Where to buy a spa pool or swim spa in New Zealand (spa store reviews, locations and more...)

Thinking about buying a spa or swim spa? Wondering who sells spas and swim spas in New Zealand?

To help you in your search for the ideal spa, we've listed all the things you should be aware of when buying a spa or swim spa in New Zealand – including best brands, store locations, buying advice and more.

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What are the best spa and swim spa brands in New Zealand?

There are a whole range of spas and swim spas on the market in New Zealand – varying in size, quality, design and price.

Given that the average spa should last you up to 20 years it’s worth buying a quality product that’s energy-efficient, has quality parts and equipment, is well designed, built to last and made by a reputable brand.

The following are Spa World™'s pick for the best spa brands in Australia right now (in no particular order): HotSpring® Spas, Jacuzzi® Spas, Alpine™ Spas, Galaxy® Spas and Vortex Spas®.

To find out why we've selected these brands over many others in the market, read Best Spa Pools in New Zealand - Top 5 Spa Brands Reviewed.

If it's a swim spa you're shopping for, you might want to read, What is the best swim spa in New Zealand? In this article, we list the top swim spas in New Zealand and explain why they are worth considering.

What to look for in a spa and swim spa store?

Like other retail sectors – there can be a big difference in the quality of service between one spa retailer and the next.

To ensure you have a positive and successful spa buying experience – it helps to know what to look for. For full details read this article on choosing a trusted spa store.

The 13 factors to consider in a spa or swim spa store:

  1. Honest and trustworthy salespeople
  2. Bricks and mortar stores
  3. Time in business (at least longer than their longest warranty)
  4. A large, well stocked showroom
  5. Specialist knowledge and expertise in spas and swim spas
  6. Clean and well-organised stores
  7. A darkroom on site (so you can see spa lighting in action)
  8. A convenient location with lots of parking
  9. Customer reviews on trusted review sites (we recommend Trustpilot)
  10. Transparent pricing on their website
  11. A virtual showroom for online tours
  12. Decent warranties
  13. After-sales support

Now that you know what to expect from your spa retailer – let’s check out some of the spa and swim spa stores on offer in New Zealand...

Spas for sale near me

Looking for spa stores in your city or region? Have a look at the list below to find your area. Click on the link to learn all about the spa stores in that location.

In the articles listed above you’ll learn all about the products these stores sell as well as prices, locations, which stores sell outdoor spas, portable spas and more.

What should I look for in a spa store?

When you decide to buy a spa you go on a journey and of course, you want the experience to be stress-free and enjoyable. From honest salespeople to decent warranties, there are a lot of important boxes to tick.

So you’re aware of what to embrace or avoid in the spa retail sector, we recommend reading this article about what to look for in a spa and swim spa store.

What should I look for in a spa?

There’s no denying that there’s a lot to consider when looking for the right spa or swim spa to buy.

To help you with your buying decisions, have a look at this article on ‘What you need to know when buying a spa (features, insulation, quality and more…)’ In this detailed article, you'll find some great tips and advice on jets, pumps and filters as well as warranties and energy saving.

Can I get a spa pool delivered?

When it comes to getting your spa delivered, the options you have will vary depending on where you live–rural or urban–and what delivery services are available.

You’ll need to check with the individual store what delivery service they offer and how extensive it is.

As an example, Spa World delivers spas and swim spas to customers nationwide in New Zealand. You can learn more in our pre-delivery guide which covers what to bear in mind when planning for your spa delivery. This includes:

  • Delivery access requirements
  • Taking delivery of your spa
  • Depot pickups

In Summary

Now you know more about where to buy spas in New Zealand, which are the best brands and what to look for in a spa and spa store – you should be all set to get out there and start shopping around.

For expert advice, come and talk to us at Spa World™ at one of our 3 New Zealand showrooms or contact us online. With over 30 years in the industry, we are experts in spas, swim spas and saunas and are passionate about health and wellness. We back every product we sell with industry-leading warranties and offer a ‘no-risk’, 60-day money-back guarantee.

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