Best infrared saunas in New Zealand 2024 – Top 5 brands reviewed

Thinking about buying an infrared sauna? Wondering which one to buy and which are the best brands? This article lists the top infrared saunas in New Zealand and compares features, prices, pros, cons and more.

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There are a whole range of infrared saunas on the market in New Zealand – varying in size, quality, design and price.

In this article we explain

And the Top 5 infrared sauna brands for sale in New Zealand:

In this article, we’ve used brand names not affiliated with Spa World™ or Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd, the parent company of Spa World™.

You can see the list of the brand owners at the bottom of this article. All information, including store locations and product details, was accurate at the time of publishing and may change without notice.

What to look for in an infrared sauna

An infrared sauna is an important investment in your health and wellbeing. Given that the average sauna should last you at least 10 years, it’s worth buying a quality product that is built to last.

In our view, the best quality saunas should have these features covered:

  • Quality construction with durable timbers. Hemlock and red cedar are the recommended sauna timbers; look for kiln-dried or air dried, fine-grain wood construction; avoid experimental materials.
  • Low EMF and low ELF levels. Look for infrared saunas with undetectable or extremely low Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and low Electric Fields (ELF). Check your sauna has third-party tested results on its EMF levels.
  • Safety standards. No VOC glues, third-party tested results for electrical parts and EMF/ELF levels, tempered glass, timer with automatic shutdown.
  • Effective and safe heating system. An even, consistent heat that radiates from all areas of the sauna and, ideally, carbon fibre heaters with a low surface temperature
  • Great design. Look for an aesthetically pleasing sauna that suits your tastes and style of your home
  • Extra features and personalisation. Smart touch controls, Bluetooth compatibility, chromotherapy and more
  • Extensive warranties. Look for a lifetime warranty on sauna cabin and heaters; and a minimum 2 years on electrical components.

Remember, take measurements before you shop so you can discuss suitable options with the salesperson.

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What is the best infrared sauna to buy?

We’ve reviewed infrared saunas for sale in New Zealand and identified the best brands on the market right now.

Our decision is based on a range of factors including design,build,durability, reliability and, of course, our many years of selling and servicing a range of different saunas.

Listed below (in no particular order) are our picks for the five best infrared sauna brands in New Zealand and why they’re worth considering over others, along with a bit of history about each company.

JNH Lifestyles® saunas review

JNH Lifestyles®, previously known as JNH Saunas, is an international sauna company established in 2007. Their products are sold through distributors in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and China.

According to its New Zealand website, JNH Lifestyles® is “the only factory direct distributor of far infrared saunas in New Zealand”.

They have three sauna ranges: The Copper, Silver, Gold, and premium Ensi collection.

JNH Lifestyles® sauna prices range from NZD$2,899 to NZD$6,999. Their saunas range in size from the one to four person saunas.

The company claims their premier Ensi Collection was “the first far infrared sauna on the market with a virtually Zero-EMF reading”. Learn more about EMF levels and what to consider, in this article on infrared saunas.

On its website, JNH says its saunas are tested by Intertek® — an independent testing agency that undertakes equipment inspection, testing, and certification worldwide.

We always recommend customers ask the retailer for verification of safety and performance claims and confirm they’ve used accredited third-party testing agencies (i.e. not done in-house).

JNH Lifestyles® saunas are available online and are distributed directly from their warehouse in Mangere, Auckland.

Fun fact: JNH stands for “joyful, natural and healthy”.

Pros of JNH Lifestyles saunas:

  • Quality, sustainable timber. Built with FSC certified Canadian hemlock or Canadian. Western Red Cedar wood (depending on model) – two of the best timbers for saunas
  • Modern design. Well-designed, modern-looking saunas with tempered glass for a spacious feel.
  • Safety-tested. Third-party testing and certification on heating and electrical components.
  • Low EMF. Carbon fibre, low EMF heaters in all saunas. They claim to have the only Zero-EMF heater tested and approved by Intertek, a global product testing and certification company.
  • Heater placement. Heaters well-positioned for surround heating behind the head, shoulders, back, arms and legs.
  • Range of saunas and pricing. Saunas to suit a range of budgets, spaces and size requirements.
  • Energy efficient. Dual wall insulation and tempered glass. Cost around $0.36 per hour to run according to their website.
  • Allergy-friendly. Option of hypoallergenic timber (basswood) for people with allergies or sensitivities to fragrances and other irritants.

