How to connect your SpaNet™ controller to Amazon Alexa™

Are looking for a more convenient way to control your spa? Amazon Alexa™ allows you to control your spa with voice commands, making it easier and more convenient to use. In this article, we’ll show you how to connect your spa to Amazon Alexa™ and what benefits you can expect from it.

Connecting your spa to Amazon Alexa™ is a great way to add convenience and functionality to your hot tub. With this technology, you can control your spa from anywhere with just your voice. From setting the temperature to turning on the jets, you can do it all with a few simple commands.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps of connecting your SpaNet™ controller to Amazon Alexa™. We'll also provide tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your spa and your Alexa™ device.

In this article, you’ll learn:

What is MySpaPool™?

MySpaPool is a handy feature available on both Google® Assistant and Amazon Alexa™ platforms. It gives you the ability to communicate with any spa pool using voice commands, as long as it is fitted with the SmartLink™ or SmartStream WiFi module.

Once MySpaPool™ is successfully linked to your Google® or Alexa™ account you can “ask” your spa to perform tasks such as activating features and altering settings. You can also use voice commands to change modes and statuses. It’s like having a personal attendant!

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How to connect your SpaNet™ controller to Amazon Alexa™?

Linking your spa to Amazon Alexa™ is pretty straightforward. To help you do this, you may follow the guide below.

This guide assumes your Alexa device is powered on, connected to your home WiFi network and already linked to your Amazon Alexa™ account.

Step 1: Link your Amazon Alexa™ account to SmartLink™ app

Open the SmartLink™ app, then from the temperature dashboard page tap the “Settings” icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Next, scroll to the bottom of the Settings list and tap the Amazon Alexa™ option. A prompt will appear asking your permission to Sign In to your Amazon account. To confirm your acceptance and complete the linking process, enter your login details and tap on “Sign In”.

Step 2: Open the Amazon Alexa™ application

Open your Amazon Alexa™ application using your smart device, then navigate to “Skills & Games” through the menu bar located in the top left or bottom right corner of your screen (depending on device). In the search bar, type “My Spa Pool” to search for the skill, then tap on it to select.

Step 3: Link your Amazon Alexa™ app to MySpaPool™ skill

The next screen allows you to enable the skill and link it to your Amazon Alexa™ account. To do this, simply tap on “Enable to use” or “Launch” (depending on device). A prompt will appear to complete the skill linking, simply tap on “Allow”. Now that you’ve successfully linked the two, the final step is to link your spa to the My Spa Pool voice control skill.

How to connect SpaNet controller to Amazon Alexa

Step 4: Link your spa to MySpaPool™ skill

Once the account has been linked, the final step is to choose which spa to issue commands to. Using either the Amazon Alexa™ app or an Alexa™ device, start by saying, “Alexa... ask my spa pool… list my spa”.

Alexa will list the name(s) of any spa setup on your SmartLink™ app. To complete the setup, say the number of the spa you wish to link to the voice control skill. Note: Please say the spa number and not the spa name for Alexa™ to recognise your selection. On most installs you will say “1”.

Start giving commands

Now the setup is complete, you can start issuing vocal commands to your spa. For example, you can say “Hey Alexa... ask my spa pool... turn pumps on”.

Change Spas: In the case of owning multiple spas or dual-zone spas, if you want to change the spa the voice control links to, simply issue the “List my spa” command again and select a different spa number.

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What voice commands can I issue to Amazon Alexa™?

Whenever you want to issue commands to your spa, start by saying “Hey Alexa... ask my spa pool” then state your command.

Listed below are the type of commands you can issue to your spa.

Action commands

  • Start my spa” - All pumps, blowers, and lights turn ON.
  • Stop my spa” - All pumps, blowers, and lights turn OFF.
  • Turn pumps on”/ “Turn pumps off” - All pumps turn ON or OFF.
  • “Turn XXX pump on” / “Turn XXX pump off” - Turns specific pumps ON or OFF. You may select from 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th pump (number of pumps dependant on spa model).
  • Turn lights on” / “Turn lights off” - Lights turn off or on in the last used mode.
  • Turn lights on XXX” - Changes the lighting mode. You may select from White, Fade, Step or Party lighting modes.
  • Turn blower on” / “Turn blower off” - Turns the blower ON or OFF.
  • “Start water clean cycle” / “Stop water clean cycle” - Starts or stops the water cleaning cycle.

Get Commands

  • What’s the water temperature?” - Informs you what the actual water temperature of your spa is.
  • What’s the target temperature?” - Informs you what the set water temperature is.
  • What’s the operating mode?” - Informs you whether your spa is in Normal, Away or Week mode.
  • What’s the heat pump mode?” - Informs you if the heat pump is in Auto, Heat, Cool or Off mode.
  • Current element boost state?” - Informs you whether the element boost is turned ON or OFF.

Set commands

  • Set temperature to XX°C”- Allows you to set the water temperature to 10°C to 40°C
  • Set filtration to XX hours” - Enables you to set daily filtration from 1 to 24 hours.
  • Set operating mode to XXX” - Lets you adjust the operating mode to Normal, Away or Week.
  • Set heat pump mode to XXX” - Allows you to modify the pump mode to Auto, Heat, Cool or Off
  • Set element boost mode to on/off” - Lets you turn the element boost to ON or OFF state.

Please note that you can also use the “change”, “adjust” or “modify” instead of the “set” command.

Amazon Alexa

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In Summary

Our devices are becoming increasingly voice-enabled as technology advances - and your spa is no exception!

Take charge of your spa through your voice with SmartLink™™ and Amazon Alexa™ technology!

We hope this guide helps you easily connect your SpaNet™ controller to Amazon Alexa™. As always, if you need help with your spa or swim spa please get in touch! Our customer care team are here to help.


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