lot of air and so both the back and front of the heat pump must be completely unobstructed. The manufacturer recommends 300mm at the back, 700 mm on each side and 2.5m to the front of the unit. If you are planning to install the Heat Pump below decking in a pit etc, you must ensure the clearances detailed above are maintained for maximum efficiency.

Need more help?

We hope this information has been helpful. If you have any questions or concerns about your heat pump installation, please contact your Spa World concierge.

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