Cons of JNH Lifestyles:

  • Good (but not great) warranties. JNH Lifestyles offers 2 to 3 years on wood, heater, control and electrical components (depending on the use and model you select). Spa World offers a lifetime warranty on the sauna cabin and heaters; and at least 2 years on electrical components.
  • Online only sales. They have no physical stores so can’t view or try out products before purchasing.
  • No TrustPilot® profile. They don’t have a profile on TrustPilot® – one of the world’s most trusted review sites, so you can’t compare them with other similar companies. View Spa World’s Trustpilot profile here.
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Sun Stream® Infrared Saunas review

Sun Stream® is a global sauna brand established in North America in 2009. Its products are distributed in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.

Sun Stream® does not have physical stores in New Zealand. They sell online and distribute products from a central warehouse in Auckland. Their website says you can try out a SunStream® sauna at health clinics and pharmacies in Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga.

SunStream®’s home sauna range includes:

  • Sun Stream® Evolve 360 (1, 2 and 3-person models)
  • Sun Stream® Supreme Far Infrared Saunas (2 and 4-person models)

The Evolve range features 360 degree surround infrared heat. It has four models to choose from: Evolve Mini EHS, Evolve 10 EHS, Evolve 20 EHS and Evolve 30 EHS.

The Supreme Far Infrared range feature ultra low EMF nano carbon heaters. It has two models: The Supreme 2 EHS and Supreme 4 EHS.

According to its website, SunStream® was the first sauna company to provide “a true 360 degree surround of radiant heat”, with its large infrared heat panel mounted on the sauna door, along with wall and floor heaters.

It also says it has “the industry’s lowest EF/ELF Electric Fields”. Learn more about EMF levels. We couldn’t find any mention on the Sun Stream® website of independent testing of EMF or ELF levels – but that is not to say it hasn’t been done. We recommend asking Sun Stream® directly about this.

Sun Stream® does state that its carbon panel heaters have been independently tested by Pacific Environmental Consulting & Occupational Hygiene Services and “tested zero” for VOCs (Volatile organic compounds).

Sun Stream® also says it has developed its own test procedure to “visually gauge” the amount of radiant heat (including micron outputs, depth of heat penetration, infrared heat output) from infrared sauna heaters.

As with any purchase, we always recommend asking the retailer for verification of any safety and performance claims.

All Sun Stream® saunas are constructed from basswood, aside from the Sun Stream® Mini EHS which is built entirely from premium grade hemlock. Learn more about sauna timbers in this detailed article.

Sun Stream® doesn't show prices on their website. You will need to request a quote via their website. We think buyers deserve to know upfront how much a product costs, which is why all our prices are displayed on the Spa World website.

Pros of SunStream® saunas:

  • Heater positioning.** Full 360 degree heater panel setup means you get FIR rays hi**tting you from all angles
  • Low EMF & ELF Nano Carbon Heaters. These are in all saunas. Their heaters have tested ultra low for EMF and zero for VOC emissions (according to their website).
  • Safety certification. Independent third-party testing on electrical components and VOC’s.
  • Competitive warranties. Lifetime warranty on heaters, electronic control system and cabinet for residential use.
  • Allergy-friendly. All saunas (aside from the Mini EHS) are made from pure low scent basswood, with no plywood or toxic glues.
  • Extra features and accessories. Saunas come with LCD control panel, Bluetooth®, moveable foot bench, backrests, cup holder and aromatherapy unit.

capability, colour light therapy, and Kenwood® speakers.

  • Flexible temperature. Ability to adjust infrared intensity levels for extra flexibility.

Cons of SunStream® saunas:

  • Limited timber choice. While the basswood used in most of their saunas may be a good option for allergy sufferers, you may prefer a premium sauna timber like hemlock or cedar. Learn more about sauna timbers.
  • Heater position. Door heaters may provide extra heat and add privacy, but they also block the view from the inside – not great if you are claustrophobic, uncomfortable in enclosed spaces or want a clear view out.
  • Prices not listed. You will need to request a quote via their website

No showrooms. You can’t easily view or try out their products.

  • No Trustpilot® profile. They don’t have a profile on TrustPilot®, one of the world’s most trusted review sites, so can’t easily compare their reputation.
3-person infrared sauna

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Vortex™ Infrared Saunas review

Vortex™ is an Australasian-owned, design-led wellness company that manufactures and distributes spa pools, swim spas and infrared saunas to over 20 countries around the world.

The company famously produced the innovative Vortex™ Ikon™ spa, which won gold at the Good Design Australia Awards and German Design Awards, and was named Best Buy 2019.

Vortex™, formerly O2 Spas, was established in 2002. Its products are distributed exclusively through Spa World™ in Australia and New Zealand.

They have two sauna ranges: The Linear and Prestige. Both ranges are available in 1, 2 and 3 person units. The Linear series is priced from $5490 to $8990 and the Prestige from $8990 to $10990.

Vortex™’s Linear is a mid-market sauna constructed with Canadian hemlock timber, while its premium Prestige range uses Canadian Western Red Cedar.

Cedar and hemlock are the most common sauna timbers – and for good reason. These are premium, durable timbers that should be preferred over inferior materials such as pine or plywood which can split, warp and shrink. Learn more about sauna timbers in this article on what to know before buying a sauna.

Vortex™ has proprietary low EMF, far infrared carbon fibre heaters in all its saunas. These are designed to “distribute heat more evenly and eliminate hot spots” according to the product description on the Spa World™ website.

EMF levels in Vortex saunas have been independently tested by EMF Services, a division of Monitoring and Advisory Services NZ Ltd, which provides professional measurement and advisory services related to possible health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Magnetic field levels in the Vortex™ Saunas tested by EMF Services, were very much lower than recommended limits and very similar to those found in many New Zealand and Australian homes.

Pros of Vortex™ infrared saunas

  • Excellent reputation. An Australasian-owned company with an “excellent” reputation based on 4.3 star Trustpilot rating.
  • Low EMF. Carbon fibre low EMF heaters in all saunas
  • Quality, sustainable timber. Hand selected, FSC certified sustainable, kiln dried Canadian Hemlock or Western Red Cedar construction (depending on the model)
  • Safety-tested. Third-party safety testing on electrical components. Frameless tempered glass for safety and to ensure heat stays in the sauna
  • Affordable pricing. Reasonably priced for a mid-market sauna
  • Design style. Modern, European design with glass doors for a spacious feel
  • Extra features. Exhaust fan for a more comfortable session, Nakamichi® sound system (Prestige range), digital touchpad control panel with AUX and Bluetooth®
  • Good warranties. Lifetime warranties for heater and cabinet and 2-years on components

Cons of Vortex™ infrared saunas

  • Limited design options. The Linear and Prestige ranges look fairly similar) and the glass features and modern style might not suit your decor or be too open for you.
  • Indoor use only. If you are after an outdoor sauna see Jacuzzi® or iHealth® Saunas
  • Size limit. Their largest model is a 3-person, so not suited to large groups.

Watch: Vortex™ Prestige 3-Person Infrared Saunas

Alpine Spas™ infrared saunas review

Alpine Spas™ is a New Zealand-owned retailer that sells spas, swim spas, saunas and gazebos. Read this detailed review of Alpine Spas™.

Alpine Spas™ has been in business since 2014 and is owned by Simon Riddel. He is the company’s sole director. Simon’s family previously owned No.1 Fitness®, which was sold to Torpedo 7® around 2013-14.

Alpine Spas™ saunas and prices:

  • Alpine Spas™ Oslo 2-seater indoor infrared sauna - $2,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Copenhagen 2-seater indoor infrared sauna - $5,495
  • Alpine Spas™ Barrel Sauna 6-seater outdoor steam sauna - $10,995
  • Alpine Spas™ Hut Sauna 8-seater outdoor steam sauna - $14,995

Alpine Spas™ has a showroom in Auckland and one in Christchurch and distributes its products to customers throughout New Zealand.

As you’ll notice above, their two indoor saunas are infrared and the outdoor units are traditional steam saunas. Learn more about the differences between steam and infrared saunas.

As this review is about the best infrared saunas for sale in New Zealand, the pros and cons listed below will focus on just the two indoor units.

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Pros of Alpine Spas™ Saunas:

  • Sauna timbers. Crafted with Canadian hemlock (Oslo) or cedar (Copenhagen).
  • Low EMF. Low EMF full spectrum nano carbon heaters in the Copenhagen and Low EMF nano carbon heaters in the Oslo.

*** Design range.** The saunas all look quite different -- providing options. depending on your decor or requirements. The Oslo is a modern, minimalist style while the Copenhagen is a more traditional timber-rich design.

  • Safety tested. All saunas built to New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards. Tempered glass door for safety.
  • Extra features. Multicolour LED floodlights, easy to use touchpad control.

Cons of Alpine Spas™ Saunas?

  • Limited warranty. A 2-year warranty on infrared infrared saunas. This is described as “impressive” on the Alpine Spas™ website but we would consider 2 years at the lower end for sauna warranties – especially compared with some of the other top brands mentioned in this article. Alpine spas™ also doesn’t provide details around what the warranty covers so you will need to check with them directly.
  • Limited range and sizes. Only two infrared saunas listed on their website at the time of writing, and both are 2-person units.
  • No Trustpilot® profile. Alpine Spas™ does not have a profile on TrustPilot, so it’s hard to compare how they stack up against similar competitors. View the Spa World Trust Pilot profile.

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Jacuzzi® Clearlight Saunas New Zealand review

Jacuzzi® is one of the largest distributors of spa pools worldwide. The company began producing infrared saunas over 20 years ago.

In New Zealand, Jacuzzi® saunas are marketed under the Jacuzzi® Clearlight® Saunas New Zealand brand. Jacuzzi® is also one of Spa World™’s partner brands. View our range of Jacuzzi® spas and swim spas.

Jacuzzi®’s sauna range includes: the Sanctuary Full Spectrum and Outdoor Infrared collections. Jacuzzi® doesn't list prices on its website, learn more about this below.

One of the main selling points of Jacuzzi® saunas is their patented True Wave™ Full Spectrum infrared heaters. These are high output carbon/ceramic combination heaters that produce near, mid and far infrared. Jacuzzi® claims they are the most powerful full spectrum infrared heaters on the market and “25 times the power of our closest competitor”.

This system may be ideal for you but it depends on your individual health needs which infrared heat source suits you best. Learn more about infrared heat in this article.

Pros of Jacuzzi Infrared Saunas®:

  • Trusted brand. A high profile brand with an established reputation
  • Quality, sustainable timber. Constructed with Eco-certified Western Red Canadian Cedar (one of the best sauna timbers).
  • Lots of options. Saunas to suit a range of spaces and size requirements, with indoor, outdoor and corner saunas.
  • Low EMF and ELF. Low ELF and “virtually no EMF” heating technology – they claim to have the lowest EMF and ELF levels in the market.
  • Safety-tested. Independent third-party testing on electrical components, heating, VOC’s, ELF and EMF
  • Build quality. Built to last and backed by a limited lifetime warranty on all components.
  • Energy efficient. Low operating costs – an average sauna session costs around 20 cents (according to their website).
  • Chromotherapy lighting. Included with all saunas.
  • Heater placement. Infrared heaters positioned for heating all around you; back wall, side walls, front wall, under the bench, next to your calves and in the floor.

Cons of Jacuzzi Infrared Saunas®:

  • Prices not listed. Pricing not listed on the Clearlight® Saunas New Zealand website — you’ll need to request a quote.
  • Design style. The traditional, timber-rich design which might not suit your decor.
  • Expensive. They are expensive — particularly the Premier range, although the price does reflect the quality of the product.
Vortex Linear 3 Sauna - Low EMF Heaters

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In summary

We hope this article has helped you understand more about the best infrared saunas in New Zealand and what to look for.

As you can see, even within the top sauna brands there are some key differences. Deciding which one to buy really comes down to your own preferences and priorities.

As we often say, the most important thing is to choose the sauna you will use the most. Only you will know which one that is.

For expert help and advice, you’re welcome to chat with one of our sauna experts online or at your nearest Spa World showroom, and of course, you can come in store and try out our full range of saunas on offer.

DISCLAIMER: The following registered trademarks are owned by companies not affiliated in any way with Spa World™ or Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd – the parent company of Spa World Ltd: JNH Lifestyles® saunas and its Joyous®, Freedom® and Ensi® Collections. trademarks are owned by JNH Lifestyles. Jacuzzi®, Jacuzzi® Clearlight® Saunas, Premier Far Infrared®, Sanctuary Full Spectrum®, and Outdoor Infrared® trademarks are registered to Jacuzzi Inc. Sun Stream® trademark is owned by Nature's Spectrum Health Inc Alpine Spas™ trademark is owned by Alpine Spas Limited Intertek® trademark is owned by Intertek Group Plc. Bluetooth® trademark is owned by Bluetooth Sig, Inc. Kenwood® trademark is owned by JVC Kenwood Corporation. TrustPilot® trademark is owned by Trustpilot A/S.

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